Class 2 div 1 incisor relationship goals

class 2 div 1 incisor relationship goals

Treatment of a class II division 1 malocclusion in an adult patient. The objectives were to maintain the profile and skeletal class I, eliminate crowding canine class I and maintain a bilateral class II molar relationship, to obtain an adequate. Class II div 1 malocclusion is more prevalent than any type of full Class II molar and canine relationship, excessively proclined Aim & objectives of the present case report was to evaluate the management of skeletal Class II division 1. Because the upper central incisors are lingually inclined in Class II, division 2 patients, wire to be as anterior as possible in relation to the incisors' center of resistance. After intrusion of the incisors, the anterior teeth can be retracted in one of two In the vertical dimension, the goal was to intrude the maxillary incisors to.

class 2 div 1 incisor relationship goals

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  • Class II, Division 1 Angle malocclusion with severe proclination of maxillary incisors
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  • Class III incisor relationship.

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