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My best Meteor story concerns Church Fenton in the Auxilliary days. .. I had the pleasure of meeting an old chap who had flown Vampires Venoms When we taxied in after landing he was there to greet us on the apron. A meteorite or space debris may have been the cause of fireballs reportedly seen in South Georgia skies Friday night and the resulting impact. In the stone was returned to the Ensisheim church where it outlasted the used it on catalog and reprint covers, meeting programs, and greeting cards.

This despite decades of scandal around the systematic cover-up of clerical child abuse. By any standards, the Catholic Church in Ireland has held up better than might have been expected, considering the thorough on-going disgrace in which it has covered itself and the deceitful insufficiency of its response to the crisis. Yet the London Times still felt able last week, under the headline "Young Ireland says nope to the Pope", to report gleefully that "only"people were expected to troop out to see him at today's showcase Mass in Phoenix Park.

That headline does serious disservice to the word "only". Pope John Paul during his visit to Ireland. Getty Images The final tallies may prove to be well down on the million people who flocked to the Phoenix Park to see the Pope inbut hundreds of thousands can hardly be regarded as a poor turnout by any gauge.

meteor greet and meet church

It will be greater than the crowd at the Centenary Easter Sunday Parade two years ago, whenpeople took to the streets to mark the th anniversary of the Rising. Anyone who tried to say that was a disappointing figure would have been laughed off the airwaves. Yet commentators feel free to casually write off the church in a country where three-quarters still describe themselves, without prompting, as Catholic.

That tally is down too, from more than 90pc before the scandals around child abuse started to break, but Catholicism remains the single greatest common denominator in people's chosen identity.

That means there's something left for the Pope to salvage, if he has sufficient wisdom and acuity to make it so. People desperately want the church to atone for its manifold sins because they still want a relationship with it. That might be a mystery to many; I'm not entirely sure I understand it either.

But it's a real yearning, and one which is belittled by the snide undertone that dominates the coverage of the Papal visit, which has sought to foment division, informed as it is by a shared assumption that religiosity equates to ignorance, and secularism means progress. This visit will mean something; we just don't know yet what that will be, and it may take some time to figure it out.

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There is a possible precursor, though. When Queen Elizabeth came, much of the toxicity in the relationship between Britain and Ireland was already being drained from the collective bloodstream, and that's obviously not the case with the church, which still has plenty of healing left to do.

More notable about the State visit was that it dramatised a relationship of equals. The British had not come to lord it over the natives, and the Irish did not turn out merely to play a subsidiary part in the pageantry.

The Catholic Church will find it hard to meet the people on the same egalitarian basis, since its role is that of a divine authority, not a democratic partner; but if Pope Francis can find a way to be as similarly humble as the Queen, then there is a way forward.

meteor greet and meet church

Any attempt to minimise or excuse the immense hurt that the hierarchy has inflicted on its flock would be unacceptable, not only in Ireland.

There have been protests about clerical abuse in other countries visited by the Pope in recent years, and those protests will and must continue for as long as the church fails to meet its obligation to the truth.

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All the same, the Queen's visit showcased a country mature enough to deal with a dark historic legacy without losing its mind. Can Ireland now take something equally positive from the Pope's visit? Ordinary people could probably do it, and are doing it. Francis has come, after all, to a country which has legalised divorce, homosexuality, same-sex marriage and abortion since the last visit by the holder of his office.

He is no threat to the new Ireland, but it still feels as if the media and intellectual elites would rather not have rapprochement. They don't want to detoxify Ireland's relationship with the church. Instead, keeping it going has become a defining feature of their sense of self. Largely that's because they think they're immeasurably more intelligent than the peasants who still throng to Mass every Sunday. Why, they wonder despairingly, can't the sheep be as enlightened as they are?

That argument would be more convincing if they had anything of equivalent value or meaning with which to replace the old gods.

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A chain reaction in space causes an asteroid field to send out a ton of space rock and not the Pink Floyd kind toward Earth, including but not limited to an enormous five-mile long meteor of the title, which threatens to destroy much of life on Earth and cause the equivalent to a nuclear winter. This, of course, would be a very bad thing because like you, Earth is where I happen to keep all my stuff.

Paul Bradley, which houses an array of nuclear warheads. Sadly, as this was made during the height of the Cold War, none of the missiles are pointed toward outer space.

Instead, the satellite is aimed at the Soviet Satellites.

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There are some engaging moments in Meteor. Connery is usually more humorous than dramatic, but Natalie Wood whose parents were Russian immigrants does a fine job as a Russian government translator. Strangely, when speaking English, she affects a British accent. There are some moments of real tension as solutions are discussed, but mostly this is lost as the proceedings prove to feel rather cheap as opposed to convincing. To be sure, low-budget films can survive greatly with the right direction, lighting, acting and originality.