How did debi mazar meet her husband

An interview with Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos | The Florentine

how did debi mazar meet her husband

Q. An actress who grew up in Queens falls for an Italian who feeds her well. How did you meet? A. Mazar: Born in Queens, raised in Brooklyn. Channel series “Extra Virgin,” actress Debi Mazar and her husband On “ Extra Virgin,” Mazar, 50, and Corcos, 42, who met 14 years ago in. Meet Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos, the couple bringing charming Giulia, husband and wife Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar lock eyes over a and Mazar a successful Brooklyn-born actress known today for her roles in.

5 Qs: Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos

So I never thought of it as something bigger than just what I need to survive. And now all of a sudden it has a bigger connotation—a bigger sense to it. My inspiration for cooking just came out of the fact that I wanted to eat all of the food that was in my building where I grew up in New York. Italian, Puerto Rican, Irish, and more. Everybody had a story and a grandmother who lived with them.

I was just inspired by families.

how did debi mazar meet her husband

Debi, did you cook Italian food growing up? When I met my husband he introduced me to Tuscan cooking, which is very different than American Italian. So has Gabriele significantly influenced your cooking style? We spend a lot of time together in the kitchen. We often have lunch dates while the kids are in school—that is our time together.

I am very fixated on my heritage and the food from the region where I come from, but at the same time when we are together we just have fun with it.

I was in Cuba recently and I came back with this recipe for a beef stew. I made it for him and he really liked it.

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He made it even better. Do you have any favorite dishes to cook or eat? Well, my favorite dish to cook is something really simple. A really good pasta called, Amatriciana.

More often than not, you do dinner at home? We don't have date nights out like most people. When we had little babies we had a nanny. Now both children are in school. It doesn't make sense to have somebody show up after school, so evenings our kids are always home.

We've had to figure out a way to have date night.

how did debi mazar meet her husband

Sometimes we wait until after the kids go to bed and we can eat things like mushrooms, things kids aren't big fans of. As cool as I want my kids to be, they're just like any other kid.

They don't love eggplant unless it is covered in cheese. We do try to get out of the house when possible.

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Like everybody, by the time they go to bed we've been up longer than them. That's way too much money. So we do dinner at home. Gabriele, you started writing this cookbook when you learned you were going to be a father. Then someone told you men don't buy cookbooks? Holding this book is truly like having my third child. I started writing this manuscript, just a love letter to my wife, 10 years ago. My wife was pregnant and I was realizing how much my cooking was changing now that I was a father.

I started writing recipes from my grandmother. It was designed for me to cook for him and the kids Q. This is not your average celebrity cookbook. You started out with an online cooking blog, no ads, just a passion for cooking?

We're just two people at the end of the day When I read a cookbook by a famous chef, I sometimes struggle to find the ingredients or know a term that is expected of a chef.

I get frustrated if it doesn't come out like the picture. This one is very basic. We want people to not feel intimidated.

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We wanted people to understand Tuscan food, which is farmer food, really healthy. The strength of the book, we are telling a story. We have the house in Italy. I grew up there. We are a family. Tell us about this new season of "Extra Virgin. Half is shot in Italy, half in New York.

Last season we moved back east. Season four, we're settled and now I'm trying to take Gabriele to see different parts of New York. She's trying to make me into a real New Yorker. When my mother was raising me, she moved us upstate to the Woodstock area. Our closest neighbor was a mile away. She planted all her own vegetables. We had chickens and goats When you think about what the country gives you as a child, kids are so consumed these days with their damn phones, including mine the text-a-holic.

We're not giving up, we know we're up against technology, but we're still going back to Tuscany and taking the kids upstate and sharing where I came from. Everything is about Tuscany and how fantastic the food in Italy was, but guess what?

I'm not from Italy, and you can create this fantastic thing anywhere. So it's road trips and sourcing local meats and cheeses. We ride bikes across the Brooklyn Bridge, teach the kids to have a weekend on the cheap, make foods as a family.

You now have dual citizenship for the girls and Debi?