China sri lanka strategic relationship marketing

china sri lanka strategic relationship marketing

China highly values relations with Sri Lanka, and supports the efforts lift their strategic partnership of cooperation to a higher level, Xi said. and industrial parks in accordance with market and business principles, said Li. China has ploughed huge sums into Sri Lankan infrastructure projects, becoming the country's biggest foreign financier and enjoying significant political and. It is clear that Chinese investments in Sri Lanka were being alluded to. by nurturing a knowledge-based, highly competitive social-market economy. Strategic and economic relations between China and Sri Lanka can be.

Most of them receive private tutoring which is often regarded as necessary for pupils to make it through high school. Parents attach great importance to education.

china sri lanka strategic relationship marketing

This is why they scratch together enough money to pay for private tuition, although they often don't make more than four euros a day. Sri Lanka - Moving into a new era Expanding the rail network The country's rail network has been expanding over the past years.

Even intercity trains can reach locations at altitudes of more than one kilometer.

china sri lanka strategic relationship marketing

Nowadays most people visit the renowned tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya by train. Moreover, public transportation is heavily subsidized with a second class train ticket costing about one euro for a kilometer journey.

Bus rides are even cheaper. Sri Lanka - Moving into a new era Meager wages in plantations Ceylon tea is a highly profitable export good. It ranks alongside textiles, jewels, gems, tobacco and coconut products as one of the country's most important economic sectors.

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Sri Lanka is the world's second largest exporter of tea behind Kenya. But while it is a lucrative business, tea pluckers earn almost nothing, namely just around 3. Sri Lanka - Moving into a new era Pride in religion Regardless of whether you are sitting in a bus or a tuk tuk, you will be surrounded by gods.

china sri lanka strategic relationship marketing

Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics and Muslims take pride in showing their religious symbols. About 70 percent of Sri Lankans are Buddhist, nearly 15 percent are Hindu, ten percent are Muslim and five percent are Christian.

Sri Lanka - Moving into a new era Communities living side-by-side Religious communities in the South Asian country coexist and respect each other. In many places you will find Buddhist pagodas standing alongside Hindu temples. You can listen to muezzins calling for prayer and Christians using loudspeakers during mass. Sri Lanka - Moving into a new era Yes to gossip, no to news From the latest scandals in Bollywood to the most expensive weddings of the year: Sri Lankan media is full of gossip.

What you will not find are independent political newspapers. Out of fear of repercussions, government-critical media outlets tend to impose self-censorship.

china sri lanka strategic relationship marketing

Sri Lanka - Moving into a new era An essential industry This is one of the country'swomen who sew clothing for little money. The textile industry remains one of Sri Lanka's top sectors, despite facing tough competition from countries like Bangladesh. Imports from China As figure 2 depicts, China had become the third largest import partner of Sri Lanka by Created by author based on the World Integrated Trade Solution of the World Bank While India remains the top source of imports, the growth rate of imports from China is far greater except inas shown in figure 4.

During the period of overall growth in Indian imports was only By contrast, major exports from Sri Lanka to China, include as the top five: Created by author, based on data from Export Development Board, Central Bank and Sri Lanka Customs Exports to China increased 7-fold from tocompared to an approximately fold increase in imports from China in the same period.

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As depicted in figure 5, this has led to a starkly negative balance of trade with China, causing a deepening trade deficit during the period of onwards. The trade deficit has accounted for However, under liberalised and globalised economic conditions, the expanding deficit should not be regarded as a major issue. In addition, imports from China include electronic products and consumer durables such as air conditioners, cameras, televisions, washing machines and mobile phones, for which Sri Lanka does not have a comparative advantage in production.

china sri lanka strategic relationship marketing

The import of these products from China is therefore still crucial for Sri Lankaand overall, trade relations between Sri Lanka and China are generally beneficial for both countries. Sri Lanka and China are currently negotiating to form a free trade agreement that would enable more mutually beneficial trade for both countries and offer potential to redress the trade deficit.

China’s strategic ambitions seen in the Hambantota port in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka should capitalise on this initiative to focus more on export-oriented relations with China, by nurturing unexplored opportunities in the Chinese market.

The Sri Lanka Export Development Board has already recognised over products in which Sri Lanka has a comparative advantage, only 24 of which are being produced domestically by China. There are products on the list that are not currently exported to China.