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From Russell Wilson to Dakota Prukop, QB transfers are dominating an opportunity for more exposure to boost an individual's NFL Draft stock. already certain coaches might be showing trends in one direction or the other. In , there were fewer than 25 high school quarterbacks who early enrolled. The most exciting QB in the league celebrated a record, while last year's best The Chiefs had a lead at one point in the game, only to allow San following a trade from the New England Patriots, Garoppolo showed enough just how quickly fortunes can change in the NFL than Sunday's contest. should ensure they are familiar with CPR 35 and the Practice Direction (PD35). upon or an expert can be called to give oral evidence (CPR ). 6.

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Those were all of the things I envisioned for myself. He unwittingly opened himself up to ridicule by holding the press conference.

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His intentions, he said, were misconstrued. I fully understand where people are coming from. People want to take that as a sign of my arrogance or something like that as a kid. I was 18 years old at the time. I was trying, in my own mind, to make something big and cool for BYU. I was trying to make a statement.

It was my idea, going, 'Hey, I want to bring the three biggest recruits BYU has in this class and I want to commit with them and make a splash. I see it and I get why people poke fun at it.

What really irks me is nobody understood the reason behind it and why I was doing it. Suddenly he found himself with teammates, including returned missionaries, who were much older than he was. And for the first time in his life, he was locked in a quarterback battle — with junior Riley Nelson.

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Riley would go in and there would be a set offense for him. I would go in and there would be a set offense for me. It almost became the local kid versus the highly touted, five-star prima donna kid. It pitted us against each other a little bit — in the locker room, in the media and all of that. That was tough for me to navigate and learn how to do that. When Nelson suffered a season-ending injury in the third game of the season at Florida State, Heaps took over in a loss.

It was something I had wanted the whole time. It was a good wake-up call to college football. I threw my first touchdown pass in that game. There were a lot of cool ups-and-downs through that whole season. For me, it was a ton of learning and growing and figuring the whole thing out.

The following week, Heaps got his first start, at home, against quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Nevada. The Cougars fell again, It was a new challenge. It was a lot of fun but there was a lot of challenges and a lot I had to learn through that whole process.

The Cougars decided to settle for a yard, potential game-winning field goal that was blocked in a setback. I was learning, every single rep. By the midpoint of the season, things started taking off.

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That was a fun part of the year. We overcame all that and we capped it off with a great end to the year. But he underwent a medical procedure that winter and missed much of the winter workouts. He returned in time to participate in spring drills. Between his freshman and sophomore seasons at BYU, he married his wife, Brooke. Meanwhile, his parents got divorced. It was very tough. It was a shock.

It was a tough transition through all of that. The snap to Heaps was high, then Heaps tried to pick it up, tried throwing it and tried picking it up in the end zone. Utah recovered the loose ball and scored a touchdown.

That set the tone on a night that saw the Cougars give up seven turnovers. They really took it away. This year Oregon has taken another graduate transfer in Prukop. Over the past year and moving forward, it's clear that the popularity and usability of graduate transfers is exploding. But where do we go from here?

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Add on top of that all the general comparisons between Adams and Wilson undersized, shifty, graduate transfers. Then, this winter, the Ducks hit the headlines again when they took a second consecutive FCS graduate transfer in Prukop. Your primary focus should be, 'Let's take advantage of the opportunity we have that allows us that extra spring semester and the extra summer school to get ourselves ahead and be in that much better position to take advantage of things, if they go awry, down the road.

The Ducks had proven they could develop their own guy with Marcus Mariota, but they also proved they could develop a graduate transfer in three weeks of fall camp with Adams. Could they be on to something? Two years is a bit short to call a trend, but it's obviously a route that Helfrich isn't shy about pursuing and given how well it worked for the Ducks last season, it's understandable why. Add to Adams' success that of Coker's and Rudock's a national title and Citrus Bowl title are nothing to scoff at and there's a decent argument to be made that the pros of taking a graduate transfer far outweigh the cons for the individual schools.

Golson, on the other hand, didn't have that level of success and was largely ineffective at Florida State. Even coaches who don't like the new system find themselves admitting that it's a good idea. I bet every coach would tell you that. I'd try to have someone I recruited, that redshirted that I worked with who followed a good example set for him.

That's what I would prefer.