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meet the feebles b movie pistols

Movie Poster. Meet the Feebles () There is an extended machine gun massacre scene towards the end where multiple puppets are brutally gunned down. Meet the Feebles, a movie directed by Peter Jackson, is basically the cast of the The Muppets reimagined as depraved, coked-out lunatics. It's a movie . “Braindead and Meet the Feebles were wisely overlooked by the Academy where Heidi massacres fellow cast members with a machine gun. . Richard Scheib, Moria: The Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review (DVD) Meet the Feebles | Peter Jackson Movies – For some reason, a fan.

As in the animal. Barry - Bulldog enforcer for Bletch, a huge spider bites his head off.

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Arthur - The worm, one of the other "nice" guys. FW - The fly, a reporter for the local tabloid out to find dirt on the Feebles. Bletch flushes him down the toilet. Sidney, Sandy, and Baby - Sidney is the elephant, he trains these little furball things. Sandy a chicken is taking him to court for child support, he denies it's his.

She has her head blown off during Heidi's rampage. Of course the dead body runs around. Samantha - Slut cat who has been having an affair with Bletch, loses all nine lives to the machinegun. Dennis - Panty sniffing anteater, he snorts Borax by accident and melts down.

Cedrick and Louie - Warthog and mangy dog, both are drug suppliers who Bletch kills for trying to rip him off. Abi - Indian contortionist whose head gets stuck in his rectum, finally pops it free in time for a bed of nails to fall on his head. The Muppets never acted like this group of miscreants, not that we know of. Possibly the most disturbed puppet show ever filmed and definitely not for kids, of course the machinegun toting hippo on the cover should convey that idea.

Into the harsh world of real life show biz stumbles Wobert, ready for his chance at live theater. Boy is this theater alive, Bletch has managed to hide his affair from Heidi until the cat starts taunting her with it. Heidi really gets upset, retreating to her dressing room and binge eating. Good old Bletch just goes on with his business, planning to replace his main hippo with the slutty Siamese after the television special.

Fortunately for the doe eyed hedgehog, not everyone is corrupt and jaded. He soon falls in love with Lucy and wins her heart with a serenade. There's a bump in the romantic road when Trevor drugs her drink and takes advantage of her Wobert walks inbut in the end they make up.

The same can not be said for Bletch and Heidi, he dumps her in a most humiliating fashion, she then proceeds to go high and to the right. Grabbing an M60 machinegun and massacring everyone in sight high and to the right.

Possibly one of the most amazing scenes in history where you have a hippo walking around and gunning other puppets into hamburger, oh she gets Bletch too.

In a similar fashion Sebastion's "Sodomy Song" and dance routine was totally warped, it's something else, you try watching a gay fox thrust it's pelvis at the camera. All of this accompanied by soft music and stage props which really frightened me. Did I mention the fly sitting in the toilet, on a um, floater? Sebatian clamors this loudly throughout. This apparently includes declaring the whole show a bust on more or less flimsy pretenses without bothering to check audience reactions and hijacking the ostensibly family-friendly affair to sing a song about sodomy.

Heidi, right after Mr. Bletch tossed her aside for Samantha. But then Heidi changes her mind after Samantha walks in and taunts her during a suicide attempt. Earn Your Happy Ending: As seen in the ending montage, the few remaining characters get happy endings, and they had to put up with bullying and narrowly avoiding death in Heidi's massacre to get there.

Robert enunciates his "R"s as "W"s, which leads to Trevor mocking him by calling him "Wobert".

meet the feebles b movie pistols

Even Evil Has Standards: Despite being a crookish manager, even Bletch thinks that Sebastian's infamous song is not the right place for a kid's show Like it is stated in the quote above. Everybody Owns a Morris Minor: Which had been out of production for almost 20 years when the film was made. Bletch's goons versus Cedric's gang. Heidi temporarily turns into a killing monster after suffering a Heroic BSoD. She attempts to kill everybody in the movie, whether they deserved to die or not.

While she kills several cast members who arguably did deserve death, she also murders several characters who are as far as we know, innocent. She eventually comes to her senses during the end of her killing spree. The sex scenes would still be thrashy and unappealing even if they weren't shot with puppets. Bletch; pretty much a given since he's a crooked walrus.

Sid the elephant subverts it by running to the rescue of his infant child at the cost of his kneecaps. Of the surviving characters, Lucille and Robert are the one who play the trope most straight.

Bletch tests the "cocaine" Mr. Big sold him this way, after Dennis already snorted a line and his nose melted off. Then declared it to be Borax. Flashback One to when Heidi and Mr. Bletch met, and one to Wynyard's experience in the Vietnam War. One of the film's many ways to shock the audience is by having its Funny Animal characters do things that their real animal counterparts do - such as Mr.

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Bletch a walrus eating a fish character, F. Fly a fly eating crap out of a toilet on top of that, Harry tries to kill him with bug sprayTrevor the Rat gobbling up the corpses of Sidney the Elephant's dead pets, Harry thinking he's coming down with AIDS after sex with several other rabbits Actually myxomatosisand Robert a hedgehog curling up in a ball when he's feeling shy.

Cedric's mooks are large anthropomorphic crabs. One appears during the showdown between Bletch and Cedric's gangs, killing one of Bletch's goons. Girl with Psycho Weapon: Heidi, who takes the heavy machine gun she was going to kill herself with and goes on a bloody massacre.

Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: Arthur and Bletch provide an amusing contrast during the scene where they share some cigars. You're clearly not supposed to like Bletch, Trevor, Samantha or Sebastian.

You're also not gonna feel sorry when all but one of them is horribly murdered. Bletch cruelly fires her from the Feebles in favor of his mistress, Samantha. Heidi even tries killing herself, first with a noose and then with one of Bletch's heavy machine guns Once, when Harry learns the doctor made a mistake, he is happy to be alive, only to get gunned down by Heidi moments later. Second, it looks like Heidi might stop massacring people when she sees Seymour being dragged away by Sandy, only to shoot Sandy's head off and leave Seymour splattered with his mother's blood.

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After Robert walks in and ruins the shotMadam Bovine sits on the Masochist, killing him. The Masochist was a weta a type of insect. Sidney and Sandy — an elephant and a chicken, respectively — managed to have a kid, for all Sidney's protests that he's not the father. Of all the lines this film happily crosses, killing off baby Seymour is not one of them.

meet the feebles b movie pistols

Sebastian, especially since a lot of much less Jerkassy characters get slaughtered in the finale. However Sebastian is seen in an eyepatch which implies he lost an eye while trying to escape the rampage. Ironically after Sebastian performed "that song", Bletch orders Trevor to "eliminate the fudgepacker" but Heidi's rampage managed to prevent this. Also Sebastian "enjoys the act of sodomy" but claims God doesn't like the very act yet manages to survive the rampage.

Sebastian surviving Heidi's massacre was a Bait-and-Switch because we see him hiding out in a Rocket launcher carrot used in the act but then the carrot goes off, crashes and explodes, so we're left to assume Sebastian died until The "Where Are They Now?

Bletch and Trevor murder the Fly in the Sky in a brutal, sadistic manner, ripping his wings off one after the other before flushing him down the toilet.

meet the feebles b movie pistols

If the Fly hadn't been such a pesky, invasive Jerk Assthe audience might have felt sorry for him. Bletch and Trevor's murder of F. Harry makes a few attempts to kill The Tabloid Reporter but fails. He had nothing to do with what Bletch and Trevor did and he has no clue about it either, but he would be perfectly happy with it just the same.

The climax, courtesy of Heidi. There are some survivors, though. Wynyard has a knife-throwing act, but has a terrible case of the shakes.

The result is just as bad as you think. Abi over his bed of nails when Sebastian starts yelling at him to get on stage. He falls and hurts himself a bit kind of foreshadowing his later death on the nails when threatened with firing.

Large and in Charge: Bletch manages the Feebles acting troupe, and is one of the biggest characters in the film. Furthermore, there's the aptly-named crime boss Mr. Big, who is some kind of whale. Harry, whose obsession with sex is what leads to his disease.

meet the feebles b movie pistols

Love at First Sight: Robert is smitten with Lucille as soon as he first lays eyes on her. He's a Violent Glaswegian drug-trafficking punk boar, so any business you have with him is bound to be messy. Robert, predicting Walter by a whopping 22 years. The only German in the movie sells cakes and pastries, and Abi, an Indian, is into mysticism and contortion. Let's not get into the Vietnamese No Celebrities Were Harmed: Trevor's voice is an obvious Peter Lorre parody.

And a good one, at that! It's also worth noting that, intentional or otherwise, Trevor is much closer to the menacing villains Lorre often played than most Peter Lorre parodies.

While he still has some cartoony features on top of being a Funny AnimalTrevor is much more realistic looking than most of the other puppets, which makes him even creepier.

And then there's F.

meet the feebles b movie pistols

Fly, whose mouth is the only cartoonish thing about him - he looks just like a real fly, only larger and somehow even more disgusting. Off with His Head! Barry gets his head bitten off by the giant spider. During Heidi's rampage at the end, both Sandy and Harry get their heads blown off. No one has a last name, except for maybe F. The reporter fly that is constantly harassing Harry because of his disease. Although there are porn titles mentioned, none of them spoof actual movie titles.

There is a genuine example, although not with a movie title: Bletch hopes to win the "Hooker Prize", a takeoff on the Booker Prize. Sidney and Sandy's baby, Seymour, has an elephant's head and a chicken's body. When Arthur sees Seymour for the first time, he comments to Sidney that " it's got [Sidney's] eyes ". Bletch mistreats Heidi, he treats Arthur with a fair amount of respect and even offers him a seat next to him and a cigar during the premiere of the show.

Sebastian, who is very demanding and difficult to please, especially with the stress of all of the goings-on combined with the fact that they'll be going on-air that night piling up on him. Subverted to hell and back. Aside from Robert, Lucille, Arthur and — arguably — Seymour, nearly all the animals in this movie are or eventually become ugly, disease ridden, rotten or just generally unpleasant.