Chloe and christi meet greet westchester ny homes

chloe and christi meet greet westchester ny homes

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Night time event may be too scary for children under 10 years of age, alone or with an adult. Strobe lighting and fog may be in use during this night time event. Persons adversely affected by these effects are advised not to enter.

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On Friday from 2: Fun, hands-on activities throughout the Museum inspired by our exhibit In the Limelight: Toulouse-Lautrec Portraits from the Herakleidon Museum.

Works by Lynn Mara will be on display! Her Impressionist style, bright, colorful palate, and distinct subject matter ranging from bold images of the American Flag, energetic equestrian scenes, to sun-bleached landscapes are joyful and accessible for young visitors.

The artist is a devoted mother of four sons, and lives and works in Greenwich CT. Touch-a-Truck is a unique and interactive event that allows children to see, touch, and safely explore their favorite big trucks and heavy machinery, as well as to meet the personnel who protect, serve, and build the Rye and surrounding communities. There will be bounce houses, crafts and much more! This is the second year we are doing a Vehicle Fair. Children will get to sit on and explore many different vehicles that they see daily in our community.

The Fair includes age appropriate vehicles, rides, crafts, food trucks, bake sale and a raffle and is fun for the whole community. The room hosts a large-scale dollhouse, blocks, puppet theater, and books.

A Junior Docent is present to answer questions and suggest activities. Must be accompanied by a caregiver. Up to age 5. Join us for Storytime, with activities to follow. Trapped between two worlds, Sam refuses to leave Molly when he learns she is in grave danger. Desperate to communicate with her, he turns to a storefront psychic, Oda Mae Brown, who helps him protect Molly and avenge his death. Natalie has toured the world teaching and performing solo concerts.

chloe and christi meet greet westchester ny homes

She has the privilege of singing on the Original Broadway Cast recording of Dear Evan Hansen and will soon be heard on the soundtrack for the upcoming Hugh Jackman movie musical, The Greatest Showman, based on the life of P. Barnum, with original music by Pasek and Paul. Stepping Stones Stepping Stones museum is another amazing place for the kids. Check them out here, then head on over for a fun filled day of learning and hands-on activities the kids will adore!

So many fun events planned for the weekend!

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Check them out right here. Octoberfest Cruises will take place on Saturdays in October from The adults-only cruises will showcase different Connecticut breweries each Saturday. Sample and enjoy their flagship and seasonal brews, while taking in the gorgeous sights on Long Island Sound.

Participants must be at least 21 years old. She tells Gigi she has to make a choice. Gigi asks her if she remembers when she used to wear athletic wear all the time and Yolanda says it made her wonder if she were a lesbian at the time. David comes in to have dinner and lets us all know how wonderful Yolanda is. Hey, Yolanda and David think each other are the most wonderful people in the world. If it works for them, it works. What can I say?

Brandi goes to visit Camille. They have grown close and Brandi says she loves her and Camille gives her good advice. They talk about how their husbands are actors and have giant egos. Brandi thinks if she can go to therapy with Leann and Eddie, she can probably talk to this girl. Camille wishes her luck. Adrienne says Brandi has put a strain on their relationship. That Brandi sure is one powerful chick if she is responsible for breaking up that marriage over one spoken comment.

Man, I wish I knew what it was Brandi said. She starts crying when she tells them they took her wedding ring and her two Hermes bags. Kyle tells her material things can be replaced. Taylor tells them they are all her friends. Kyle tells them she loves happy dinners. John tells Kyle he saw Kim at some club and Kyle is surprised. Lisa sits with Scheana before Brandi arrives for the talk. Lisa thinks this will be a good lesson for Scheana. Brandi arrives and Lisa gives her a hug. Lisa reminds Brandi Scheana was young and did a stupid thing.

Scheana tells Brandi she wants to get things off her chest. Brandi tells Scheana not to play the hurt person and not to cry about being hurt by Eddie.

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They both come to the conclusion that Eddie is a lying liar and Brandi says if he could act as good as he could lie, he would have 85 Oscars by now. Brandi tells Scheana how perfect her two little boys are and how she never wants them to be hurt. When Brandi talks about her kids, it finally hits home for Scheana how much Brandi has gone through.

After Brandi leaves, the show segues into Vanderpump Rules. Brandi was honest, and although originally reluctant to forgive, she actually controlled herself in the situation beautifully, and even left with a sweet -yet akward — shoulder pat on the relieved Scheana. As always, Bravo delivers beauty, sex, and drama with this new batch of stars.

Between the few scenes of actual waiting on tables, Stassi cringes at any conversation or interaction between Jax and Scheana.

She goes on to explain that she attended a private school in New Orleans and that Scheana is just not someone she would ever associate with. Fueling the fire, Lisa stays silent and allows Stassi to play her bitch role. Case in point when Stassi in true mean-girl style makes Scheana polish glasses.

When Lisa encourages her to stand up to Stassi, Scheana goes to confront Stassi in the alley, of course! Private school girl hanging out with the dumpsters responds with hostility, but does admit to having trust issues and insecurities.

Unfortunately, the situation does seem to be deeply affecting her relationship with Jax. Insecurities and distrust in over-drive, the first episode wraps up with a long and sometimes confusing collage of scene clips of Stassi and Jax fighting, maybe breaking up, someone cheats, someone gets laid in the bathroom at work eww sexy?

Lisa is wearing a black lace see-through top and says something about feeling fat after the holidays. The bartender is Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer.

The drinking prompt is the sound of Scheana groaning. Lisa tells Andy to keep searching because there are much worse scenes than that.

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Which Beverly Hills housewife would you want as a boss? As usual, it is spot on. Lisa says at some point diplomacy becomes a lie. During the commercial, Lisa lets Giggy lick on a Vodka Tonic ice cube. Any asks Cesar what he thinks about it. Andy asks Lisa if there is any blow going on around SUR.

She says of course not while Ken in the audience is laughing hysterically. Looking back she probably could have said more. The game ends in a tie. Mazel is Lady Edith from Downton Abbey with google eyes.

chloe and christi meet greet westchester ny homes

Jackhole is LaScala Restaurant for making a big deal about Diana Ross seating herself at their restaurant. Of course, Lisa wins the poll. The rest of her jewelry: Then Asa and Reza begin a karaoke jam session in the car and dancing to the music.

All I could think of was what my parents yell at me when I take my hands of the wheel: Your hand should rest on the wheel like the clock hands do at So ten, ten ASA!!! She wants to take it to the next level. Somehow it turned from being a concert into being a music festival that will be the coming out of the Persian Pop Princess. Reza encourages her to go for it. Asa also says that this is the year she will make money off her music.

GG informs the viewer that its been a while since the fight and she thinks its time for her and Asa to get together so she can apologize. MJ arrives in her best Jessica Simpson unflattering outfit: Girl, you need a stylevention ASAP! MJ is a little shocked by how calm GG is being, to the point where she asks her I everything is okay. MJ a shrimp cocktail and GG cheese fries, hummus with pita chips, and beef tacos.

Color me jealous at her metabolism! MJ says she hopes that they can get everything resolved between them before Asa arrives, and proceeds to tell her that she hoped her exclusion from the birthday party was a wake up call regarding her behavior. A surprisingly calm GG asks why she was excluded and not Asa. MJ is stunned by her questions and proceeds to explain to her that SHE GG was the one that got violent with Asa and had she ever thought that Asa might not feel physically safe around her?