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meet bill movie poster

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Suffering many humiliations, including a penile comparison to an acorn, Bill seeks solstice in a doughnut franchise that he views as an escape from his mundane life.

meet bill movie poster

As a preachy didactic about going after what one "wants" in life, Meet Billis a relatively successful yarn. The music cues at appropriate times to let the audience know when to laugh and when to reflect on Bill's personal discoveries. They come at convenient moments, lending a believable if formulaic character arc.

The problem is that the comedy isn't funny and the drama isn't particularly moving or inspiring. Given that Walkerwas on for 9 seasons seriouslyMeet Bill should please a less discerning and easily entertained crowd.

Adding some much needed dignity to the film, Aaron Eckhart delivers a typically strong performance as a self-deprecating cornball. He captures the essence of a slow and unremarkable man quite well, unafraid to look weak and unattractive. His transformation is believable and he brings some much-needed humanity to a relatively uninteresting character.

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It isn't easy to identify with the rich and disenfranchised, but Eckhart does his best to engage the viewer. Also strong is Elizabeth Banks who seems to enjoy playing a trashy and emotionally disengaged love interest. Many actresses would have tried to make this character more likable, but Banks appears unafraid to come off as a nasty bitch.

It's actually quite commendable and refreshing. Individual viewers will attach meaning to it based on their own abilities to identify with a middle-aged man who no longer finds security in his inflated bank account. Before a hunting trip with his in-laws and the students they are all mentoring, he places a hidden camera in his and Jess' bedroom, and learns that his wife is having an affair with Chip. In a rage, he shows her the camera, the two argue causing Jess to seek Chip and tell him about the tape, where Bill ends up beating him up on live TV and is arrested.

After the sex tape has been taken in by the police and viewed, they later find that it circulates the bank and local community, furthering Bill and Jess' embarrassment, particularly concerning Jess' offensive comments to Chip about Bill, their sex life and his penis size.

Meet Bill Movie Review

Jess fears the video could ruin her father's mayoral bid and tries to conceal the news of her affair and the video from him.

Bill's brother Craig Bierko bails him out of jail, and Bill stays at the home of his brother and his husband Reed Diamond.

meet bill movie poster

He gets into a fight about the sex tape with his wife, and the two of them go to Chip's house. Chips makes rude comments to Jess, and Bill then beats up Chip again and it's once again broadcast by the local TV station, which labels Bill as Chip's "deranged fan.

Bill moves in with Sargeant Craig Bierkohis successful older brother. Sargeant's boyfriend Paul Reed Diamond encourages Bill to take up swimming, a former pastime of Bill's.

meet bill movie poster

He starts doing so and it helps clear his mind. He continues mentoring the Kid, who sees the best in Bill, and the Kid devises a plan to win back Bill's wife. Introducing the lingerie salesgirl Lucy Jessica Albahe makes it appear as if Lucy and Bill are romantically involved to make Jess jealous. Meanwhile, Bill is still trying to get the doughnut franchise, but Jess is required to meet with the owners as co-partner, and so Bill and the Kid have Lucy act as Bill's wife.

Bill slowly begins to get a hand on his life again, cutting his addiction to sweets, losing weight, swimming daily, mentoring the Kid, and trying to win back Jess.

meet bill movie poster

At a family dinner, Bill volunteers to buy the fireworks for the 'club picnic' where his father-in-law intends to announce that he is running for Mayor.

After a fun-filled day, Bill invites the Kid, Lucy, and her friend back to the tent he has set up in his brother's back yard, where he gets very high and has meaningless sex with Lucy's friend. Bill attends the picnic at the golf course. At the picnic, Bill gets too close to his wife and Chip, breaking Chip's restraining order. Chip then promptly has security throw him out of the picnic, which the Whitmans witness.

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Bill tells the Kid to meet him at the back entrance, and while driving his car to the back of the golf course, he gets into a car accident, causing the fireworks to explode early. The Kid comes to his rescue on a golfing cart, takes Bill to the hospital, where Jess shows up, and tells her husband that she's aware of his attempt to purchase the franchise.

They end up discussing their marriage, where Bill reveals his unhappiness and his dislike of their dependence on her father's money and concludes "our lives suck. Seeing what his life has become, he cuts his hair which he despises throughout the film and changes his wardrobe.