How to gain the upper hand in a relationship against all odds

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how to gain the upper hand in a relationship against all odds

“I stopped actually trying to get the upper hand. I'm not sure if “By putting all my focus into my other relationships. I had a lot of great. I grew up in an upper middle class home and had good parents who loved and provided for me. That didn't prevent me from developing a drug. Today's Top Stories. 1 How about infidelity, substance abuse, and long- distance marriage for starters? He told me he didn't plan on getting married again. Finding our faith has helped us work together instead of against each other. Plus, he still wanted to do all of his races and competitions, while I.

I required drugs and alcohol in order to simply feel okay, but the more I took, the more consequences I amassed. I started to lose friends, even my drug-friends.

I lost girlfriends and jobs. Finally, I decided to make an attempt on my own life.

how to gain the upper hand in a relationship against all odds

I know that God intervened to save me that night. I woke in the hospital and decided that drugs and alcohol were a big part of my problem, and decided to quit. Four days later I began using again. Soon I was crossing all of the boundaries I had set for myself.

We all tell ourselves things: I was resigned to the fact that drugs and alcohol would take my life. I began to behave like I would never face the consequences of my actions. One night, I blacked out behind the wheel on a mix of opiates and alcohol. I plowed into a parked car near my home and was arrested for the final time. I needed a new way to live. After being released from jail, I went to counseling and began attending step meetings again. I hoped that the fellowship I had previously turned from would welcome me back.

In those meetings, I heard people telling my story. I finally felt the sense of belonging that I had been searching for all along. Shortly afterward, I began inpatient treatment. I realized that my life may have a new purpose: Will they choose the right one? Will she make the right choice and finally find that love she's been searching for? Here is my new story! As you can see from the description, this isn't going to be a Klaroline centric fic.

Plus, lots and lots of Originals bonding and fluff and angst and good stuff. I hope you guys like the first chapter. Leave me reviews and let me know! I am really eager to challenge myself by making Rebekah my main character this time around and get inside her head a little. She was late for a "family meeting" and she had no idea why she was being summoned here. This place was her brothers' territory and she only liked coming here when Mikael wanted to take her out to lunch or give her his credit card for the day.

He had said it was urgent, so she'd made sure to come. She caught the elevator thanks to a nice man who held the door for her and watched as the lights flickered indicating the floors of the tower. She watched people get out and little by little until only she and the man were left. She knew that people recognized her, as Mikael always liked to brag about his children as proof of his accomplishments, so his comments weren't really a big deal.

After all, he did hold the elevator for her. I'm just here visiting. The elevator dinged and she walked out as the doors open, brushing past the reception desk.

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Elijah liked to remind her that a visitor's pass was required of everyone who wasn't an employee, but Rebekah only rolled her eyes at such a suggestion. The Mikaelson tower was located in downtown San Francisco, an ideal place for such a business. Many times people had tried to persuade her father to move closer to the technology hub of the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, but he liked being right in the middle of the booming city. She looked out the windows as she walked along the floor, smiling as the fog had finally burned its way out of the sky, revealing a gorgeous day.

She waved at a few people as she reached the back of the office floor, stopping in front of her father's secretary's desk. Rebekah always liked her. She was a woman who wasn't afraid of her father, and that always held well in Rebekah's mind.

She knew a lot of people were afraid of Mikael, but she felt as if he were wrapped around her finger and it caused her no worries. I think he's in the conference room with the boys," Pearl said, picking up her phone to dial the phone in the room.

She nodded her head after speaking a few words and then hung up the phone, looking up at Rebekah. She opened the door and the sound of her brothers' laughter filled the air, causing her to frown. She was always reminded at times like this as to why she did not work for the company and why she had tried to keep as much distance between her and them as possible. Sure, she loved her family, but being the only girl did not come with many perks usually.

She walked to the head of the table where her father was seated and kissed his cheek, sticking her tongue out at Kol. The eldest, Elijah, was sitting to Mikael's right and Kol was next to him. She felt the closest to him and she was glad that he had left the seat next to him open for her.

Their mother, Esther, was an eccentric woman who gained and grew out of hobbies every day. Her latest kick, which she called the "Save the Children Movement", was her feeling the overwhelming need to help out a starving kid from a third world country.

Instead of just donating a sizeable amount to a charity, she had been discussing actually adopting a child. Rebekah had laughed at their last family dinner a few weeks ago when her father's face had turned pale at the first mention of it. You cannot be serious, Esther. They need me, Mikael…they need us.

I am bored at the house while you work all day.

Against All Odds - Facing Addiction

I have no one to spend my time with or take care of. Pick up another hobby. We can do some work for the Aquarium.

Winning the Power Struggle in Your Relationship

How about you save the dolphins and not the children? I have a nail appointment in an hour," Rebekah said, realizing she had gotten lost in her own memory. A nail appointment, a hair appointment, wine tasting with April…when are you actually going to get a job? But yes, let's get on with it. I brought you all together today because I wanted to be the first to tell you about an important decision I have made regarding the company At the end of the year I will be done.

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If I won't let your mother adopt a baby, I'll just have to spend time with her myself. I've given everything I can to this company. What do I care if one of these idiots takes over for you?

how to gain the upper hand in a relationship against all odds

How will that affect me? You all work in different departments, and offer different strengths and weaknesses to the company. If it was going to be up to her, he'd be the clear choice for sure. The contest is going to involve you. Consider this a way to show me that you're all very bonded as a family. After a few moments of silence Rebekah shook her head, her face scrunching in confusion.

Elijah is married, Klaus has been in a serious relationship for years now, and even Kol has just started dating someone. And who knows you better than your own brothers? They each pick a guy for me to date and if I like one then that brother wins? Never in a million years did she think that her father would resort into having her brothers play matchmaker for her.

Sure, she'd had quite a few failed relationships, but that was one of the parts of dating — figuring out what things worked for you and what things didn't. So far she'd had a lot more things not work for her, but she'd realized it was just going to take time for her.

Give this a chance, okay? Rebekah could already see him mentally scanning his brain for choices. She would love nothing more than to walk into this building and literally own the place. Kol would hate answering to her and that made her want to have it even more. What if she doesn't pick any of the choices on purpose and takes the company for herself?

She will have to make a decision by the September Gala. That way I can prime the new CEO before the year is up. And if any cheating is involved, then we'll figure it out and deal with that if it comes to pass. But, like I said, I have faith that one of you will pick the right man," Mikael said, a finality to his tone.

He buttoned up his suit jacket and pushed in his chair. Mikael left the room and Elijah followed after him, leaving Rebekah alone with Klaus and Kol.