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Explore Callie Dun's board "Shatterstar" on Pinterest. Memes, Image, Norman Jayden, Posts, Saggitarius, Vaseline, Oblivion, Ramones, Street Photography. Two for Tuesday Topic Father and Son uh father is the son, father father's his father. Weird story Longshot is a clone of Shatterstar but. Shatterstar (Gaveedra-Seven) is a fictional mutant superhero appearing in American comic Spiral brought Cable, Shatterstar, Longshot (who was Shatterstar's ally on Mojoworld), and the X-Force member Rictor and Shatterstar's relationship experiences conflict because Shatterstar—who now feels romantic and sexual.

Was Shatterstar just a delusion somehow cooked up by Russell's mind? If so, then how did he get to Mojoworld? And what were Spiral and Gamesmaster's involvement? This plot thread concluded with a dying Shatterstar having his life essence transferred into the comatose body of Benjamin Russell Shatterstar's origin would not be revisited until almost twenty years later, in To begin, the origin is accurate — Shatterstar is the biologically conceived son of Longshot and Alison Blaire.

From his mother's side, this means Shatterstar is half-human, half-mutant, half-American. From his father, he is also one of the Wildways Bipeds. Thanks to a time loop, however, Shatterstar's involvement with his own family tree goes deeper. While time traveling into the past of Mojoworld, Shatterstar was studied by Arize, his unique genetic profile mapped and extrapolated in Arize's work.

Based on samples taken from Shatterstar, Arize created the Biped known as Longshot. So Shatterstar was naturally fathered by a man who was created based on Shatterstar's genetic material. In other words, he's his own grandpappy.


So who is Benjamin Russell? Unfortunately, this aspect of Shatterstar's history was not addressed in X-Factor 1st seriesleaving us only with speculation. The two men were identical, instantly recognizable as the same person to anyone who saw them both.

A freak coincidence just doesn't meet the facts as they were presented. It's possible he orchestrated the events surrounding "Russell" for his own amusement, to play with Shatterstar's mind.

This would require an enormous effort and use of his powers, though. That Earth's Shatterstar had been killed as well. He was found by that Earth's rebel forces, including Cable and some others he knew from X-Force.

Together, they eventually defeated Spiral.

Gaveedra Seven (Mojoverse)

Shatterstar agreed, but first Cable wanted him to train with monks on Mount Xixabangma. After those monks were killed by Skornn's worshipers, Shatterstar was reunited with his old team and they eventually killed the Skornn. They took the escapees to a secret base provided to them by Captain America via Nick Fury.

They decided to investigate further, hoping to find the whereabouts of Madrox Prime. Upon meeting Father Maddox, a masked man crashed through the window with swords ablaze.

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After a brief battle, the attacker was revealed to be Shatterstar, possessed by Cortex. Doom for a while. Bolivar Trask 's Mutant Response Division. Rictor, having finally come to terms with his sexual identity, wanted a stable monogamous relationship with Shatterstar.

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Shatterstar, on the other hand, found himself interested in a more open relationships which would allow him to explore other sexual possibilities. The two resolved that they would work things out, and proceeded to make up both emotionally and physically. However, before they could get very far, the two were interrupted when a pregnant Wolfsbane barged in.

Although Wolfsbane was actually pregnant with Hrimhari 's child, she led Shatterstar and the others to believe Rictor was the father.

Wolfsbane's son, Tier, was being tracked independently by both Darwin and Vanora but Shatterstar and Rictor were able to fight off attacks from both, and Tier escaped unharmed with his mother. The Hell Lords vied to gain overall control by killing Tier, and X-Factor fought their demon armies to protect him. When Shatterstar attacked Mephisto to free Tier from a magical prison, Mephisto seemingly vaporised him, before doing the same to Rictor.

Shatterstar was again brainwashed into attacking Rictor - this time in a televised gladiatorial battle. Rictor managed to incapacitate Shatterstar, before escaping the arena with help from Mojoverse rebels, including the Longshot of this era.

Whilst he was unconscious, Shatterstar was brought to Arizewho cloned him and used his some of his DNA to create Longshot. Shatterstar awoke in time to use his powers to escape an attack by Mojo and Spiraland Shatterstar transported them forward in time.

In this new time period, Rictor came across Dazzler giving birth to Shatterstar as a baby.