Relationship between harry potter cast

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relationship between harry potter cast

We know, there's a clear difference between an actor and the role they play. After Enoch left the set of the Harry Potter franchise, he found his. The adult Harry Potter cast was largely made up of seasoned British that will dive into the complex relationships between its characters, and. When it comes down to it, Harry Potter is so much more than a book series or a film franchise; it's a way of life. Of course, we're still awaiting our.

Davis was born with the condition spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenital SEDwhich caused his dwarfism. He was educated at City of London Freemen's School. Leonarda hairdresser, and Joseph L. Spall, a postal worker.

He was raised in London. Spall auditioned and earned a spot with the National Youth Theatre and later showed great promise at RADA where he portrayed the title roles in Part 2 and Hot Fuzz He has been married to Rosanna Bradley since They have one child.

Part 1 Shaw was already an acknowledged stage actress before she made a name for herself in television and film. It wasn't until the mid s that director Jim Sheridan awarded her a role in his film My Left Foot ; the biographical film of Christy Brown, an Irishman confined to a body horribly In his mid-teens he joined the National Youth Theatre appearing in a number of shows including "The Master and Margarita".

His parents, Freddie Jones and Jennie Heslewoodare actors as well. In reality, Evanna Lynch portrayed the Luna we all imagined in our minds while reading the books, so we will raise a glass of Butterbeer in her honor tonight.

relationship between harry potter cast

Although the pair never confirmed their relationship, they did post numerous photos together after the Harry Potter franchise wrapped. Nevertheless, James and Oliver Phelps were the perfect casting for the troublesome Weasley twins, and we loved every second of their shenanigans. James Phelps and Simone Burke dated When he was young, unafraid and totally unpredictable, Fred Weasley proved that he could pick up a girl in seconds.

After all, it took just a ball of paper and an accurate throw to get Angelina Johnson to go to the Yule Ball with him! Yet in the Muggle world, James Phelps is a lot more discreet about his romantic ways.

The real-life relationships of the Harry Potter cast

Although we know very little about his emotional past, we do know that he once dated the famous American movie producer, Simone Burke. Just like his brother, George Weasley was just as mischievous. Sadly, George has to deal with life without his brother after the Battle of Hogwarts, but the memory of his brother lives on in their epic joke shop.

relationship between harry potter cast

Just like his on-screen character, Oliver Phelps is married in real life, although he hides it pretty well on social media. On the one hand, he played one of our favorite Hogwarts teachers in the Wizarding World, Professor Flitwick. On the other hand, he also used his talents to play a second character — Griphook. Warwick Davis and Samantha Davis married Although he is hugely famous for his roles in the Harry Potter franchise, Warwick Davis has proved that he can turn his hand to anything.

Along the way, he has shared his acting career with his lovely wife, Samantha Davis, who he married in The couple also have two children — one of which has already made her debut into the world of acting. Like Harry Potter, Tom Riddle was an orphan and spent most of his early childhood as an outsider in an orphanage. However, a visit from Dumbledore proved that he was special, and provided him with a new home at Hogwarts.

Unfortunately, Tom Riddle wanted more, so he transformed himself into Voldemort, and began his path to immortality and utmost power.

relationship between harry potter cast

The rest is history. For starters, Ralph actually has a nose, and a soul left intact, but he is also a helluva lot nicer.

This strong countenance proved to be a hit with the ladies, and Ralph married the wonderful Alex Kingston back in The couple first met at art school and dated for ten years before getting hitched. Sadly, Ralph was unfaithful to his wife four years into their marriage… which ended in divorce soon after.

As a werewolf, Lupin struggles to fit in, but proves a vital member of the Order of the Phoenix, until his sad death during the Battle of Hogwarts. Yes, we give you permission to cry.

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David Thewlis and Anna Friel dated One of the biggest movie cliches involve two singletons meeting on an airplane and falling deeply in love — but does that actually happen?!

Well, it seems that it does, as that is exactly how David Thewlis and Anna Friel met. After their initial meeting up in the air, the pair brought their relationship down to earth and dated from untiland even brought their beautiful daughter Gracie into the world. Although the couple split up inthey are still good friends and live just across the road from each other! Rubeus Hagrid was one of the first wizards we ever met — if you can call him that. As a half-giant and former Hogwarts student, Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after being wrongly accused of harboring a deadly creature.

As the gamekeeper and Care of Magical Creatures teacher, Hagrid is truly a gentle giant. That is until Madame Maxime came along, and he turned into a bumbling, loved-up mess. Luckily, it seems that Robbie Coltrane has a bit more game than his on-screen character, and he managed to find himself a lovely wife in Rhona Gemmell.

relationship between harry potter cast

The couple tied the knot in and welcomed two children into the world before they sadly parted ways and filed for divorce from each other. As a muggle-born, Hermione and her parents had no idea she was a witch until her Hogwarts acceptance letter came in the mail, but she soon made it her mission to read every book in the library and smash all of her wizarding exams.

It seems this paid off, as she eventually becomes the Minister for Magic! I mean, save some smarts for the rest of us, Emma.