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A monotonic relationship between 2 variables is a one in which either (1) Figure 1 shows scatterplots with examples of simulated data sampled .. Articles in Google Scholar by Patrick Schober, MD, PhD, MMedStat · Other. in the case of a perfect monotonically increasing relationship (for all forumla . Notice that if X and Y are independent, by the definition of. When evaluating the relationship between two variables, it is important to determine how the variables are related. Linear relationships are most common, but.

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Weak linear relationship Plot 4: Nonlinear relationship The data points in Plot 3 appear to be randomly distributed. They do not fall close to the line indicating a very weak relationship if one exists.

If a relationship between two variables is not linear, the rate of increase or decrease can change as one variable changes, causing a "curved pattern" in the data. This curved trend might be better modeled by a nonlinear function, such as a quadratic or cubic function, or be transformed to make it linear.

Plot 4 shows a strong relationship between two variables. This relationship illustrates why it is important to plot the data in order to explore any relationships that might exist.


Monotonic relationship In a monotonic relationship, the variables tend to move in the same relative direction, but not necessarily at a constant rate. In a linear relationship, the variables move in the same direction at a constant rate.

Plot 5 shows both variables increasing concurrently, but not at the same rate. This relationship is monotonic, but not linear. The Pearson correlation coefficient for these data is 0.

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Linear relationships are also monotonic. However, Spearman's correlation determines the strength and direction of the monotonic relationship between your two variables rather than the strength and direction of the linear relationship between your two variables, which is what Pearson's correlation determines.

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A monotonic relationship is a relationship that does one of the following: Examples of monotonic and non-monotonic relationships are presented in the diagram below: Join the 10,s of students, academics and professionals who rely on Laerd Statistics. Spearman's correlation measures the strength and direction of monotonic association between two variables.

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Monotonicity is "less restrictive" than that of a linear relationship. For example, the middle image above shows a relationship that is monotonic, but not linear. A monotonic relationship is not strictly an assumption of Spearman's correlation. That is, you can run a Spearman's correlation on a non-monotonic relationship to determine if there is a monotonic component to the association.

However, you would normally pick a measure of association, such as Spearman's correlation, that fits the pattern of the observed data.