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meet the author bbc farsi

-Joobin Bekhrad, BBC - 10/24/18 SOFREH: The Art of Persian Celebration is a journey in words and images through Meet The Author: CYRUS KADIVAR. As with so many blogs, it reads like an upload of the author's thoughts He started working for the BBC's Farsi edition and other journalistic. Prime MInister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to BBC Persian on Thursday PM Netanyahu's Remarks at Weekly Cabinet Meeting - 12/8/ .. J.K. Rowling takes on 'anti-Semite' fellow author in Twitter spat over Corbyn.

Dreams of a forgotten childhood in Shiraz - Author Cyrus Kadivar gives us a fascinating account of the last days of Pahlavi rule in Iran in his new book, "Farewell Shiraz: An Iranian Memoir of Revolution and Exile. Interior Design in Iran - Book Presentation by Lena Spath - Author Lena Spath has captured the beauty, intricacy, and vibrancy of Iranian interior design in order to showcase its underrated style in her new book Behind Closed Curtains: Interior Design in Iran.

This book is my way to bring the country's history and the stories of its citizens into the homes and the hands of more people.

Shannon Professor of English at the University of Virginia. He is currently writing a book on poetry in a global age. This talk on poetry, art, and East-West translation ranges from ancient Iran to medieval Byzantium and the Abbasid era to modern Iran and Ireland. She is the author of Persepolis, Persepolis 2, Embroideries, Chicken with Plums, and several children's books.

She co-wrote and co-directed the animated feature film version of Persepolis, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. She regularly contributes to magazines and newspapers throughout the world. At sixteen he and his family were uprooted by the revolution.

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He has since worked as a banker, freelance journalist, and political risk consultant and lives in London. Cities, Architecture, Landscapes" Attraverso l'Iran.

meet the author bbc farsi

Manfredi Edizioni in the Italian city Imola is the publisher of the book, which carries materials that Alessandra De Cesaris, Giorgio Di Giorgio and Laura Valeria Ferretti gathered about Iranian architecture during several trips to the country since Haunted by nostalgia for a bygone era, he recalled a protected and idyllic childhood in the fabled city of Shiraz and his coming of age during the Iranian revolution. But there is another side to Helmand, another face.

meet the author bbc farsi

There is agriculture, art, museums, culture. Until recently, he feels, this face was nearly impossible to find.

meet the author bbc farsi

He kept on coming up with this picture of a dog — an Afghan hound! Indeed, his life and his blog are very much a product of it. Fekrat grew up in a religious family in a village in Ghazni province. His childhood, he recalls, was defined by hardship and alienation.

In particular, the young Fekrat strained under the strictures of his father, who once raised his hands to the heavens and called on God to kill his son when he would not pray one evening. But Fekrat has always been strikingly intelligent, erudite, and resourceful. When he was a teenager, he fled to Kabul, then under the control of the Taliban.

Meet The Author - BBC News

A local family took in the refugee and gave him shelter. Soon after, he found life there too onerous — he gives no clear reason why — and joined the peripatetic community of Afghan refugees moving from country to country. While living abroad, Fekrat became a member of this literate and engaged, if disaffected, Afghan expatriate community. He discovered a profound love for poetry and classical music in spite of his lack of higher education — he delightedly describes how he pulled together money to buy compact discs of sonatas, concertos, and religious music in the record stores of Islamabad.

meet the author bbc farsi

Around this time, Fekrat also discovered the online Afghan diaspora. People applying for political asylum in the West, Fekrat says, started to find one another on the Web in Farsi and Pashto chat rooms starting around Fekrat was swept up by the virtual community.

As much as I learned, I became more uninformed," he says, pausing to struggle with his English. Inthe year before the United States invaded Afghanistan, Fekrat contacted two people he found writing articles online in Farsi. They were both native Afghans applying for asylum and living abroad.

In their online correspondence, Fekrat — who had by then returned to his native country — discovered blogging. It was a revelation. It was so easy.

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For me, it was amazing. His first blog, founded inwas an anonymous and sophomoric effort on poetry and music. Reading what he wrote, he felt dissatisfied with his work and changed his subject and pseudonym several times. Nevertheless, Fekrat delighted in expressing his own thoughts and feelings with a level of freedom virtually impossible to find in Taliban- or even U.

Afghan Lord was born. His first post reads, typos and all: The situation that human was killing human, brother killing brother, war lords were killing innocents people and lots of difficulties occurred in Afghan land. What was the reason? Who was responsible for all these? Who was supporting them and armed them to kill each other for nothing?

And what is going on now? To all these categories I will put my pen. I will try regularly post daily from Afghanistan. And it allowed Fekrat to begin speaking to the world.