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I meet Tulisa a couple of weeks after the footage, which is a few years old, has frothy slice of dance-pop, co-produced by old N-Dubz bandmate Fazer. We move on to her goals, in terms of the single and upcoming album. The rapper says he regularly hangs out with ex girlfriend Tulisa and his current flame Ashley-Emma Havelin - and even chats to his former N-Dubz bandmate when they are in bed. Fazer also told how he sank into a depression two years ago but that he got through it by meditating. Cute down syndrome adults dating; Tulisa and fazer dating games; Dating relationship goals basketball; Books on dating a man going through a divorce.

Solo projects and Bad Intentions It was announced on 17 June that N-Dubz had left their American record deal, amid rumours that the band had split. Before the band's split, Dappy signed a contract with Takeover Entertainment Ltd that confirmed that if the band ever split or went on hiatus, he would continue as a solo artist.

His first taste of solo stardom came as a guest artist on label-mate Tinchy Stryder 's single "Spaceship", which was released in June While deciding upon his debut solo single, Dappy was contacted by Def Jam, asking him what he would like done with the demos of a track N-Dubz had recorded whilst under the label, which remained unreleased.

Dappy decided to re-record the track, " No Regrets ", and release it as his debut solo effort. Featuring a cameo appearance from band-mate Fazer, "No Regrets" took the charts by storm, peaking at 1 in the UK and Scotland, and at 8 in Ireland. Following the success of "No Regrets", Dappy claimed during an interview that: I don't think there's any shame in trying to write music that will be recognised by people I admire.

I have big goals. I want to have two 1 singles back-to-back as a solo artist. As a result, Dappy invited May for a guest stint on his second single, which co-incidentally was titled " Rockstar ".

On 29 February, Dappy revealed that the title of his album would be Bad Intentionsclaiming that the album "is motivational music for people who believe they can't do nothing, a battle we have with our own mind. Subsequently, he revealed that the fourth single will be " Good Intentions ", and if "Rockstar" peaks at 1 on the UK Singles Charthe will enlist Barbadian singer Rihanna and British superstar Adelewho will both have vocal sections on the single.

He claimed that Rihanna contacted him after she was impressed with a demo tape she had heard of his music. He followed this up with the promotional release " Built for This " in July, and the full single "Money Can't Buy" in September However, it didn't do as well with the media and was heavily criticized for a scene in which Dappy is standing outside a block of expensive luxury flats with a "rich kid" who is trying to look like a gangster. The Independent wrote, "His lyrics combine jealousy with anger: Would this affect her job?

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They couldn't rule it out. I meet Tulisa a couple of weeks after the footage, which is a few years old, has been released online, and not long after she has responded with impressive chutzpah in a homemade video. In this, she talked about her long-term, serious relationship with the man who she believes released the tape, her sense of betrayal, and her conviction that she has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Her response was hailed as an unlikely feminist momenta woman refusing to be brought low by what she now calls a "fucking stinky situation". She is here to talk about her first solo single, Young, an upbeat, frothy slice of dance-pop, co-produced by old N-Dubz bandmate Fazer. She knew it had to be the first single, she says, because, "lyrically, musically, it had to be like — boom — here I am, do you know what I mean? And the music had to represent me. So even though it's got that urban edge, it's got an Ibiza edge too, because I'm an Ibiza baby.

The name came about initially because she worked in such a male-dominated environment, she says — in N-Dubz specifically, the grime scene in general. So it became about fighting to survive, and from that to having to dominate the whole situation. She is a genuinely unusual character, open and uproarious, acting out her arguments with Dappy — her screaming, him talking in furious, scattershot sentences — but every five minutes or so, her eyes narrow flintily as she considers a question.

There's something weirdly attractive about this. It makes her look harder, shrewder than most of her celebrity contemporaries, much more likely to survive the brickbats. But in general I'm quite—" she pauses, "-not cold. Talking about music leads us down some unlikely paths. I ask who inspired her, growing up. That sounds wrong, dunnit? You know, like fan. When I was really, really young, I was in love with Michael Jackson.

We move on to her goals, in terms of the single and upcoming album. She says she wants "to become so successful that if I wanna fart on a track, I can, and it will sell".

No, my aim is to, yeah, I wanna become a global superstar, I want to become successful enough that I can retire tomorrow in complete comfort. I've made my stamp on the earth, my name will go down in history, and if I never want to work again, I don't have to. If you feel like saying: If you want to say: When the tape was released, she says, she was "devastated.

X Factor judge Tulisa goes public with Fazer relationship

I slept on the bathroom floor for seven days I just wouldn't go out of the house. Didn't really want to eat anything. But I snapped out of it. I knew what I was doing. I knew in my head that I was depressed; I knew why I was depressed. It was all logical. I didn't want to smile. I didn't want to be happy It was like a level of mourning, do you know what I mean? I needed to have my tears and tantrums, my bad moods, and get myself into a state to come back out of it.

And I literally just woke up one morning, as happy as Larry, put on my best dress, makeup, full hair: Her management and press team weren't keen. Half an hour later, she turned her phone back on. Then the headlines were saying: There are probably girls out there who have done a million times worse with their boyfriend, and are probably going to go out tonight and get laid with a random bloke they've just met, whereas I'll meet a bloke and make him wait six dates before he even gets a shag.


But because of some footage, people make assumptions about the sort of character I am. There are countless reasons this is nonsensical, she says. There's the fact the tape could have led to her losing her X Factor job although thankfully Simon Cowell has been supportive. There's the fact it would upset her family. Also, "if I was going to release a tape of myself," she says, "I haven't watched it, because I can't physically watch it, but from what I've heard, I'd make sure I was a lot sexier, and probably not 19 years old, because that's a little bit pervy.

People seem to be forgetting that I'm 19 in it, which is quite wrong