Megadeth meet greet

MEGADETH VIP Meet & Greet Oslo Spektrum, June 5th - Megadeth

megadeth meet greet

We grabbed our overnight bag and headed down to the Megadeth Boot VIP packages offer backstage meet-and-greet opportunities, and. Photos of Dave Mustaine's meet & greet on July 2, at Jungle Jim's to celebrate the release of Megadeth's new beer, À Tout Le Monde. @Megadeth. Connect . VIP Meet & Greet + Side Stage Packages are now available for European summer & North American fall shows.

During the meet-and-greet, please be polite and don't monopolize Megadeth's time so everyone will get the chance to speak to Megadeth. Please no personal cameras and individual photos - This takes away from meet-and-greet time and is discourteous to Megadeth. If you use a personal camera you will be asked to put it away and if you use it again you will be asked to leave You will receive directions with your tickets and pass the night of the show. If you are late arriving for the backstage line up you may miss the backstage opportunity.

If it is felt you are intoxicated or otherwise acting without regard, you may be removed from the venue and not permitted to participate in the backstage experience. Is the Platinum ticket photo with a group of fans or indivdually?

megadeth meet greet

The photo is individual. How do I get the photo? We use a professional camera and will give you a URL link to pickup your high resolution, print quality photo days after the show. Yes, but you are limited to only one item to be autographed. What name do you use for ticket pickup at the venue? Make sure they match the picture ID of the person picking up the tickets.

What forms of payment do you accept? -

For ticket purchases we only accept credit cards. How quickly do I have to complete my purchase? Once the ticket has been added to your cart you are free to continue shopping for Megadeth merchandise.

The ticket will remain in your shopping cart for 15 minutes after the last item has been added to your cart. Tickets - Location of seats? The exact location of the seats is not known until tickets are shipped as we do not receive the tickets until just before they are shipped to you.

We secure in advance blocks of premium tickets. They are assigned on a first come first serve basis. So the first orders in will get the best seats.

megadeth meet greet

By not releasing the exact seat location at the time of purchase we cut down the possibility of ticket brokers purchasing the seats that Megadeth has made available for his fans. What if the venue is General Admission? Megadeth has arranged for all Gold and Platinum Package holders that have tickets that are General Admission to gain early entry into the venue.

Photos: Dave Mustaine (of Megadeth) Meet & Greet - CincyMusic

Please be sure you have your laminate as this will identify you for early entry. Entry will typically be minutes before the public enters, this can vary by venue. Please lineup near the front door, you will receive specific instructions at that time.

Do I need to arrive early? You will be sent details on the pickup weeks prior to the show. Do I park anywhere special? No Please check individual product descriptions to see if parking is included.

megadeth meet greet

Please check with the venue. Is there a age limit for attending the concert or taking part in the Platinum package?

There are no age restrictions for the concert or the Platinum package, children are welcome. This may vary by venue, please check ticket description before purchasing. Do the prices of the Platinum packages include the ticket? Yes the price listed includes the ticket. When will I actually receive the tickets? You can pickup the Platinum tickets and laminates the night of the show at the venue box office.

When do you ship tickets for international orders? For all international orders for US shows we will hold your ticket at the venue's box office the night of the show for you to pickup.

Instructions on how to pickup your tickets will be mailed to you. Tickets for shows outside the US will be shipped.

Can I resell them?

Megadeth - Gigantour 2013 - Meet & Greet - Clarkston, MI

No Are these tickets better than I can buy at TicketMaster or the venue? Although rare there are some seats that do open up do to production changes that may be of the same quality as Megadeth's tickets. There is no guarantee that if you get tickets through another outlet they will be better quality then ours. How do I cancel if I can't attend?

Megadeth Tickets

If I give sell them to someone else, how do they pick up the tickets? Will I get to sit there for all acts? You should check with the venue regarding photography questions. Will I get to meet Megadeth? Beer Tasting with Unibroue feat. The Master Brewer Unibroue beer tasting and history of the brew on-site with Jerry, the master brewer and Dave.

Learn about the history and passion behind Ellefson Coffee Co. Acoustic Performance and Campfire Stories with Megadeth Sit around an amazing campfire and listen to stories from the road with the man that lived them!

Symphony of Destruction Workshop Not only learn how to play the world famous Megadeth hit but, learn from the men that wrote it!

megadeth meet greet

Wine Tasting with Dave Mustaine Travel to an off-site Winery with Dave Mustaine to learn the history behind his vineyard, the passion behind the wine brand and enjoy an amazing tasting of Mustaine's own wine blends. Drum Clinic Learn the perfect practice regimen, double bass patterns, and more! Guitar Clinic Learn tips, tricks and scales teaching you how to be more accomplished in metal.

Dave Mustaine Autographed Performance Guitar + Meet & Greet Package

Bass Clinic Learn tips, tricks and scales teaching you how to be more accomplished in metal. Guitar Maintenance and Repair Workshop Hands on workshop, designed for guitar owners, guitar techs, guitar dealers, and budding luthiers.

Learn introductory skills and techniques used by professional techs and repairers to keep guitars in a good condition and playing their best!

Jamming Grounds Get together with your new friends from the weekend to jam out on your own time! Megadeth Trivia night hosted by Jose Mangin Participate in a Megadeth specific trivia game to win exclusive prizes!