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meet chatham house

The Chatham House website helpfully has a page devoted to the Rule and the way they put it is: When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under. They also announced the December edition of the Chatham House Journal of Cyber Policy, produced in partnership with the . Meet us at Mozfest. The latest Tweets from Chatham House (@ChathamHouse). The Royal Institute of International Affairs. Promoting independent thinking and hosting informed.

What do you say about a ‘Chatham House’ rules meeting?

Curtis had long been an advocate for the scientific study of international affairs and, following the beneficial exchange of information after the peace conference, argued that the method of expert analysis and debate should be continued when the delegates returned home in the form of international institute.

The British Institute of International Affairs, as it was then known, held its inaugural meeting, chaired by Robert Cecilon 5 July In this, former Foreign Secretary Edward Grey moved the resolution calling the institute into existence: Balfour and John R.

Clynesbecame the first Presidents of the Institute, with Curtis and G.

meet chatham house

Gathorne—Hardy appointed joint Honorary Secretaries. LeonardChatham House, Number 10 St. James's Squarewhere the Institute is still housed.

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The journal, International Affairswas launched in Januaryallowing for the international circulation of the various reports and discussions which took place within the Institute.

Macadam was able to secure funding to expand the physical plant of the Institute by acquiring the freeholds of 6 Duke of York Street, then called York Street, largely though the generosity of Waldorf AstorJohn Power and others and later 9 St James's Square, then the Portland Clubin through a donation to cover its purchase by Henry Priceand connect these adjoining properties to the original freehold property of Chatham House at 10, St James Square with the cost of these connections covered by Astor's sons, William, David and John.

The Chatham House Rule - it's use and background

Power also donated his leasehold property in Chesham Place to the Institute in These additional properties provided much needed additional space for the Institute's activities. The group, which included leading economists such as John Maynard Keynesconducted a three-year study into the developing economic issues which the post-war international monetary settlement created.

The talk was attended by members making it the Institute's largest meeting up to that point. In Norman Angellwhilst working within the Institute's Council, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his book The Great Illusionmaking him the first and only Laureate to be awarded the prize for publishing a book.

Chatham House Rule

Held roughly every five years, the conference provided a forum for leading politicians, lawyers, academics and others to discuss the implications of recent Imperial Conferences. Throughout the war years the Institute worked closely with the Foreign Office who requested various reports on foreign press, historical and political background of the enemy and various other topics.

meet chatham house

What are the benefits of using the Rule? It allows people to speak as individuals, and to express views that may not be those of their organizations, and therefore it encourages free discussion.

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People usually feel more relaxed if they don't have to worry about their reputation or the implications if they are publicly quoted. How is the Rule enforced? The organisation applying the rule can take disciplinary action against one of its members who breaks the Rule. Not all organisations that use the Rule have sanctions.

meet chatham house

The Rule depends for its success on being seen as morally binding although the Continuity Forum will not hesitate to act on any breaches.

Is the Rule used for all meetings of political organisations? However it is common practice that only particular senior officers of a party or organisation will be authorised to disclose any details of a party meeting to the media.

Often large meetings or regular General Meetings tend to be more open about what has been discussed.

meet chatham house

By contrast, confidentiality will tend to apply to executive meetings, campaign planning meetings, or meetings where work in progress is discussed, or meetings where the subject matter is otherwise politically sensitive. Often it is wise to apply the Rule when a controversial guest speaker is invited such as a politicianin return for them speaking candidly.

Who uses the Rule these days? It is widely used throughout the world: Historical Background The Chatham House Rule was devised by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, an independent organisation which promotes research and discussion on international affairs.

meet chatham house

Who was the Earl of Chatham? William Pitt the Elder was a Whig who vigorously campaigned for war against other imperial powers in order to expand Britain's trade interests.

He is credited by some with the creation of the British Empire, but his disregard for the costs of his military campaigns cost him political support at home and abroad. The Earl of Chatham's rule created the conditions for the American bid for independence.