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The Miss Tennessee Teen USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Kristen Rose (), Morgan Moseley (), Savannah Chrisley ( ); Top. Airwolf is an American television series that ran from until The program centers on a high-tech military helicopter, code named Airwolf, and its crew. The Bella Twins are a professional wrestling tag team who perform on WWE and consist of twin From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .. Prior to working with WWE, the twins appeared on Meet My Folks. Brie appeared alongside Paige, Natalya, and the Chrisley family on the 88th Academy Awards edition of E!.

He takes every case given to him by Lassiter and Juliet with a polite, optimistic attitude, despite both Lassiter and Jules finding said case to be menial. Shawn gives him a "little boy cat" that is actually a girl cat that once helped him solve a case in season one. In "Shawn Gets the Yips", McNab is severely injured when a bomb goes off in his mailbox while he is getting his mail. Later in the episode, he returns to work with a severe concussion and on crutches, remarking to Shawn and Gus that he had lost part of three toes, and when Shawn coughs, he immediately begins to go get Shawn a drink of water before being told numerous times that he should rest.

He has occasionally pulled Shawn over for various traffic violations, only to realize that it is him and apologize.

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In the fourth-season finale episode, " Mr. He returns in season five. In season seven, he appears as a male stripper at the hotel where Marlowe has her bachelorette party, attended by both Juliet and the chief.

He is fired by Harris Trout at the end of season seven, but is rehired by Chief Lassiter during season eight. During the series finale, Lassiter's new head detective Betsy Brannigan wants McNab to be her junior detective.

Lassiter is hesitant about this at first because McNab scored so low on the detective's exam, but Branigan insists, and Lassiter finally assents. Madeleine Spencer Cybill Shepherd is a police psychologist who is Shawn's mother and Henry's ex-wife. In the episode "Ghosts", she tells Lassiter that she has eidetic tonal memory, which is like Shawn's photographic memory but with sound.

She also appears in "Murder? She was portrayed over-the-shoulder by a different actress in "Shawn and Gus of the Dead". Psych is partially inspired by the s hit TV series Moonlightingin which Shepherd plays the lead character, and Madeleine Spencer was made to symbolically "give birth" to the lead character of Psych. She first appears in "Murder?

However, she returns in the episode "Mr. After being kidnapped by Yin and saved by Shawn, she tells him she does not like danger and breaks up with him after the two share a final kiss. Winnie Guster Phylicia Rashad is Gus' mother. She later appears in "Nightmare on State Street" in one of Gus' nightmares.

She returns after a decade-long absence to target Shawn in her deadly game of cat-and-mouse. In the season-four finale, "Mr.

She seemed to have a deeper connection to Shawn, as the last scene of "Mr. Her help is enlisted again by Shawn and Gus in "Yang 3 in 2D", the fifth season's finale, in which it is revealed that she is actually Yin's daughter. She later returns in " Psych: The Musical ", in which she is stabbed to death by the eventual murderer. Mary Lightly Jimmi Simpson was a department psychologist who was an expert on Mr. He first appeared in "An Evening with Mr. Yang" and later in "Mr.

He was stabbed to death in the season-four finale by Yin while bravely trying to capture him alone. He appears on videotape in "Yang 3 in 2D", as well as in an after-death sequence in "Psych: The Musical" and "Psych: Woody the Coroner Kurt Fuller is a police coroner with whom Shawn shares a mutual respect. His wife cheats on him with multiple men, some of whom he has approved. He is also apparently wanted in the Philippines.

He first appeared in "High Top Fade Out". The Movieafter Woody loses his position as head coroner in Santa Barbara, he is hired to assist the head coroner in San Francisco, where he reunites with Chief Vick, Juliet, Shawn, Gus, and Henry, and prominently features in the events of the movie.

meet the chrisleys wikipedia free

Yin Christopher Turner, Peter Weller was a serial killer who was actually responsible for the Yang murders. He is also Yang's father. He first appeared in "Mr. Pierre Despereaux Cary Elwes is an extremely elusive Canadian art thief, first appearing in "Extradition: When Shawn and Gus travel to Canada on a ski trip, they end up catching him; however, he, in fact, is revealed to be simply an insurance fraudster.

Despereaux returned in "Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part", in which he was accused of multiple murders after his escape from prison; he is later cleared of the murder charges and finally extradited to the United States.

meet the chrisleys wikipedia free

He claims Pierre Despereaux was created as an elaborate undercover operation, although Shawn and Gus are divided over whether this is the truth or part of an even bigger con. Declan Rand Nestor Carbonell is a rich criminal profiler so good at his job that he poses a threat to Shawn.

He turns out to be a fake criminal profiler and knows that Shawn is not a real psychic. He briefly becomes Juliet's boyfriend. His first appearance was in "Shawn 2. He is considered a fake, just like Shawn.

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He is compared to Shawn in a few ways, like the fact that both their fathers taught them about the fields in which they are working. Marlowe Viccellio Kristy Swanson is a woman Lassiter meets and later marries. After meeting Lassiter, it is discovered that she has been stealing blood to help her dying brother, and she is sent to prison.

Despite this, her relationship with Lassiter continues, and they eventually marry. In season seven, after being released from prison, Lassiter and she tie the knot and later have a baby girl. Curt Smith himself is a British singer best known for his work in the band Tears for Fears.

He first appeared in the episode "Shawn 2. He later performs while intoxicated at the wedding of a friend of Shawn and Gus. In the episode " Clues", Curt is hired to perform at an elusive party to which Shawn and Gus are invited.

However, he is shot in the diaphragm as he arrives. In the same episode, he is attacked and presumably eaten by a panther. When the administrator of the local hospital asks him to treat the town's less fortunate, he finds himself walking the line between doing well for himself and doing good for others. Cast and characters[ edit ] Main characters[ edit ] Mark Feuerstein as Dr.

When he saves someone's life during a trip to the Hamptons, he accepts an offer from Boris, a German businessman, to remain as a " concierge doctor " in the resort community.

meet the chrisleys wikipedia free

He usually attends to wealthy clientele, but also others in need of care and often without the means to pay. According to the episode "Keeping the Faith", he and his brother are Jewish. Evan's job is to promote the HankMed business, at times using strategies that Hank finds inappropriate or too commercial. At the end of season 4, he gets married to Paige, the adopted daughter of a wealthy, conservative military man who is running for the United States Congress.

When Boris buys Hampton Heritage in Season 7, he becomes a member of the board and the hospital's Acting Administrator. Jill works with Hank to open a small clinic while running the local community hospital. In the fourth season, she leaves the Hamptons to do relief work in Africa.

Reshma Shetty as Divya Katdare, Hank's physician assistant.

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She joins the team early and is invaluable to Hank. She initially has to keep her medical career a secret from her parents. Forced by her parents into an arranged betrothal to a childhood friend, she has finally broken free of their control and is living on her own.

As of season 6, Divya has a daughter named Sashi, but is involved in a bitter custody dispute with Sashi's father Rafa. Paige is the daughter of a wealthy, conservative former military officer with political aspirations who does not think Evan is good enough for his daughter. Paige and Evan meet when she hires him to play her pretend boyfriend, but their pretend relationship soon blossoms into a real one. In the season 4 episode "Who's Your Daddy? Campbell Scott as Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz seasons ; recurring, seasons 1—3,a wealthy and titled German businessman who offers Hank and Evan his guest house, and is Hank's first client.

Boris has a genetic disease he is determined will die with him, and which he fights with equal determination, often by seeking rare or risky treatments. Used to getting what he wants, Boris has a rigid code of conduct, which can at times put him at odds with Hank.

In season 3 he has a son, Carlos with his wife Marissa. In Season 6, he buys Hampton Heritage, stating that he intends to settle permanently in the Hamptons, and convinces Hank, Evan, Divya and Jeremiah to become members of the hospital's Board of Directors but has a secret agenda.

Ben Shenkman as Dr. Jeremiah Sacani season 5—8; recurring, season 4[1] was hired by Evan to be Hank's replacement during Evan and Hank's temporary halt to their business partnership; Sacani stayed on when Hank and Evan made peace.

He is an accomplished researcher and excellent at his work, although he has an awkward bedside manner because of his limited social skills. Sacani is an heir to a vast fortune.