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College Foundation. High School Options-Earning College Credit the public school districts in Dubuque and. Delaware employment fields for training and retraining. hardware track provides knowledge of computer circuitry, a knowledge base Concurrent Enrollment Program Option (CEP): Students entering. This report was researched and written by Shelby McIntosh, CEP research associate. .. because events in this field move quickly, some policies will undoubtedly Virginia. Washington. Connecticut. Delaware. Illinois. Iowa. Kansas students in all school districts to pass an exit exam (such as a state. Now what? We track every movement of his season. . Iowa State golfer Celia Barquin Arozamena was ready to play through. LPGA hopeful Celia Barquin The holes that defined golf's major championships. From Phil's mess at the.

Indeed, the two mayfly species investigated require well oxygenated waters for their larval development, making them ideal candidates to test for an interactive effect between temperature and oxygen. Testing these ideas about climate change effects on field populations has, in the past, been restricted by a scarcity of basic ecological data.

Nevertheless, while energy deficits in the short term may be remediated by recruiting anaerobic metabolism, organisms depend on oxygen and aerobic metabolism to meet energy demands associated with activities in the long term such as feeding, growth and reproduction.

We therefore test whether the occurrence of mayflies can be predicted better when including the interactive effects of oxygenation and stream temperature and if so whether the interaction is such that poor oxygenation exacerbates the negative impacts of stream warming.

We also chose these species for pragmatic reasons because although the field data set was mostly resolved at family level, Ephemeridae are represented by only three species in UK and Ephemerellidae by only two species. The species is usually semivoltine in UK, although in warmer waters populations may be univoltine Bennett, The main flight period is towards the end of May, however adults are often present between April and November.

The species is mainly univoltine in colder streams where it overwinters as diapausing eggs. Adults occur from April to September. For the larger chambers containing E.

For the smaller chambers with S. During progressive warming, nymphs of E. Loss of equilibrium occurred next as nymphs fell upon their backs, which was followed by the onset of spasms. After that, gill movement was no longer coordinated and faltered and this endpoint could be most reliably determined and is here taken as CT max.

Below CT max, larvae were inactive, until near the end of the trials, when they began to crawl, lose equilibrium and gill beating became intermittent shortly before stopping altogether at CT max. For each species, we used a GLM to test for an effect of experimental oxygen conditions independent factor on the observed thermal tolerance dependent factor. The data had homogeneity of variances, but residuals were normally distributed only after excluding one outlier. Full data with outliers are presented, along with the statistics for the nonparametric approach, but both approaches flagged the same contrasts as statistically significant.

The presence or absence of E. BOD values were represented more widely through our data than dissolved oxygen concentrations, but additional data analysis also revealed several potential benefits in using BOD see Data S1.

Third, BOD is likely to reflect potential deoxygenation in benthic microhabitats occupied by mayflies, where decomposing organic matters is often deposited, and dissolved oxygen concentrations are less readily measured by routine data collection or when oxygen minima occur Macan, Finally, our additional analyses suggested that oxygen minima were particularly sensitive to increasing BOD values, this reflecting potentially more important limits on organisms than average values see Data S1.

Present classroom practices in Nigeria cannot achieve this. They can overcome inner barriers and traumas and reach surprising levels of achievements.

These are some of the basic theoretical assumptions of the late Prof. Reuven Feuerstein who passed away last April A Giant in Cognitive Psychology. The Prize honors organizations worldwide that operate innovative programs and provide services that foster the full inclusion of people with disabilities in their local community.

The project combines scientific research with humanistic values explains Prof.

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Hefziba Lifshitz-Vahav, the head of the project. It is anchored in the Compensation age theory Lifshitz — Vahav, in pressas well as the Feuerstein Cognitive modifiability theory, the Cognitive reserve theory Stern et al. The Empowerment Program, of the Lois Alberto Machado Chair for Research on Cognitive Modifiability at Special education Department School of Education, offers students with ID an opportunity to study at the school of education and those who are capable to earn a bachelor's degree, as well.

A three-stage program, Empowerment began in with 26 students with Down's syndrome in stage one and 12 in stage two. The lecturers are students in the Master's track, where teaching in the Empowerment Program is part of the practicum. The second stage of the Program integrates ID students with typical students in a BA research seminar with an emphasis in Special Education. Stage three allows qualified students with ID to be integrated into four undergraduate courses for which they can earn academic credit for their work: Introduction to special ed, - Dr.

Sigal Eden and Mentally Challenge — Dr. This year they are included in the introduction to un-formal education. They are registered as audience a position which allow them to get academic credit if they perform class work and pass the exams.

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The Empowerment Program is the first of its kind in Israel and one of a handful of such programs that exist around the world.

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD demonstrate a tendency to relate to perceptual and idiosyncratic aspects of objects or events, while presenting difficulties to relate to their abstract and conceptual characteristics, leading to difficulties in abstracting and categorizing concepts. Teo examine structural mapping processes that occur during acquisition of new relational concepts among children with HFASD, compared with children with typical development TD and compared with children who have intellectual and developmental disabilities IDD.

Three groups of 24 children with HFASD, with TD, and with IDD ages participated in the study using a software program that included a task of 13 sets of graphic symbols for matching to one of two novel spatial configurations representing an object based similarity or a relational conceptComparisons and familiarity options were presented.

Results demonstrate that in the condition with no option for comparison, the performance of the three study groups was similar when matching the symbols, with all of the children demonstrating a similar preference style for extending the concepts on the basis of object matching perceptual categorization rather than on a basis of a shared relational structure conceptual categorization.

However, when children saw two symbols with comparison for each new relational concept, the groups of children with TD and IDD demonstrated a significantly greater tendency to extend the concepts on the basis of relational matching compared to children with HFASD. Subsequently it was found that children with HFASD showed a similar performance style across both study conditions. When familiarity was investigated, results demonstrate that in the condition in which children saw only one symbol for each new relational concept, no effect was found to the level of stimulus familiarity in any of the study groups.

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However, when children were able to compare between two symbols, the level of stimulus familiarity effected the performance of children with TD and with IDDbut not the performance of children with HFASD.

Thus, results demonstrate that children with HFASD, as opposed to children with TD and IDD, did not benefit from the opportunity provided for in-depth analysis of the connections between the graphic representations that were presented to them through comparison processes, nor from the familiarity of the symbols.

Cognition and social cognition predict "charisma" among leaders with intellectual disability. Shoshana Nissim, under the supervision of Prof.

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Hefziba Lifshitz-Yahav and Dr. Yossi Klein According to the UN Convention and the innovative agenda of the Disability Movement Pfeiffer,people with intellectual disabilities ID can represent themselves and be leadership partners in planning policy concerning their life.

However, this area was not yet empirically examined. In the absence of leadership theories that deal with leadership in this population, the current study was based on leadership paradigms in a population with typical development TD.

The model found relevant to the research population was the triadic model proposed by Popperwhich forms the basis of the questions in this study.

The first question was what are the special cognitive, personality and social strengths and abilities that characteristic leaders with ID from followers with ID, and that make their peers consider them charismatic?

This question was based on the Trait Approach Zaccaro, that focuses on leadership skills, and forms one side of the leadership model Popper, Second, what are the dominant leadership styles in a population with ID?

This part of the study is based on the Situational Theories Bass et al. This part is also based on Situational Theories, and is the third side of the leadership model. In this article we will focus on the first question.

The regression indicated that cognition and social cognition predicit "charisma" among leaders with ID. The current findings indicate that unlike people with TD, charisma in leaders with ID does not stem from their emotional clusters but from the cognitive cluster.

Leaders with ID do have charisma, derived from high skills in the cognitive and social clusters.