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school 2013 oh jung ho ending relationship

I doth finished School the pains, the gains!, and what the neighbors All you need is a little reverse engineering to have your end result (bad But instead heaping praise on the handling of Oh Jung Ho's . I love how warm food or a hot beverage became a symbol for safety, connection, and caring. School revolves around real life problems, struggles and challenges of students. There's also the test of brotherhood and friendship in the drama when one of Oh Jung Ho's Love relationships wasn't focused in the drama, but emphasized on I mean how could you not the end drama happily?. School is a South Korean television series starring Jang Nara, Choi Daniel, Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo Bin. The teen drama depicts the struggles and dilemmas that modern-day Korean youth face, such as bullying, student suicides, school violence, deteriorating teacher-student relations, Jung In-jae ( Jang Na-ra) and Kang Sae-chan (Choi Daniel) are homeroom.

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Are you really going to stoop this low?! She slams the broom onto a desk and orders everybody forward and to hold out their hands. She holds the broom threateningly but drops it in the end, though she delivers the slaps anyway, hand to hand.

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Finally, Se-chan steps forward to intercept her, at which point her hand is swollen and red, and he orders the class to stay quiet as he takes her out. What fault do they have? Flipping through, he comes to her message to herself: Class 2 is subdued as they wonder what now. I wish I could send her the same. Min-ki urges his classmates not to cause any more trouble, and offers to help cover the essentials. Min-ki offers Ha-kyung his notes, since hers are gone.

She finds a bag of books on her desk. He starts in on the nagging, since that appears to be the safest way of denying actual concern, ha.

Se-chan finds his class in study session as promised, with Min-ki teaching. While he leads them out, In-jae sits with a smaller group her remedials? That turns out to be a stress-relieving session of dodgeball in the gym. All but Heung-soo, who turns away refusing to join. He freezes up so much I feel a terrible pang for him, and as they leave he finally says something: He cuts her off: Nam-soon wonders at it, until Jung-ho shoots him a smirk—while flaunting a math book.

Oh no, did he steal it? While the attacker, Heung-soo, ought to get expelled for it. Nam-soon had better steal the answer sheet for the exam. What he does next just makes me love him more: If I do something bad, nobody will get hurt. Se-chan just assumes this is homework and he tells Nam-soon to study on his own.

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Nam-soon heads off with a heavy heart. He finds Jung-ho to ask: A teacher is let into the carefully locked storeroom, but she and the custodian dash out when the lights go down. I stayed to watch until the last episode because I was curious whether Oh Jung Ho would turn to be a good student or not. But that was already a given. I mean how could you not the end drama happily? Not a cheerful character, but more gloomy.

From toI felt that his acting improved a lot better. He definitely has the potential, and he has the looks and of course the height.

He was cheerful and a happy-go-lucky guy in To The Beautiful You. With their looks and height, it made the drama much more fun to watch. Other actors should also deserve a mention. She was tough, intelligent and studies very hard. She was quite annoying in Love Rain, I meant her character. And she motivated me to study, which is something I always need.

Jung Ho reminds me of boys I went to school with back in the 6th grade that were already going wrong. I also love how In Jae handled the situation, it was so heartwarming. It was completely ridiculous, and never really completely grabbed me, but it was fun and an easy watch. She sold it even less here, to be honest.

And incredibly infuriating at other times.

school 2013 oh jung ho ending relationship

This level of being clueless and frankly, dumb, is not what I want from my female leads. I want someone to relate to and maybe even look up to, not someone who glues her fingers together! All three of them were great guys, and Mi Nyeo never seemed that special to me.

Jang Keun Suk killed it in this role, and this part really needed someone of his caliber to make it believable. He made me cry, and he made me laugh, and he really made me notice him. Would the love triangle have been more dividing among fans if Yonghwa was a better actor? And Yonghwa did sell it enough for me to love him.

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For me to feel for him, and to be mad at his cruel fate. His timing was always off and he therefore never really got his shot. It was heartbreaking to watch, yet it made sense. Jeremy Lee Hong Ki: Jeremy was mostly a source of comic relief in this drama, and Hongki pulled that off perfectly.

He made me laugh, or at least chuckle, in almost every single episode. But when it came down to his big emotional moment, he also made me cry my eyes out. It was awful seeing always-cheerful-and-happy Jeremy break down in that way, and it was well acted. I felt his pain, and his need for things to be normal.

So for being an idol actor, you did real well Hongki!

school 2013 oh jung ho ending relationship

Coffee Prince Coffee Prince is one of those shows that kdrama beginners are always told to watch, and rightfully so. This is a great show, carried by great acting, and except for that weird part where Han Kyul got medicine to cure his supposed homosexuality, it has a great story.

I wish more dramas would deal with the subject, not as a joke, but as reality. Yoon Eun Hye really impressed me as Eun Chan.

school 2013 oh jung ho ending relationship

Her strength and independence is very admirable, and something I myself want to be. Choi Han Kyul Gong Yoo: All in all, Choi Han Kyul was a great character, emotionally engaging and entertaining all at once.

That they lost the baby was heartbreaking though. I loved Yoo Joo from the very start. An extreme need to feel independent, a difficulty to commit and a history of leading people on, it all sounds like me. Hwang Min Yeop Lee Eon: Min Yeop was like a big and confused bunny. Sadly, the actor Lee Eon that played him passed away about a year after Coffee Prince was aired.

May he rest in peace. Most of the time he was fun, sometimes he was infuriating, but he never made any real impact on me. Am I forgetting something?

Sun Ki is my exact ideal type.