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hillhouse track meet results sheet

CLCF Indoor Track 12/9/18CT Hawks Meet. Meet Information Sheet. Meets. December 9 CT Hawks Developmental Meet-results James Hillhouse High School, Sherman Pkwy, New Haven, CT , USA. + Event. Overview: The meet of the weekend is highlighted with a great girls mile frosh class record setter () Mary Cain NY, defending Millrose '11), Precious Holmes (US#5 out in '11) and the Hillhouse CT. More Results CIAC STATE OPEN MEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP TRACK & FIELD MEET VETERANS STADIUM, HILLHOUSE HIGH SCHOOL, 8; Andy HYDE SCHOOL 4 6 Sheets, Kary MANCHESTER HIGH.

Lamont Davis, Hillhouse, Marlon Gilling, Weaver, Laethe Coleman, Notre Dame, Len Harris, East Lyme, Jeff Volkman, Fitch, Brian Donahue, Wolcott, Demetrius Lewis, Hillhouse, 1 minute, 9. Oxy Caballero, Windham, 1: Tom Novak, East Lyme, 1: Dean Hanafin, Fitch, 1: Jeff Brand, East Lyme, 1: Greg Kyrytshenko, Bunnell, 1: Joe McKnight, Guilford, 2: Jim Bucher, Ridgefield, 2: Chris Baetano, Lyman Hall, 2: Greg Kyrytshenko, Bunnell, 2: Mike Toomey, Windham, 2: Calvin HarrisWindham, 2: Chris King, Killingly, 2: Aaron Patrick, Ridgefield, 2: Gabe Baker, Bunnell, 2: Bryan Kovalsky, Ridgefield meet record4: Mike Sharek, Wolcott, 4: Chaz Vincino, Wethersfield, 4: Johnathan Krusewski, Lyman Hall, 4: Ben William, Fitch, 4: Ian Lesniewski, Branford, 5: Dan Wilson, Notre Dame, 9: John Gubitosi, Wolcott, 9: Calvin Harris, Windham, 9: Bryan Kovalsky, Ridgefield, Matt Gioffre, Ridgefield, Jeff Billing, Fitch, Rory Deer, East Lyme, 50 feet, 6 inches; 2.

Tyrees Kelly, Hillhouse, ; 3. Marquis Clayton, Hillhouse, ; 6.

hillhouse track meet results sheet

Drew Haffey, Ledyard, Jeremiah Lowe, Ledyard, LaTroy Young, Hillhouse, Derrick Sheets, Weaver, ; 4. Jason Howlett, Hillhouse, ; 5. Rashon Minitee, Hillhouse, ; 6. Rory Deer, East Lyme, 6- 5; 2. Adam Mantzaris, Lyman Hall, ; 3. Daniel Zemburski, Lyman Hall, ; 4. Justin Griggs, East Lyme, ; 5. Jason Carter, Killingly, ; 6. Dave Dicucamons, Wethersfield, Seth Tyminski, Ledyard, ; 2.

CIAC State Open Outdoor Championship

Reid Warner, Newtown, ; 3. Nick Ciarcia, Ridgefield, ; 4. Justin Gatti, Lyman Hall, ; 5. Andy King, Ridgefield, ; 6. Nick Parico, Ledyard, Hillhouse-New Haven, 83; 2. Soiuth Windsor, 26; 6. Smith- Storrs, 21; Joseph-Trumbull and Wolcott 20; Sacred Heart-Waterbury, 7; Lauralton Hall-Milford, Torrington, 2.

Keshia Haughton, Hillhouse, 7. Meghan O'Brien, Guilford, 7. Janelle Tracy, Newtown, 7. Monica Hardgrove, Hillhouse, 7. Furthermore, the program utilizes traditional modalities of instruction and learning. Hill House Passport Academy, on the other hand, capitalizes on the power of technology coupled with high quality and extensive curriculum providing our students with a significantly greater degree of individualization and customization.

Finally, there is the issue of location. The aforementioned alternative schools are located in Homewood, East Liberty and Homestead, not easily accessible to Hill District youth.

The Hill District is underserved. In addition to being part of the Hill House a regional icon of services and cultural programming campus, a brand new branch of both the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and the YMCA are within easy walking distance of the proposed school. Describe the scope of backing for the proposed charter school and its founding coalition. K12 Inc is a technology-based education company and the largest provider of individualized online and blended education programs primarily for students in kindergarten through high school in the U.

Their vitae are included in Appendix 1. Since this application was initially filed in Novemberan independent Board of Trustees has been established to govern the school. Founded inthe Hill House advances its mission through: Founded inK12 Inc. K12, using the entire K12 Inc. In the school years, K12 is providing educational products and services to 97, K students in online and blended learning public schools in 29 states and the District of Columbia. Describe the scope of community support extending beyond the core group of founders?

CIAC State Open Outdoor Championship - Boys Results (Raw)

Hill House has nearly 15 years of experience serving out of school youth with GED training, life and job skills, and a host of wrap-around services. HHA has surveyed community needs for its proposed school by assessing data and engaging with its clients, local thought leaders, youth advocates, other social service providers and faith based institutions to obtain input on the challenges and promises of re-engaging youth who have dropped out of high school.

Stakeholders across the community agree the HH Passport Academy would greatly benefit the Hill District by serving the needs of this segment of its population. The partnerships we have established include: Post-secondary degree programs to ensure that HH Passport Academy students have the opportunity to earn dual college credit, participate in college campus visits and obtain access to financial aid counseling as early as possible so that they will be prepared to pursue a college education; Locally based businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies to provide our students with more opportunities to explore their career interests, gain work experience in paid or unpaid internships, develop valuable job skills, and be mentored by professionals so that they are ready to be successful in the world of work; and Social service agencies and faith-based institutions to secure additional critical wrap around services that will address the non-academic needs of our students and remove obstacles in their path to achieving success in college, careers and life.

Letters of Intent detailing partnership agreements with local stakeholders are provided in Appendix 2. The Charter Appeals Board CAB has defined sustainable support as support sufficient to sustain and maintain the proposed charter school as an on-going entity. Brown Charter School, No. Ron Brown Charter School, A.

hillhouse track meet results sheet

Sustainable support can be demonstrated by signed petitions of support, letters of support, testimonials of support or in other concrete ways with a majority of persons evidencing such support residing in the school district in which the charter school will be located, or residing within the school districts incorporating a regional charter school application. However it did include letters of support. Hill House Association and board members from Hill House Passport Academy Charter School are profoundly proud of the eloquent and passionate testimonials for the proposed charter school at the December 17, public hearing.

On a rainy night the week before Christmas Eve, 23 people, ranging from youth who had dropped out of school to community leaders to educators to great grandparents, spoke eloquently and passionately on behalf of Hill House Passport Academy Charter School. An additional two dozen people lent their support by attending the public hearing. Since the initial submission, petitions signed by parents, students and teachers, as well as additional letters of support have been added to Appendix 3.

Describe your marketing plan for the school. Include both short-term and long-term processes. The information will include, but not be limited to, background on the K12 curriculum, the Passport Academy model, and a Parent-Student Handbook that includes policies on admission, enrollment, role of responsible adult, grade level promotion, course level placement, materials and computers, internet service, special education, standardized tests, teacher conferences, and more information about the school.

As part of the anticipated service agreement K12 will employ someone whose job will be leading the recruitment and enrollment process. HH Passport Academy representatives will meet with community stakeholders throughout the Hill District and surrounding Pittsburgh areas to spread the word and recruit students.

Information sessions open to interested families and the general public will be held throughout the Pittsburgh area as well as online.

Information sessions will be advertised in various print and electronic media. During these sessions, prospective parents and students will have the opportunity to interact with the HH Passport Academy curriculum, including lessons and materials, and have questions answered. HH Passport Academy may participate in organized grade-appropriate awareness activities such as school-sponsored events. HH Passport Academy will establish a website and will use this as the primary mechanism to communicate with interested, prospective families.

After initial enrollment is finalized, parents of students enrolled in HH Passport Academy will be invited to a parent orientation session that will be conducted. At the orientation session, parents may meet the school administrative staff, teachers, and possibly other K12 representatives. Sessions will be designed to inform parents about navigating the program, technical support, lesson delivery, effective communication, and school policies.

The assessment of these strategies is also used to develop a long-term, multi-year marketing plan which takes into account re-enrolling students and the amount of marketing investment needed to attract new students in order for the school to meet its enrollment projections.

hillhouse track meet results sheet