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meet the odd engies fond

I grew fond of the post-midnight strolls contemplating the still water and the carved Here I met some of the Chinese poets and artists invited to this 11th year celebrating No wan color, no herky-jerky sputtering or odd engine sounds. That was until he met a tender engine at a scrapyard named Barry. Barry is an Bear was one of the engines that he wasn't too fond of seeing. We have to go to engies Kwik trip or a&aw .. Alcohol and parks seem like an odd combination .. I would be nice, but probably out of of my financial reach.

Controller Metfel then arrived with a few Repair Drones in tow and another Engi platform who was carrying a remote control. An hour later, the shield system and the teleporter were installed and linked up to the reactor core. Metfel went to examine the hardware herself, before she remarked that she should be on all boarding expeditions because of her status as a combat platform.

Slocknaw sighed and went to check on Charlie. The Human was waiting by the airlock until the Nesasio parted from the station. Our mission is to get the intel to Federation Command. The drone briefly glowed purple before collapsing to the ground, scattering parts everywhere. It would have held no interest to the Engies so Metfel immediately deduced the system was clear before spinning up the FTL drive and then running a system scan. Just as the drive was nearly fully charged, a distress signal started broadcasting from an Engi space station in orbit of the planet.

We are moving to assist. A Mantis Fighter was darting around the structure and taking potshots at it with a flak cannon. Whether it was for fun or for profit, it did not matter. Intruder alarms were set off as the Mantis warriors scrambled for the nearest blast doors, which just happened to be leading to the Engine Room.

Charlie could hear their claws and energy blades tearing at the metal, trying to pry the doors open. He nervously drew his pistol and took cover behind a pylon near the door. You made a last stand?

The Legendary Mantis Thief Kakasomething spared my life though. Elizabeth briefly contemplated what that might have entailed. Mantises preferred live prey for laying their larvae in as it promised them a fresh food source and gave them a taste for blood.

The victim was left alive until the very end.

6th Annual Saxxy Awards

But now, prepare yourself! She assailed the Mantis warriors with a shower of lightning, searing their chitinous hides and stunning one of them.

The other warrior hissed and charged for the Zoltan. Easy prey for my claws! The pipe crackled with lightning as she wielded it like a quarterstaff. The Mantis leapt straight at her with claws reinforced by energy blades. She gracefully moved out of the way and smacked the insect in its side, knocking it over.

The warrior recovered quickly and raised its claws again, being a bit more cautious and annoyed at how difficult the Zoltan was being.

meet the odd engies fond

I send you to your pathetic eye god! Somehow, the pipe was not cut into pieces and instead knocked the claws aside with the sheer force behind a solid object. She went to attack the other intruder only to hear several shots from a laser pistol next to her.

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The other Mantis gave out a screech as it died while Charlie stood there, gun in hand. His hands were shaking nervously despite his stern expression. We know how they fight and have reflexes that can match them blow for blow. We once had to fight off pirates with only a loaf of bread for a weapon. Charlie did not know what possessed Metfel to do such a thing as ram another vessel instead of just shooting it but it worked and allowed for easier salvage.

Metfel had to be talked down from leaving it attached to the nose as a symbol of conquest. Expected probability of defeat without assistance Request suitable reward" the Engi station hailed back.


State 2 for weapon. State 3 for drone schematic. Re-establishment of Federation highest import. Transmitting hidden base coordinates. Slung underneath the hauler was a massive gun of sorts with two stabilising rails leading to a circular focusing structure at the top. Metfel gave out a series of chirps and whistles.

The lights on the sides changed from yellow to purple. Then the station Engi continued as if nothing had happened. Then if required, destruction permitted.

A Glimpse: Mann vs Mutation [Odd Engies]

Overlapping with distress beacon messages. It docked with the Nesasio and unloaded the Glaive Beam into the cargo hold. An Engi Bomber jumped into the system while Metfel went to examine the cargo. A minute later, the space station self-destructed, sending debris flying everywhere. Metfel ran back for the helm and opened communications, wondering what the ship just did.

Suddenly his visor glowed brighter. Unknown source now known. Viral software detected in databanks. Harbouring fugitive considered crime. As far as she knew, asking for the self-destruction of her own ship was quite rude. Performed scans on computers before departing! Destruction of hardware and software through extreme temperatures.

Will immediately purge system code! Only option to be certain. Why is there an Engi vessel planning on attacking us? Those brutes will only accept your destruction even if I am purged. You have to fight! I can help you!

meet the odd engies fond

Just give me a chance to explain myself! Moody and possessing a mysterious darkness, it establishes the tone of the LP. After an unstable beginning, balance settles in through the statement of the melody.

Maintaining a minor key, first full-length cut "Kingdom Come" continues to exhibit moodiness, though it does so with an electrifying groove and alluring sounds.

The brevity of "Kingdom Come" both packs a punch and feels just right in length. The Latin-soul groove of "One Life to Live" definitely highlights the cut. An electrifying flute solo Zakari Frantz doesn't hurt the cause either, definitely part of the Latin-jazz idiom. Dark, shifting piano chords further set up the enigma, until upright bass Philippe Charbonneau establishes stability with another irresistible groove.

Unsurprisingly, after all instruments settle in on the head, "As the Crow Flies" reveals itself as an excellent song for soloing.

Sounding like the perfect instrumental background for any soul singer, "Black Orchid" easily gets the foot tapping and the head nodding. The orchestrations are brilliant, not to mention the magnificent featured vibe and tenor sax solos. Follow-up cut "Agoya" definitely has a mean bite and sass about it, driven by the infectiousness of its Latin groove.

Manic and energetic are perfect adjectives to describe this standout. The pacing of "East Flows the River" feels natural, never pushing too fast to reach its climax. After taking time to establish itself, Steve Patterson solos yearningly on tenor, giving the horn a human-like voice. The pianistic and vibe role in the "rhythmic machine" of the groove definitely stand out as notable instrumental features.