Left for dead 2 ellis and zoey meet

left for dead 2 ellis and zoey meet

What a terrifying way through the Tunnel of Love brrrrr. 3 lonely Zoeys need some company and well -1 while the other lucky survivor is going. Zoey is one of the four playable Survivors in Left 4 Dead. Bill generally seems to be slightly more emotional when Zoey dies compared to the others. When Ellis meets Zoey and crumbles into tongue-tied, love-struck embarrassment, Zoey . (Spoilers for "The Passing") Ellis is one lovesick puppy for everyone's favorite female Zombie Survivor. Images are L4D2-"The Passing" Ellis/Zoey lines. Ryu Gi Game. Left 4 Dead 2; ; Explore in YouTube Gaming.

Although it may seem that Nick is less caring toward the younger man, he has a soft spot for Ellis, as well; if Ellis dies, Nick will sometimes apologize for his behavior. The only time Ellis is really angered by Nick occurs in an argument over the relative merits of horses for riding or as food.

left for dead 2 ellis and zoey meet

Ellis also may sometimes call the Spitter Nick's mom or his ex-girlfriend. Overall, Ellis sees Nick as a very good friend, as in The Passingwhen he suggests that the two of them get a tattoo with Bros on it or when he responds to Nick's exclamation of "I hate you, Ellis" with "Well I still like you, Nick. Although Rochelle seems to have a more realistic grasp of the situation and often sides with Nick, she never patronizes Ellis and is always patient with him.

Ellis is unfailingly polite toward Rochelle, referring to her with the outdated Miss honorific throughout the first Dead Center chapter.

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Rochelle perceives Ellis as a non-threatening, what-you-see-is-what-you-get character, and this explains why Ellis is the only one who is able to make her laugh. Overall, theirs is a big sister—little brother relationship, and this is why Rochelle stands up to Nick when he picks on Ellis' crush on Zoey and tells Ellis that in order to win Zoey's heart, "You just be your sweet self.

left for dead 2 ellis and zoey meet

Francis Ellis seems to like Francis. He refers to him as a cool guy a number of times and believes he is trustworthy. He takes Rochelle's joke about having respect on him lightheartedly.

He and Francis will even talk about cars and motorcycles until they are stopped by Zoey. Both of them also believe that if there are zombiesthere must also be vampires and mummies. Their only conflict comes over Jimmy Gibbs Jr.

Zoey Ellis has a huge crush on Zoey. He considers it love at first sight. Ellis states that he is a nervous wreck when thinking about Zoey and will even tell the others he wants to marry her.

left for dead 2 ellis and zoey meet

When leaving, Ellis will show sadness at having to leave Zoey and wishes to see her again. On their first encounter when Ellis crumbles into tongue-tied, love-struck embarrassmentshe is never anything other than all business. However, at the end of the campaign, Zoey thaws somewhat and may wistfully wonder if she will ever see Ellis again or whether it would have been a better idea to team up with Ellis' group.

Louis Ellis and Louis get along quite well. Sharing their enthusiasm and optimistic attitudes, they are quick to wish each other the best. Louis finds Ellis funny when Francis and Nick begin to argue. Louis also feels Ellis will definitely make it to New Orleans, praising him as he leaves. Quotes and Captions See: The logo on his T-shirt is a "Bullshifters" logo. Correspondence with the developers led to an email reply [13] from Andrea Wickland, the person responsible for the design.

The backstory behind the T-shirt spawns from Ellis' love for trucks. We came up with the idea that Ellis and a group of his high school buddies started up their own truck club, which may or may not still exist, and named themselves the Bullshifters with a logo to boot. A play on words, if you hadn't already guessed: Valve's genius writer Erik Wolpaw gets all the credit for that one.

As for the art, Big Daddy Roth is the influence. He's an artist that is notorious for his motorhead appeal.

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His style was the obvious one for the shirt design. According to one of his lines upon obtaining a KatanaEllis took karate lessons. In early designs for Ellis, his cap has the Cross of Saint George on it, this may indicate that at one point in his design stage, he was to be English rather than American.

Ellis' tattoo on his right arm resembles Lewis' tattoo, a character in the game, Primal, on his right arm. Ellis is the only character to hold a Pistol or Magnum with one hand. Coach and Rochelle also do this when their health is below 40, but this is due to them being in pain or tired.

left for dead 2 ellis and zoey meet

Ellis is apparently a Roman Catholic. This is assumed because of his remark about Nick's suit: At my first Holy Communion in second grade. The Episcopal faith also believes in the sacrament of Holy Communion, and the Episcopal Church has a significant membership in the South, including Savannah, Georgia. The Anglican church also carries out a similar proceedure to the communion called Eucharist.

Ellis has many stories to share, most involving his friend Keith in his almost fatal accidents. However, one story he tells in The Mall involves another friend of his, Dave. He tells no other story about him. Usually after getting hit Ellis stops talking, but on rare occasions he won't stop, resulting in hilarious effects such as Ellis getting hit with a Tank's rock and still telling his stories about him and Keith.

Ellis' line "Die, die, my darlings, die, die, die! Ellis has apparently been interested in firearms since a very young age, according to one of his lines when picking up an assault rifle: He has also claimed to learn how to shoot a gun before he could walk. Ellis used to run an auto repair shop together with his friends before the outbreak.

They were also in a band in which Ellis played bass. She also seems to reciprocate by caring about his well-being at all times. The Sacrifice comic exposes the underlying strength of Zoey and Bill's relationship when he willingly sacrifices himself to keep Zoey and the other Survivors safe.

However for a while before this event, Zoey is estranged from Bill when she is shocked by how easily he left the Doctor, Jeff, and Annie to die back at Millhaven.

She questions his motives and harbors doubts about the trust she has placed in him. She accuses Bill of being capable of cold-heartedly leaving his companions in the lurch if it suited his selfish interests, a charge that taciturn Bill is unable to refute in words. However, Francis has the insight to explain to Zoey that Bill does these things for the right reasons: While not altogether swayed, she finally understands how much Bill cared for her and the others through the act of sacrificing his life to give them a chance to escape from a land overrun with Infected.

Thereafter Zoey takes up Bill's principle of "We look after our own". Since they cannot save everyone, the Survivors must save themselves: She rarely speaks of it and takes on an uncharacteristically serious demeanor when she does so.

Her aggressive and abrupt way of dealing with the Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors also hints at an innately warm-hearted young woman's struggle to cope with Bill's demise, the guilt she may be experiencing in relation to the events leading up to it; all on top of post-combat stress.

left for dead 2 ellis and zoey meet

Her tone is also notably more commanding and assertive than at any other time previously and this, together with the deference displayed by Louis and Francis, suggests that she has at least partially occupied a team leadership role in the immediate aftermath of Bill's death.

Francis Originally Valve intended Zoey and Francis to have a romantic attraction but this was deemed to be "distracting" by play-testers and was subsequently removed. Nevertheless elements of this nascent relationship are evident since she often pokes gentle fun at Francis and plays off his tough but gauche I hate On the other hand she finds it cute that Francis, despite his tough guy persona, still has "that side of him" when he flirts back with Rochelle.

Louis Zoey tends to tease him from time to time. She becomes a little more emotional when he dies. If Zoey sacrifices herself in The Sacrificeshe will tell Louis that he was always a friend.