How does a woman take control in relationship

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how does a woman take control in relationship

Power/control over how much pain you might potentially experience? But for the women who are playing hard to get and have it as a goal to. If you want your relationship run smoother, give up some control and let a man start doing We as women can often feel like men don't get it. At the same time, this feeling can be somewhat uncomfortable, which is why people who are in love unconsciously strive to gain relationship control over the.

They need to be treated accordingly and often even be managed because of their natural or social predisposal towards conflicting with people.

Your girl might have a taste for arguing and likes to quarrel a lot. Not a big deal! Read further to know more about controlling personality disorder and controlling relationships.

That is because it is dysfunctional in its nature.

Who wears the pants in a relationship matters – especially if you're a woman

When one partner takes the role of a leader, it logically leads to the lack of balance. Ideally, partners should be equal and play equal roles in a relationship. A controlling relationship will sooner or later lead to certain issues.

how does a woman take control in relationship

Here are some things you need to know about a controlling personality. Manipulation Manipulative people, especially women, can make others feel certain emotions and by this manipulate what others think and do. They do that by pretending and using weak spots or things talking about which other people find confusing and disturbing. Controlling personalities often either attract and charm other people or push them off completely. Manipulation is a way to make others do something, though letting them feel like they do it because they decided on their own.

Aggressiveness Not all types of controlling personalities are aggressive. Some will always hide their predisposition to forcing their will on others.

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However, many controlling women become aggressive being unable to achieve their selfish goals. When manipulation is uncovered, a controlling personality is revealed. Thus, such girlfriend becomes aggressive or retreats. It is also true that many controlling personalities seem like looking for a fight. Perhaps, such people feel more comfortable while being in conflict.

Arguments Controlling women like to argue. Many people are like that and arguing with others makes them feel more alive. On the contrary, other people do not feel comfortable defending or attacking some positions. You may be surprised to hear that arguing is a good way to train your brain and become smarter. It helps to develop critical thinking abilities.

Therefore, many controlling personalities actually benefit from their behavior. Moreover, manipulative people often succeed professionally because they make good entrepreneurs. Lack of Understanding Controlling behavior in a relationship causes miscommunication and misunderstanding.

It might be impossible to act rationally and reach understanding through compromising. However, a controlling personality hates nothing else more than compromising and giving up own interests. That is how the psychology of a controlling manipulative person works. When willpower of one person dominates and prevails over the will of another partner, it causes all kinds of malfunction in a relationship.

A properly organized and genuinely constructive man-woman relationship should be deprived of dominance, subjection, egoism, and submission.

10 Signs of a Controlling Woman in a Relationship

When these are present, it is hurtful for both parties. Signs of a Controlling Woman in a Relationship There are many different signs of a controlling woman that you can notice. Those are egoism, lack of sympathy, irritation, anxiety, etc. A controlling personality stresses out everyone around. Therefore, in order for a relationship to work properly, partners in a couple should work on their behavior, attitude, and approach to each other. Otherwise, partners risk breaking up because pursuing egoistic goals is completely opposite to what close personal relationships are made for.

Partners should work together towards mutual goals and work like a team together and not against each other.

Egoism Egoism is a central and most common feature of all manipulative personalities. Controlling women are very egoistic. They think first and foremost about themselves and their goals. Selfishness is definitely a distinguishing feature of many controlling people.

Unhealthy Power Struggles in Relationships

They typically consider their aims, thoughts, and desires to play a primary role in life. Manipulative women lack compassion and sympathy because they are naturally self-interested. Many people are the same deeply within but it never happens so that a person agrees with his or her selfishness. To be egoistic is generally practical but it is impractical when done in a relationship.

It goes against the basic principles of relationships. Mercantilism Being mercantile is also one of the most common signs of a controlling girlfriend. Not all women manipulate and control their men in order to gain from it. Therefore, look for what motivates your girlfriend to control you. How she might use you for her personal benefit? Using you automatically means disrespecting you as a personality. A truly loving person will be with you because of you and not because of something you possess or something that can be taken from you.

How can we fulfill our potential, and how can our relationships fulfill their potential if we make it a goal to play ingenuine mind games with a man?! It depends on the reason and goal behind the game though. I recommend it completely.

But for the women who are playing hard to get and have it as a goal to keep certain and in control; they will never find fulfillment.

This is what the masculine energy needs to do for the feminine energy. Feminine energy is more changeable. It is driven by emotion in a relationship, whilst the masculine energy is driven more by direction. However, the very concept that a woman need to seek power in a relationship supersedes her ability to love completely. Which is what a man wants well, ONE of the things a man wants. Not only does a man want acceptance, he wants a woman who can give him love even when he makes huge mistakes — when he makes a wrong decision!

The role of a feminine woman Now, I know that above I said something which will anger some women, but those of you who know my work well know exactly what I mean. A feminine woman is not out there to seek control. Femininity is about opening to and giving love.

My next logical statement stemming from this idea of having all the power in a relationship is: There are different types of power. I think we all want some sort of influence or power or at least, the feeling like we matter, feeling like we can influence the people who matter in our life, and that our opinion and position is noticed and appreciated.

So, what type of power is good, exactly? I think that the power to bring out the best in your man is a good power. I think that the power to give love when we are afraid is true power. I think that the power to show our vulnerabilities is true power. I think the power to feel comfortable in our femininity and use it for the better is true power. Far from being inspirational and lasting — having the power in the relationship through being chased ends up being a bit of a downer and is short-lived.

Both spouses should be playful and enjoy doing this. Click here to find out right now… I mean the ability to maintain the kind of power quoted above, which is achieved in vain, is short-lived.

I think being chased is great — but not for the kind of power that most people would want to be chased for.

how does a woman take control in relationship