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Marco's Redemption by Lynda Chance

the sims meet marco

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Or to have zero points in neat, seven points in outgoing, five points each in active and playful, and eight points in nice. Motives Motives are basically the needs of your sims. There are eight motives, each one representing a necessity of sim survival.

If you do not satisfy these needs, your sims will become hungry, lethargic, dirty, and eventually wither away and degenerate into moody, depressed shells of themselves. Meet these needs and they'll be in bright spirits and more apt to obey the commands you issue them. In short, meeting a sim's motives makes him or her happy. And a happy sim is an obedient sim. So what are the motives?

They are hunger, hygiene, energy, social, comfort, bladder, fun, and room. If all your motive bars are above 50 percent, your sim will be in a good mood. If a majority of bars are in the red, and some are completely depleted, your sim will be in a foul mood.

Being in a bad mood means the sim is less likely to respond positively to social interaction--he or she might be mean to others when talking--and will be passed over for promotions at work.

So clearly, being in a bad mood is, well, bad. Also, if a particular motive is being completely ignored, your sim might satisfy it at the worst possible time, like peeing while trying to put the moves on a possible sweetheart, or falling asleep while making dinner. In all cases, endeavor to keep all your motives more green than red, and try not to let them fall too far down. There is a hierarchy of importance in the eight motives.

Some are critical, while others are not. Hunger and energy are vital to your sim's existence. Starve them and they will die. Deplete their energy and they will fall asleep and be unable to perform the simplest of tasks. Next in importance are social and fun. These two motives impact your sim's mood heavily all other motives do too, but these two are critical to mood. If they are low, your sims will be depressed and in a bad mood. If your sim is in a bad mood, he or she won't get promoted, won't perform well in social interactions, and will refuse to do any work to improve skills, such as working out, practicing speeches, or painting.

The other four motives are less important, but they're still something you must keep on top of. Make sure your sim's comfort is high, although if you satisfy energy by sleeping, you'll also meet your comfort need. Hygiene and bladder need to be satisfied because they'll not only drag down your mood, but other sims will also be put off by your smell, and a full bladder will result in lots of messes on the floor.

Finally, room is a motive that isn't important by itself, but affects the other seven motives. If your room score is high, your sim feels better, is in a better mood, and therefore is more likely to perform better at fulfilling all the other motives.

So now let's run through each motive individually. Hunger Make sure you have at least two points in cooking so you don't set fire to the house when making a meal. This motive is very important, but it's easy to meet and doesn't require as much constant attention as the other motives.

It does degrade quickly over the course of the day, without any other action on your sim's part. To fulfill this motive, you need to eat. First, though, you need adequate cooking skill.

If you have zero cooking skill, you will set fire to your kitchen. Even a score of one cooking will lead to the occasional fire. So make sure you study two or three points in the cooking skill at the bookcase before you begin making meals.

Don't even try to feed your sim using the microwave, toaster oven, or grill. They are terribly inefficient. Spend your money on quality kitchen appliances instead.

If you go with the best fridge, the Freeze Secret, you get eight hunger points. A food processor adds two more while cutting down cooking time. And the high-end range, the Pyrotorre Gas Range, adds seven hunger, for 17 total hunger points satisfied.

One meal prepared with these three items will fill up your hunger bar and keep you going for the day. If you can't afford these items, go with the refrigerator one step below that, the Llamark, and swap in the cheaper range the Dialectric.

You'll need two meals, or a meal and a snack, to fill up your hunger bar, but the trio of fridge, processor, and range is the only solution.

Even the cheapest fridge is still better than the barbecue grill or the cheap microwave. If you want to do it in 24 Sim hours, here's how. Buy a rose 99 simoleons and borrow simoleons off Mom. As soon as you have done all the goals you are ready to move out. Into the dirtiest house any Sim has ever seen. Upgrade your abode from 34, simoleons to 35, simoleonsClean up the place, Fix the broken objects, Get promoted to level 2 and 3, Move out.

Quite easy This place is a total dump. First of all it looks pretty clean and everything - only a few pieces of trash in some places. But then you venture to get a bite. And you almost faint. The place burned down a bit so there is tons of ash - with smoke - almost everywhere outside. To get promoted you will have to get rid of it. You can either sweep it up takes ages or cover it with wall much quicker. Tidy up the spills in the bathroom first and unclog the toilet.

Your Sim will automatically need to use the toilet so unclogging it would be great. Then clean the fish tank and repair the PC. That's the most easiest thing to repair.

Now you can either repair the espresso machine, which would be useful, or tidy up the trash, which would also be useful. Once you have tidied everything up - minus the ash - repair the TV and sell it for the simoleon one. If your Sim has the Musician job, you can study creative. It's a good idea to go to work the first time if you have the Musician job. It comes pretty soon but if you cover up the ash with wall you'll get promoted anyway so it's a good idea. Getting promoted in this level is easy because you nearly always get promoted - except when you need some skills or are in a terrible mood.

Selling both the back doors reduces burglars stealing anything though they usually go for the aroma machine. Turn on the aroma machine when you are napping or watching TV or getting some skills in the living room. It gives a lot of Fun, Comfort and Energy.

If you need Social Dudley usually co-operates and will talk to you nicely. Don't bother inviting him. He'll come, tell you a hint AKA Fix these things now or else and then leave.

Mom will always come straight away but don't bother telling her jokes. She hates them all. Upgrading is one of the hardest parts of this level. Unless you're rich of course. If you sell any plants or anything it will be a little bit harder. But as soon as you've done your last goal, Dudley comes around and you both climb into his car and zoom off to his house. Even if you're in your pyjamas. So - welcome to the world of Party Animals. Throw a raging party, Get promoted to levels 4 and 5, Upgrade your abode from 53, simoleons to 54, simoleonsMove out with a friend.

Quite hard First of all it's wise to make Dudley or Mimi a friend. You will have Mimi if your Sim is female or Dudley if your Sim is male I forgot to tell you this but depending on your Sim's sex, Mimi or Dudley will have visited you in Reality Bites, as well. This will help your family friends status. Dudley can make other family friends for you but you will lose all of them once you move out if you haven't made them a family friend too. Decide who you want to move out with and get Dudley to ring that Sim up whilst your Sim serves.

Dudley will only cook burgers but I don't make him cook at all because it takes so long to tidy up all of the burger plates. Hire a maid to tidy up all the mess which will appear after the parties. Make the person you want to move out with be a family friend with you and then you don't need to worry when you throw your last party. Again, not hiring a gardener would be easier because Dudley can water the plants and that will give him something to do. Buy a treadmill if your Sim will need a lot of body skill.

If you got three creativity skill points in Reality Bites or Mom's House already, your Sim can get on with making family friends his or her self.

Don't expect Dudley to do much. He's just like Mom but he won't cook his own meals. He will make the beds and hire people and things like that but he won't tidy up the dishes or anything. Use him to entertain at the parties and to turn on the TV and stereo. Here are tips on how to throw good parties. Most of the guests just like to eat the food and then it will be a Raging Party. After everyone has had at least one plate of food get Dudley in the hot tub and make three people join him.

If the party is successful and you are in a good mood, the whole deal should go well and you should be able to move out with your roommate. So finally you will be able to leave Dudley's "home". Sorry this one was short but hardly anything happens in it so I couldn't make it too long.

It's time to move out,with a much better roommate, to Hot to Trot. Throw a raging party, Upgrade your abode from 46, simoleons to 48, simoleonsGet promoted to levels 6 and 7, Try to score with a party guest.

Girls - Cat-eye sunglasses Debbie P. Girls - Ethnic "Genie" blouse Candy P. Girls - Tiger-striped skirt May P.

the sims meet marco

Guys - Striped sweater Randy P. Guys - Sunglasses Woody P. Guys - "Extreme" orange lightning bolt sunglasses Ziggy P. First, choose your spouse and get your roommate to ring that Sim up. You work on your skills. Finally you have a roommate who will actually clean up and cook! This is actually one of the best levels because you don't have to do all the work. You don't need to hire a maid or a gardener if you don't want to but now it doesn't really matter whether you get a gardener or not.

If you give your roommate a job, a gardener and maid would be a good idea because both of your Sims will hardly have any time to tidy up the house. As long as your roommate doesn't get in the way of your Sim you will be OK. This saves your Sim a lot of time. Make friends with your spouse-to-be as again this saves time at the party. For the first party, make your Sim or your roommate serve two plates of food at least.

This will be enough at the beginning. If you have done all the objectives and are ready to marry someone at the same time, wait until the party is raging and then try to score with your spouse-to-be. As long as you don't need to do any more objectives and you aren't in a terrible mood it will work the first time.

Getting promoted isn't too easy any more because you have been promoted for a number of times. You will have to get more skill building things, like a mirror or a treadmill. Treadmills are always better than the exercise machine. Taking the first day of work off is good because on the first day you arrive make friends with your spouse- to-be.

On the second day when you take a day off work on your skills. Making friends with anyone makes your Sim very tired so get a good night's sleep and the next day you can work on your skills. But remember that this won't work if your job comes on the first day. You can't take another day off. Upgrading in this house is easier than in any other. As long as you don't sell anything, you can buy paintings until you have bought 20, simoleons worth of decorations.

As soon as you have got promoted two times and thrown a raging party, try to score. You can upgrade your abode before or during the parties. As soon as you kiss your spouse-to-be your Sim will propose and then they both will get married. Malcolm will give you the money which he owed you and then your Sim and your Sim's spouse is off to their new house.

The Sims - Walkthrough

Upgrade your abode from 69, simoleons to 73, simoleons Get promoted to levels 8 and 9, Have two babies, Keep kids in school, Look after the babies. Quite hard The first thing you should do is sort out your house. The best room for the kids is the one with the yellow wallpaper, but you can make it any room you like. After you have sorted out your house get your first baby. Mom will come round to say hi and to say how pleased she is that you're married now. Just kiss your spouse and a baby will appear.

You could always wait a day and a baby will appear automatically after a day but it's faster to just kiss or get play in bed or in the heart hot tub.

The Sims - Walkthrough

If you do it now, on the day the bills come your kid will grow up. Looking after the babies is the hardest objective in the level. Make your spouse feed and sing to the baby. Playing never works with the baby so try to avoid this. Three or more is still better though because their meals will be much better. Then make your spouse serve so your Sim won't starve. If you keep the first baby in the adult's bedroom then you have to be prepared for both of your Sims to wake up.

If one of your Sims is suffering AKA has hardly any motives wake up the one who is in a better mood to feed and sing to the baby. If both of your Sims are in bad moods wake up the one with more energy. Finally after three days of mayhem, the baby will grow up into a child. Make the child sociate with a free parent. If neither of the parents are free make the child study. Now your first child is grown up you can put the next baby into the kid's room. The easiest way to get your next kid is to wait until it comes automatically.

In short, you'll try anything, the crazier, the better. Swim under the surface of a frozen lake, leap between rooftops with a bicycle, beat a train to a crossing, juggle a chainsaw while whistling "Dixie.

Body skills are critical here; nutrition and fatigue must be carefully monitored at home. You might invest in home gym equipment as well, to keep in the best shape possible. Hope your body skills are sufficient - to advance here, your paying riders need to have confidence in your strength. Never know when you might have some boat repairs to do, so mechanical aptitude is a plus.

the sims meet marco

Strategies for winning can be helped by developing your logic skill. Since you're burning mega-calories, learning a few cooking tricks is a good idea, too. And you'd better be in great physical shape in case you can't get out the same way you got in. Of course, the danger does yield high pay. Mechanical and creativity skills will be important - a failure in your ascent gear or strategy could be devastating.

Work time is divided between taking photos and writing articles at the Sim Times newspaper office. You need to make sure you allow enough time to write without social distractions, in order to meet deadlines and collect a nice, fat fee. Maybe you should practice charisma. Who knows when you may be called upon to narrate your photos?

You need friends in the right places to secure all those permits. Hone that creative talent to get an edge in the search. It is important that you leave home in a good mood with high spirits - you'll drive your best race that way. Playing an Electronic Arts racing game on your home computer might sharpen your reflexes, too.

To survive this highly lucrative business, you must keep yourself in top mental and physical condition. Spies are also irresistible - which can cause problems with your mate. Musician How do they make that beautiful music? Maybe you might want to think about finding out. You'll start out with some pretty lousy gigs, but in the end, you will get paid a lot of money, and isn't that what we all want?

Musician Level 1 - Subway Musician Simoleons are sparse and the looks from passers-by are harsh, but the hours are great. Plus, isn't contributing music to SimCitizens' commutes a community service?

Longer hours, but the work is still relatively easy, though it requires a good ear and plenty of listening. The pay is a bit better, and you have to start being more creative, too, but you'll get to hob-nob with the rich and famous while they sip their champagne.

You'll sleep days now, since you'll be working until the last call is made and the last patron stumbles home from the bar. Long hours are exhausting, but you're having fun and making the right contacts. You will need plenty of body skills, but maybe something cushy will present itself soon. Dress casual, practice often, play hard, have fun, and start to make a name for yourself. Spending time around all these recording label producers and executives is bound to pay off, if you play your cards right.

Make sure you schmooze all the right people in addition to delivering a perfect performance every day. Congrats, you're now living every teenager's dream. Sleep is a rarity, power lunches are common, shades are almost mandatory outside your own home, and people mob you for autographs almost everywhere you go.

Use your fame and power to promote the causes you care most about, whether they be political, environmental, social, or intellectual. The hours are easier, the extra pay is almost inconsequential, you're so wealthy, and the Heads of State now send you engraved invitations to their fundraisers.

Slacker Short hours, but some pretty cool jobs. This is for the lazy people who want to be handed a large sum of money, for doing absolutely nothing, but you may want to think about a different job, or employing the other family members. Slacker Level 1 - Golf Caddy What could be better than spending your sunny days carrying someone else's clubs for a round of 18?

Early morning tee times call for early work hours, but it's a terrific opportunity to schmooze with the wealthy at the local country club. Besides, all of you friends can hang out at the store late in the evening and read all the comics while you pretend to work. Like, remember to be all hip and stuff and work on your charisma. Be sure to load up on sunscreen, too!

While you'll need to boost your Charisma to keep this cushy job, there's no easier way to get paid to listen to all your favorite music all day long. Those contacts you made record store certainly paid off - now you're spinning tunes at the best parties at town. Late nights and lots of mechanical skills are needed to keep those turntables spinnin'.

the sims meet marco

Good thing you're a night owl. Seeing all the blunders those mega-stars make when filming. Making them to look good can help you to make friends, though you'll want to concentrate on making plenty of them yourself - never hurts to know the right people when you're looking to just be comfortable. Go everywhere, see everything, take gorgeous pics on someone else's dime, and look good doing it. It's a free-and-easy way to live, but requires lots of travel, as well as the connections to finance it.

Point out all the best places to newcomers, and keep your friends connected to all the great places you visited when you were a lowly photographer. Those who learn the most from you learn to love you best, and may eventually invite you into their inner circle. Living the good life, partying and living at someone else's house, surrounded by more artificial friends than the best politicians in town. Enjoy it while you can If you have an additional strategy to beating a mission, or I gave wrong information, email me.

This is the main event. This is the almighty quest mode. Six ferocious levels of intense sim action. Okay, so they're not that hard, but they are very fun. Take your time, and enjoy the levels, except for the third one. You start out as some guy, or girl, living in your mom's house. You'll have to move out of that house, and become the king of parties.

It'll all make sense soon enough. Money From Mom This is the first level in the game, and the easiest. I strongly recommend that you build your stats here, because you will not be required to go to work, but then again, the guitar is pretty cool. You start in a little country cottage, and living with your mom. Your sim mom is not like most other moms. When was the last time your mom refused to flush the toilet? How many times has your mom eaten a bag of potato chips, and then throw it on the floor?

But, she can cook. Make her build gnomes or paint for some extra simoleans. There are a lot of ways to do this. If you choose to sell something, be sure to buy it back so Mom doesn't get mad when you leave.

While technically there is no limit to how much money Mom will let you borrow, she will stop giving you money if you have too much money.

Make Dinner without Starting a Fire- All you need to do is either make dinner or serve dinner. First, you need to get at least one cooking point. I recommend two, but you can do it with one. If you start a fire, Mom will tell you to stop playing with fire, and you will need to get another cooking point or try again. Get at least one mech point. Again, I recommend two. IF you get electrocuted, it means you need another mech point. If you don't have enough mechanical points, you will be electrocuted, but you will not die, because you're still on the first level.

Get a Job- You need to complete all of the other goals before you can do this. Just read the newspaper, and select "Find a Job". Make sure your mood is high, or your character will refuse. Pay the Bills- This only appears if you haven't beaten this level by the time the bills come. She may give you money to pay the bills, but this shouldn't be hard.

Just click on the mailbox, click on the bills, and you have lost money. Unlockables Aroma Machine- Cook your first dinner. Easy Treadmill- Get a job Difficulty: Reality Bites Reality truly does bite. Once you move out of mom's place, you will come into this Clean it up and fix everything, and it is a pretty cool pad.

Try your luck at painting to make a few extra simoleans, or play on the computer Who laughs like that when they are on the computer? Use this time to build up your stats, especially body. I don't really care for a coat of arms. I have never purchased it, but you might like it. Goals Clean up the place- Just tell him to pick up stuff. I advise you to do this before anything else. Otherwise you will have a hard time keeping your room motive filled up. Just tell him to clean everything up.

You might want to move the trash bins closer to the ashes and trash, so you won't have to waste ten minutes throwing something away. Fix the Broken Stuff- Repair all of the items with smoke coming out of them and unclog the toilet. Do this after you eat, so you will be refreshed.

the sims meet marco

If your mech is high, you will not stop every three seconds to get pissed off and stomp your feet. Upgrade your Abode- They could have named this something else. I honestly had no clue what this meant until I accidentally completed this goal. This just means that you need to increase the value of the house. Just increase the house value from 34, to 35, To do this, all you need to do is buy a lot of stuff.

Try buying a pinball machine, they are neat and they are worth enough to complete this goal. Get promoted to Career Level 2- Go to work in a good mood. You will not need to do anything else, because this is your first job. Make sure you recycle the old newspapers, because they will bring your room down, and maybe cause you to go to work depressed. Get promoted to career level 3- Go to work in a good mood with all your needed stats increased.

Needed stats will be in yellow. Try to miss a day of work so you can spend time building your stats up. By doing this, you can move out quickly. Don't celebrate just yet. Ice Chest- Get promoted to Career level 2 Difficulty: Medium Repairman - Fix all broken objects Difficulty: Easy, but annoying Maid - Clean-up the house Difficulty: Easy, but annoying Coat of Arms - Get through the house in 4 days or less Difficulty: Party Animals After arriving at this house, you will want to leave as soon as possible.

Dudley and Mimi do not do anything. They will not clean up, they will not cook they will grill burgersand they will not build stats. The only things they will do that are helpful are watering the plants and feeding the fish. Thankfully, you only have to live with one of them. The house they live in is pretty cool, but your roommate will start to piss you off in a couple of days.

In my opinion, this is the hardest level, so try to get through this level as fast as possible. Even though Dudley and Mimi will not work out to get the two body points required to get promoted, you can still get the promotion. All you need to do is buy a pool, and let them swim. When they get the two body points, they can get promoted to lifeguard. Do this if you need a few extra simoleans.

Goals Throw a raging party- Before you do this, make sure you have been promoted twice. You should have at least two hot tubs, although I only needed one.

Order a pizza or cook some food, and then throw a party. Make sure the place is clean, and your mood is high. This mission is pretty east, but the cops will come if the party lasts too long. After you see a message saying this party rocks, you will have thrown a raging party.

Upgrade your Abode- You will see this goal a lot from now on. You just have to increase your house value to 54, Just buy a lot of crap, and you should be fine. Try to buy a computer or a Plasma TV to keep your fun high, or try to upgrade your kitchen. Get Promoted to Career Level 4- This isn't hard. Go to work in a good mood, get your needed skills, and make sure you have enough friends. Just don't expect any help from Dudley or Mimi.

The Sims FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox by basho - GameFAQs

Get Promoted to Career Level 5- Good mood, get required stats, and make required friends. I have nothing else to say. Get a Roommate from the party- You need to complete all other goals before you can do this.

Just throw a party, and make sure everyone's mood is high, including yours. Empty your bladder, make sure your relationship is atand pop the question. Make sure you don't do this late at night, or your target will be too tired to accept. Medium Tree Swing- Increase the home value Difficulty: Medium The Motel 2-player - Throw the raging party Difficulty: Easy The Park 2-player - Greet and feed Bobo the bum. Easy Head in Curio Jar- Get through this in eight days or less.

Hot to Trot Now you are finally living with a normal person. You can make your roommate climb the career ladder if you need some extra simoleans.

the sims meet marco

Try to get out of this house quickly, so you can get married. You can also increase your friend count by making your roommate make friends, but do not do this because once you move out, those friends are gone. Your main goal in this level is to get married so you can finally settle down.

You still have to throw a raging party and upgrade your adobe, but that is not hard. Goals Throw a Raging Party- Try to get both required promotions before you do this. Just make sure everyone's in a good mood, and cook a lot of food.

You should have at least two hot tubs to do this. The strip poker table is great. Serve one dinner for you two, and serve another dinner for the guests. You can do this by buying the two hot tubs. Get Promoted to Career Level 6 - This isn't hard. Just do this before you throw a raging party. Get Promoted to Career Level 7 - Same strategy, only a little harder.

Just throw a party or two, make sure everyone's mood is high, have a relationship with a heart and Then, try and score. Do this early so your target won't say no due to fatigue. An easy way to do this is to make sure the person you want to marry already has a relationship of with a heart.

The party will be so loud that your target won't hear your proposal, but will still say yes. Sonic Shower- Get promoted to career level 6. Medium Carving Block- Get promoted to career level 7. Who Loves Ya Baby You are finally married. Now you have to work on getting a functional family, complete with two kids. Raising your kids will be your hardest task, but you cannot forget about your job. You still need to make money for your family. You can instruct your spouse to work, and even climb the career ladder if you want some extra cash.

Now you can take a break from planning parties. You still have to upgrade your adobe, but now you must put all of your effort into raising a family. Try not to stay here too long, or the bills will kill you. Goals Get Married- This only appears if you get a divorce. Chances are, you will never come close to seeing this goal. Just eat together, and make sure your relationship does not go below Also, do not do anything to other people other than talking in front of your spouse.

For example, hugging a girl might not be a good idea if your wife is standing right there. Tickling a guy in front of your husband might not be a good idea either. Upgrade your Abode- Simply increase your home value from 69, to 73, Buy a Meet Marco to keep your fun high. Get Promoted to Career Level 8- You will need a lot of friends for this, but that should be the only hard part.

You should only need like three stats to get promoted. Get Promoted to Career Level 9- If only getting promoted were this easy in real life. Get another friend, all required skills, and go to work in a good mood. If you are successful, a baby will randomly appear. For me, I only needed to get one baby, because a baby just randomly appeared in my bathroom before my Sims did anything.

Take Care of The Baby- When the baby cries, feed it and sing to it. NEVER play with the baby. When I did this, I got a call from Social Services and the baby started to cry louder. This goal could be hard, because you are not allowed to prevent the baby from crying. This will probably be the hardest goal.

The Sims 3 - Star Butterfly & Marco Diaz - The making of Star Butterfly!

Make a separate room for the baby. Since you shouldn't leave the baby alone, this should not be hard. Just make sure that one person is up at all times. Keep Kids in School- Just keep the kids out of military school, and make sure their grades are above D.