How to meet extraterrestrials

Life in Space - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

how to meet extraterrestrials

The World's 8 Best Places To Hunt For Extraterrestrials And Search For . Thousands of people meet on Main Street for the Comic-Con of UFO. “It is worth noting that in fiction, often the discovery of extraterrestrial to be wrong) finding of fossilized Martian microbes in a meteorite. The promise of alien life stars in Episode 1 of "AMC Visionaries: James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction," which debuts on AMC tonight. Etiquette: How Should Humanity Interact with Alien Life?] For the most part, scientists assume alien contact would happen through a signal.

For comparison, modern humans have been around foryearsbut we've only had writing for about 5, years. The study determined that, for an alien community that existed for that amount of time or less, there is a microscopically tiny chance that their signals ever reach us while they were still alive. As for the messages we've thrown out into the universe?

how to meet extraterrestrials

We've only broadcast signals to potential neighbors for 80 years, so humanity's cries have only covered less than 0. Basically, we'll never encounter living aliens, according to the team, or even the signals from living aliens. That, or maybe there are civilizations out there with million-year lifespans and they want to chat.

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In that case, hi! To true believers, what may be more uncertain is whether or not such news would cause global panic—which depends on how our minds, so greatly influenced by our Earthly environment and society, would perceive the potential threat of something utterly outside our familiar context. Perhaps it might make sense for our brains—tuned by millions of years of evolution to be wary of predators—to freak out over immensely powerful alien beings arriving on our cosmic doorstep from parts unknown.

How might we react then?

how to meet extraterrestrials

Psychologists at Arizona State University A. The articles used more positive and reward-oriented words than negative and risk-oriented ones, they report in a study published in January in Frontiers in Psychology. They will report those results on Saturday in Austin, Texas, at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

For his next set of experiments, he polled some U. A poll of United States and Chinese university students in provides factor analysis of responses to questions about, inter aliathe participants' belief that extraterrestrial life exists in the Universe, that such life may be intelligent, and that humans will eventually make contact with it.

How Would Humanity React If We Really Found Aliens?

The more conservative the respondents, the more harmful they considered extraterrestrial contact to be. Other significant correlation patterns indicate that participants[ which? Post-detection protocol Various protocols have been drawn up detailing a course of action for scientists and governments after extraterrestrial contact. Post-detection protocols must address three issues: The discoverer of a signal should, for the purposes of independent verification, communicate with other signatories of the Declaration before making a public announcement, and should also inform their national authorities.

how to meet extraterrestrials

Once a given astronomical observation has been determined to be a credible extraterrestrial signal, the astronomical community should be informed through the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams of the IAU. The Secretary-General of the United Nations and various other global scientific unions should also be informed. Following confirmation of an observation's extraterrestrial origin, news of the discovery should be made public.

how to meet extraterrestrials

The discoverer has the right to make the first public announcement. All data confirming the discovery should be published to the international scientific community and stored in an accessible form as permanently as possible.

9 Strange, Scientific Excuses for Why Humans Haven't Found Aliens Yet

Should evidence for extraterrestrial intelligence take the form of electromagnetic signals, the Secretary-General of the International Telecommunications Union ITU should be contacted, and may request in the next ITU Weekly Circular to minimize terrestrial use of the electromagnetic frequency bands in which the signal was detected. Neither the discoverer nor anyone else should respond to an observed extraterrestrial intelligence; doing so requires international agreement under separate procedures.

A committee comprising members from various international scientific unions, and other bodies designated by the committee, should regulate continued SETI research.

A separate "Proposed Agreement on the Sending of Communications to Extraterrestrial Intelligence" was subsequently created. Their predictions range widely, from sophisticated civilizations that could advance human civilization in many areas to imperial powers that might draw upon the forces necessary to subjugate humanity.

Albert Harrisona professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California, Davis, [40] thought that a highly advanced civilization might teach humanity such things as a physical theory of everythinghow to use zero-point energyor how to travel faster than light.

how to meet extraterrestrials

Baum, of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, and others consider that the greater longevity of cooperative civilizations in comparison to uncooperative and aggressive ones might render extraterrestrial civilizations in general more likely to aid humanity.