Meet and greet teacher activities

"Meet & Greet" Activities

meet and greet teacher activities

Loads of Meet the Teacher/Open house ideas here! . This is a great way to greet the students on the first day. 24 Back to School Crafts & Activities for Kids. Find helpful tips for managing Meet the Teacher Night so you can Do your best to not only greet and spend a moment with each family, but to. Results 1 - 24 of Browse meet the teacher activity resources on Teachers Pay Sneak-a-Peek, Meet and Greet, Meet the Teacher, Open House, anything!.

I remind parents to record accurate information and to seek out this information from the main office if necessary. Separate sheets are provided to record the dismissal plans for buses, day cares, walkers, and car riders. Having the dismissal information organized prior to the start of the school year will help ensure a happy and safe end to the first day of school.

Welcome Volunteers Parent volunteers assist during the first week of school. I provide a sign-up sheet for parents or family members to organize first-day supplies, assist with clerical duties, or help students in the cafeteria.

meet and greet teacher activities

The welcome letter provides information regarding lunch money, student snacks, the daily folder, and the schedules for physical education, music, and art.

This packet may be taken home and any papers requiring completion may be returned to me at the start of the school year.

Each student also receives a welcome letter, directions on how to organize a school supply box, and a classroom scavenger hunt checklist. Hold a Classroom Scavenger Hunt My students, families, and siblings are curious about the new classroom. A list of items to find in the classroom provides the students with an active opportunity to explore their new space. Organize School Supplies Students and families organize the new school supplies. Labeled baskets are placed in a designated area in the classroom for students to sort pencils, glue sticks, markers, folders, notebooks, art smocks, highlighters, tissues, and wipes.

meet and greet teacher activities

When we arrive at school, work, home or a gathering of others could we imagine entering without being greeted? Is our presence so insignificant as to warrant no reaction?

meet and greet teacher activities

Can we be valued less then if our physical presence is not acknowledged? The answer to the question, "Should we do a meet and greet every day? It can be as simple as the teacher standing at the door or entrance to the class greeting the students by name as they enter. A simple, "Good morning.

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The more structured and time consuming activities described further in this book provide slightly different opportunities to explore students' feelings, readiness to work or learn, and potential to participate in the activities of the day.

This technique uses a small piece of leather or fabric with a simple stick figure pictograph painted or drawn with colored marker or paints to symbolize "talking leather". We use it much the same as the real talking leather shown on the next page. We then explain that many woodland and plains Native Americans did not have a written language until fairly late in their history. In order to preserve the history of the tribe, of their village, and even of their own families, a pictograph history was sometimes recorded on a leather skin.

The skin could be made from an animal that had been killed for food. It would be tanned and preserved.

meet and greet teacher activities

The leather skin was light in color and weight; and it would last for a long time. The Native Americans also used the skins to make beds and to build teepees or lodges.

However, it was this pictographic history of the tribe that was known as talking leather. The history of the tribe was recorded in pictures on the talking leather.

Meet the Teacher: Ideas for a Successful Open House

This history was then told in story fashion to children using the pictographs much the way a kindergarten teacher might use a storybook with very young children. From time to time an elder of the tribe would take the skin and it's recorded history of the tribe and visit other villages of the tribe. He would use the talking leather and the oral tradition to share the stories and to teach the children about their ancestors, their history and their traditions.

The person who carried the leather was known as "Talking Leather". The leather and the drawings translated and elaborated upon by the person who held it, told the story of the tribe.

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We have modified the way talking leather is used to collect the comments and ideas of the group. After telling the story in the paragraph above, the teacher holding the leather would say something like: I have in my hand a piece of leather. I am the "Talking Leather". It is my turn to talk.