When you meet that special someone meme

15 Memes About Dating That Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

when you meet that special someone meme

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You're not really sure what else to do.

when you meet that special someone meme

You want to stay hopeful because you know that not having hope is pretty much the same as giving up and that's not really in the cards for you. The struggle is real. Oh, how you wish that was the case.

But there's this thing called dates being canceled and that happens to you quite a bit. Yup, it's exactly as enjoyable as it sounds. So instead, you realize that you have absolutely no love life to speak of, and sometimes it's like no matter how hard you try to change that fact, there's literally nothing you can do. This is your life. And this meme is equally funny and sad because you can relate to it just so much.

After all, you definitely have to get out of your pajamas every once in a while and try meeting other human beings out there in the real, actual world. If you don't ever go on dates or even go places where you think that other single guys your age are going to be, then you will be totally alone forever. How could you not be? It's not like your Prince Charming is going to appear in front of your very eyes and you just did absolutely noting to make that happen. So the next time that you wish you could stay home instead of going on another first date, remember this meme and remember that you should definitely go.

You may not even be going on any physical dates because, well, those don't always happen.

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People don't always want to meet you and that's totally fine. Online dating is enough for them. That kind of sucks. You always get excited when you get a match, whether you end up talking to this person or even meeting them or not. You just think it's cool every single time.

You can really relate to it and it's like you have been waiting for this exact meme your entire dating career. You hate going on dates because, well, they usually are anything but fun.

You don't enjoy yourself, you can't always be yourself, and you're usually more bored than you want to admit. You hate Valentine's Day because everyone knows it is "Singles-Awareness-Day" and no one really wants to be reminded on a holiday that they are single.

And often you may feel as if you may never find someone and that you will be alone forever. Sometimes, being single just sucks and sometimes it is the best thing ever.

It really is your choice-- there are so many things that every single girl can relate to and to make things even better, we have put together 15 memes that every single girl can relate to-- take a look: Now, this may sound as if someone just went through a bad break up, but it actually does not have to be like that. Truth is, some women who are single enjoy sitting by themselves watching Netflix and all their favorite television shows and movies.

Sometimes it is nice to just have "Me" time. Does not mean though that every single girl enjoys watching Netflix alone all the time, but every once in awhile-- it isn't so bad.

when you meet that special someone meme

And often, a lot of women who are single like to revel in their own time. No one to answer to, no one to interrupt their show because they keep asking too many questions. Granted, it can get a little lonely but it isn't such a bad thing. And a lot of women enjoy it, and most single women can definitely relate to binge watching Netflix as if it is their job. It does not make it easy when you are sitting there and a couple in the background is sucking face.

In fact, who wouldn't want to drown their loneliness in a giant chocolate chip cookie? Many single women can relate to this meme-- it is a clear definition of how some single people view their love life. Especially if they keep going on bad date after bad date and they wound up seeing couples everywhere. It could definitely put a damper on anyone's night, day, or life in general. No one wants to be reminded that their love life isn't really existing and seeing couples just gives you more of a reason to not want to be alone.

But being single isn't so bad-- as long as you learn to avoid those couples that enjoy PDA as if it is their last meal. Speaking of last meals, that chocolate chip cookie doesn't look so bad either.


Too bad her facial expression makes the single life seem unbearable-- good thing she has that cookie. Seriously, though, how come Beyonce has this perfect life and all in love and all those single women can't even find a guy they like. Seems a little unfair don't you think? And so we started out singing "all the single ladies" as if it was our anthem-- as if we were proud, independent women and then we started going through all of Beyonce's songs and realizing that she has been "drunk in love", "Dangerously in love" and "Crazy in love" and a single woman can barely find somebody to love.

when you meet that special someone meme

There are plenty of men out there but to find one you are actually into is harder than most people like to believe. Such as, the moment you are single or perhaps you have been single for quite some time, either way, you want to spin it-- being single means you don't really have to worry what anyone else is or isn't doing. And for that, you may actually sleep a lot better than you ever thought you could.

Knowing that someone isn't out there cheating on you is probably the greatest feeling any single girl will ever feel.

when you meet that special someone meme