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meet the hutterites fake people

Hutterites (German: Hutterer), also called Hutterian Brethren (German: Hutterische Brüder), are . When the Hutterites left Transylvania, their number was down to 67 people. .. people use computers, photos, and the internet for keeping in contact with their friends, relatives and meeting new people outside the colony. The King Colony, the subject of the series “American Colony: Meet the many Hutterites oppose since they perceive that the young people who do get to a hospital, the victim of a supposed heart attack, was entirely fake. Several other problems with the show. the fake accents the people of the In the end, American Colony: Meet The Hutterites is a fake show.

The NGC apparently exploited this legitimate debate among the Hutterites themselves.

meet the hutterites fake people

Another colony member, Claudia Hofer, released a statement indicating that most of the scenes in which she appeared were staged. Wesley Hofer, another, said in his statement that an episode during which he was rushed to a hospital, the victim of a supposed heart attack, was entirely fake.

meet the hutterites fake people

Collins, the producer, denied that he created false story lines. He believes that the statements by the colony members have all been prompted by their elders, who are pressuring them to disavow the show.


An interesting running commentary on all this is provided by Alan Mairson, a journalist and former National Geographic staff member. Among the many documents that Mr.

meet the hutterites fake people

Mairson has posted in his blog are copies of statements written by members of the King Colony themselves. Outsiders may not be in a position of making firm judgments on this matter, but the 20 signed statementstaken as a whole, present a powerful indictment of the NGC.

Meet the Hutterites: Are statements from cast simply a case of 'buyer's remorse?'

A few of them can be quoted briefly to indicate the depth of anger at the colony. We love the way our dresses look and we will not wear ourselves another way. Several of the letters expressed regret about going to a bar in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta. Another Hutterite, Pamela Hofer, expressed her regret at participating at all in the series.

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She writes that she was asked to leave her normal working duties to be a part of staged scenes. Kristie Hofer was most disappointed by her perception that the show neglected the real daily lives of the Hutterites.

Perhaps the National Geographic Channel did decide that the realities of life in the colony were somewhat dull. Hutterites, who arrived in North America from Russia in the s, often grow their own food, sew their own clothes and build their own homes. Everything from meals to housing is provided, and members are expected to work and adhere to the faith.

Inriled by proposed legislation to make same-sex marriage legal in Canada, Hutterite leaders voiced their opposition in an unprecedented public stand.

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It was soon after that Hofer began realising he might be gay. On the colony, where many feared to even use the word gay, the concept of a gay Hutterite simply did not exist.

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Increasingly it seemed his sexual identity was at odds with the expectations around marriage on the colony. As he settled into a new life in Calgary, eventually finding success as a photographerhe began learning the basics of life off the colony.

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Within a few months of leaving the colony, Hofer came out on Facebook. Almost all of his friends online were Hutterites; some sent him messages of hate and disgust, others quoted passages from the Bible to condemn him.

meet the hutterites fake people

It was exactly what Hofer was expecting. Today Hofer runs a support group on Facebook for gay Hutterites. The closed group counts some 26 members, including some who continue to live in colonies and constantly fear being found out.