Relationship between eu and china

China-EU relations in the new era

relationship between eu and china

EU Trade relations with China. Facts an EU-China investment agreement; the latest available data on investment between the EU and China. year-old EU-China relationship began as a framework of economic cooperation but alternating between Brussels and Beijing. The July The EU and China established formal diplomatic ties in and today EU- China relations encompass regular summit and ministerial.

He also said, "to move our relationship forward, China needs to know more about Europe, and Europe needs to know more about China".

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China's development is good news for Europe and world At the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing last October, the Congress sent a key message that socialism with Chinese features has entered a new era.

In the past decades, China has made it possible for over a billion people to live decent lives.

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In the new era, China will strive to address inadequate and unbalanced development and to improve the quality and effect of development. Bywe will eradicate poverty and establish a moderately prosperous society in all aspects.

relationship between eu and china

This is a society to be enjoyed by everyone. Then we will move toward our goal in two steps. Bywe will basically achieve modernization. By the middle of this century, we will turn China into a great modern country that is strong, prosperous, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful. To achieve these goals, we must work very hard and continue to deepen reform.

We also need a peaceful and stable world, and to work with others with an open mind. What is China going to do in the new era? China is the second largest economy in the world. When China's development is of higher quality, the world will benefit. First, China will achieve high-quality development and bring huge opportunities to the world by transitioning from high-speed growth to high-quality growth.

relationship between eu and china

InChina's economic structure continued to improve. Emerging sectors, like digital economy and new energy, were doing very well. Development has become more cost-efficient, with energy intensity dropping 3.

China will contribute more to global growth.

Backstage: Developing the EU-China relationship amid rising global trade tensions

InChina's economy grew by 6. An encouraging trend is that China's import, which rose by As China's economic structure improves, global recovery will get stronger and global economy will get more balanced. China will contribute more to innovation. China is already a frontrunner in global innovation. With the advances of science and technology, productivity is getting higher; new sources of consumption are emerging; market demand is getting stronger; global economy is getting more robust. China will contribute more to green development.

China is the largest producer and seller of new energy vehicles. We have already started the world's largest emissions trading system. We will continue to promote green and low-carbon development, and grow the economy by using less. We want to protect our environment, and help tackle climate change. Opening-up to the world Forty years ago, China started reform and opening-up. Our past success shows how important opening-up is. We know this better than anyone else.

Without opening-up, China would not have come such a long way in the past 40 years. Similarly, without opening-up, China could hardly turn its great vision into reality in the next 30 years.

relationship between eu and china

We will not be green-eyed to see others take a big share of benefits from China. On the contrary, we welcome them to join us and share the opportunities brought by China's development. We will create a level-playing field for foreign investors and give equal treatment to all enterprises registered in China.

We will improve the management of foreign investment by implementing the system of pre-establishment national treatment plus a negative list across the board. We will expand market access, and not take compulsory transfer of technology as a precondition for market access.

China has taken significant steps to further open up the banking, securities, and insurance sectors.

China-EU relations in the new era

Many similar steps will follow. In terms of trade, we will pursue a more proactive import policy to make trade more balanced.

relationship between eu and china

Last month, China cut tariffs on consumer goods from Later this year, we will hold an international import expo in Shanghai, the first expo devoted to expanding imports in the world. It demonstrates China's readiness to open its market to the outside.

China will continue to advance the Belt and Road initiative. We will work with countries along the routes to synergise development strategies. We will speed up the delivery of major projects, enhance industrial cooperation and cooperation in building innovation capacity, and advance trade and investment liberalisation and facilitation.

Through the Belt and Road initiative, we aim to promote connectivity in policy, infrastructure, trade, finance and people-to-people exchanges.

relationship between eu and china

As from when the second phase of the project was launched other EU member states joined: This project tests safety and security related recommendations of the World Customs Organisation Framework of Standards applied to containers, facilitating the "Customs-to-Customs" data exchange, risk management cooperation, mutual recognition of customs controls and trade partnership programmes.

The trade lanes involving economic operators between 16 maritime ports will undoubtedly facilitate trade between China and EU participating countries as loading and unloading of containers will require less controls and intervention of Customs authorities. There have been some disputes, such as the dispute over textile imports into the EU see below. They also drafted an Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation in which was renewed in with the aim of linking research organisations, industry, universities and individual researchers in specific projects supported by the EU budget.

The Horizon initiative by the European Commission addresses the following areas: China assisted Europe by buying billions of euros' worth of junk Eurozone bonds ; [15] in particular from Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Some analysts suggested China was buying political influence in the EU but China maintains they are building strong trade ties and supporting the European economy so that trade issues can move ahead more smoothly.

The EU and China have finally reached an agreement ending the 'conflict of textiles', which poisoned their relations for several weeks. Both parties the Chinese government on the one hand, European Commission on the other have finally found a deal that appears to end the dispute between Beijing and Brussels.

Under the terms of the agreement, China agreed, in exchange for the release of 80 million items held in European ports, only half of these are deducted from its export quotas for In JanuaryChina again requested that the embargo be removed. France viewed the ban as anachronistic and refused to consider attaching reforms in China as a condition, stating that "China would not accept human rights conditionality.