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sheffield meet market 2014

Sheffield Doc/Fest describes itself as a Film Festival, Industry Session Parker and hear about the festival's flagship pitching initiative, MeetMarket. Parker led a masterclass on Programming Documentaries at ASFF in The festival's intense "Meet Market" pitching session, which has helped hit in , and more expected this time around, Sheffield Doc/Fest's. Twenty-two this year, Sheffield Doc/Fest can claim its part in its newly assembled leadership, following key departures in at the Meet Market [the festival's pitching sessions] and start the whole process again.

I work with emerging filmmakers and I work with international renowned filmmakers and also other people working in this industry from all over the world. I also get to travel the world meeting these people, which makes me feel very lucky.

I learn something new everyday in this job, about what is possible and also I learn a lot about my own capabilities. What are the main goals of the MeetMarket event? We receive around submissions every year and each of these submissions is considered and selected by an international assessment committee. This means we always have a really diverse and great selection of people and projects taking meetings.

In the MeetMarket we work really really hard to create an intimate meeting space where both sides of the table are empowered and inspired. All the meetings are matchmade. We offer a really personal service to people and we hope that this means that when they come to the MeetMarket they are completely prepped and well informed.

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This gives them the best possible chance to make amazing creative connections. In your opinion, why is documentary film important or relevant today? You were a masterclass speaker at ASFF He began directing in the Eighties with Black Audio Film Collective, making subtle but searing commentaries on British racism for Channel 4.

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He has championed a number of Oscar- nominated documentary films, working with some of the most respected filmmakers to connect great films with audiences worldwide. Leth is a passionate advocate of imposing rules on his own films, such as completely chronological editing, which he faithfully stuck to in his cycling epic A Sunday in Hell.

sheffield meet market 2014

Pennebaker A pioneer of Direct Cinema, D. Influenced by his discovery of surrealism, many of his films blur the line between fiction and documentary, creating a new style of ethnofiction.

Her work focuses on documentary realism, feminist issues, and social commentary — with a distinct experimental style. Dziga Vertov Dziga Vertov was a Soviet pioneer documentary film, newsreel director and cinema theorist, greatly influencing the emerging genre of documentaries. In her current role with Participant Media she has produced a number of issue- driven award-winning documentaries, including the Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth, aswell as Food Inc.

Rachel Wexler Wexler specializes in producing international feature documentaries for a worldwide audience. Debra Zimmerman For thirty years, Zimmerman has been the Executive Director of Women Make Movies, making it the largest distributor of films by and about women in the world. Chantal Akerman Artist, film director and professor of film at the City College of New YorkBelgian-born Akerman was dubbed by the Village Voice as "arguably the most important European director of her generation,".

sheffield meet market 2014

She is known for making innovative films about the real issues faced by women, employing an experimental, deeply personal approach to her subjects. She is well known on the conference, market and festival circuit, frequently appearing on panels and promoting the cause of independent documentary production. John Battsek Award-winning producer John Battsek runs the film department of Passion Pictures, which has produced over thirty feature documentaries.

As both producer and executive producer he has been instrumental in bringing a wide range of feature length documentary to cinema audiences.

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Simon Chinn Simon Chinn is a British film producer who successfully shepherds feature docs to big screens globally. Last year, Deller was chosen to represent Britain at theVenice Biennale.

Jeanie Finlay Jeanie is a British artist and filmmaker who creates intimate, funny and personal documentary films and artworks.

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