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waiting to meet you

Hello all! How would I say 'I can't wait to meet you!' Merci!. Whoever you are, future husband, I can't wait to meet you. I can't wait to tell you my stories and to hear yours. I can't wait to laugh at your baby. Since my children were born I have been waiting to meet you.

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This week I also had a bit of a scare and was bleeding a bit. Luckily I was able to just lay low and it stopped.

waiting to meet you

But it was still enough to give us a bit of a scare! Week 9 — Month 3 This was a super busy week, but for much more fun reasons than the previous week. It was completely remodeled just a couple years ago, and it really is a beautiful facility. Then the next evening we went and toured the Minnesota Birth Center.

We plan to use their midwives for prenatal care visits and then birth at United Hospital with one of these midwives as well. Again, this was another beautiful facility. While we were there we scheduled our 12 week prenatal appointment with them.

On Thursday of this week we had our second ultrasound appointment at CRM. We could not believe how much the baby had changed in two weeks! It actually looked like a baby, not just a blob! It had arm buds and leg buds, and looked like a little gummy bear. We were even able to see it move on the ultrasound which completely blew my mind. Everything looked perfect again, with baby measuring right on target. We also had my blood drawn to see what my estrogen and progesterone levels were at.

The next day they called and informed me that the levels were high enough to show that my body was producing enough of these hormones on its own and I could STOP all my hormone meds!

I was a little nervous, but tried to trust that the doctors know what they are doing, and that my body does too. Good riddance to all of the needles and having to be home at set times to take my meds! Week 11 — Month 3 I ate meat! After 7 years being a pescatarian, I ate meat! So on the way home from work, Grace and I stopped at the grocery store to get some ingredients for dinner. While walking by the deli I saw they had rotisserie chickens.

I went over and smelled them and knew I had to buy one. While walking to the checkout line, I felt like I was doing something naughty and was going to get caught! When we got home, I went to town on that thing. I mean tearing it apart with my hands, and going right for the drumstick. I forgot how delicious meat is. It felt like it was melting in my mouth. I eat meat now. I see this being a regular thing.

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I had already been eating lots of small meals throughout the day because that helped with the morning sickness. But that was more like a chore, and I would kind of have to force myself to eat even though I was feeling like crap.

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So it was kind of strange feeling so hungry pretty much all of the time. During this week I also started to notice a little baby bump peeking out!

waiting to meet you

I feel like myself again! It was really amazing how it just seemed to happen over night. I am so relieved, and hoping it stays this way! This week we decided to tell the world our news!

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The response was completely unbelievable! So many people congratulating us and telling us how happy they are for us.

waiting to meet you

We were so grateful to feel all that love and support. That is one of the benefits to being so open about our whole process. We have this huge community of support around us for the hard times and the good times. We are so thankful for that. This was how I told my co-workers that I was pregnant shout out to Tim Hortons. Once a Canadian, always a Canadian! I just left the box in the kitchen, where the staff frequently check for sweet treats. We had SEEN it at our previous ultrasound, but never heard it until now.

Seriously one of the best sounds I have ever heard.

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When the editor said he'd pay for the first 12 dates, Thomas went ahead. At which point we enter the mind of the modern man on the hunt for a girlfriend - or even a wife. It is quite a spectacle. Take, for example, his date with a girl from Smolensk who keeps bursting into tears from a combination of vodka and homesickness. Bear in mind that this is on page 81, so we have had some time to get used to the workings of Thomas's mind and libido.

Her life seems slightly tragic and she appears to be a little mixed up, but she's got This girl is confusing me. She is weeping again. But what about that arse!?

Thomas eventually acts like a gentleman. Even if that "chiquita" isn't right, the "!?

waiting to meet you

For this is the book's saving grace, the real reason I'm recommending it: Even if the facts are entirely made up, which I do not think is the case, he is certainly frank about his own inner state.

We are not exactly getting a Saul Bellow-like insight into character here, but we are being given a reasonably accurate picture of what it is to be a common or garden heterosexual Englishman experiencing sexual hunger in the 21st century. Like anything scrutinised closely, it can be pretty scary. There were many moments when I thought: Particularly the bit where he finds himself looking at internet porn so much that he actually, as he puts it, wanks himself into hospital.

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There is something bracingly contemporary about the whole thing, though, and not just because of its larky confessional mode.