What is the definition of consensual relationship agreements

what is the definition of consensual relationship agreements

YOU know what a prenuptial agreement is, but did you know there's a similar sort of agreement for when you want to get hot and heavy with. Within an academic environment, the issue of consensual relations deserves special attention. A consensual relationship is one in which two people are engaged by . requiring parties to sign an agreement outlining elements of the resolution. Assuming that the relationship is indeed consensual, a great tool is to require the employees enter a “Consensual Relationship Agreement.

Consequently, every bit of the progress made in the establishment and propulsion of such relationship took place behind the curtain without the consent of the employer who would not only fail to acknowledge such relationships, but also propel his move to retrench viable employees who are caught up in the dating or relationships at the work place.

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There were, however, some due consequences that came as a result of unwarranted relationships that negated the output and created a state of disequilibrium on the parties involved, thus reducing their individual devotion to the respective duties.

Following my past experience, I wish to have a work place with a warranted relationship agreement, acknowledged by both the management and the employees. This would equilibrate the standards of performance and enhance a sense of belonging, where the employees will be motivated by the mere acknowledgement from their immediate management. Indeed, this will eliminate the unwarranted growth of unusual disappointment that various individuals undergo through psychological torture, as a result of unfulfilled promises of their counterparts at the workplace.

Furthermore, it will create a sense of maturity in the parties involved, as the agreement will remain sealed by the respective signatory. Contextual Argument Against CRA In reality, the romantic relationships that develops within the work place and warranted by the authority may adversely affect the performance of the individuals at the work place.

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The consensual agreement tents to emphasize the freedom of the individuals at the work place on matters pertaining to their relationships. Consequently, the individuals may not be in a position to fulfill their signed deals of commitment to their current working conditions and the effect that the established relationship would spark to the other employees in the same environment as far as the entire institution is concerned.

Furthermore, the agreement entered making the two parties sign the deal to persistently behave professionally; this, however, may leave a negative impact, as the two parties may not be in a position to remain tagged to their professional caliber.

Certainly, CRA is an extremely intrusive and ineffective, besides being unnecessary in the various environments of the organizational framework. The passing of the intimacy in the existence of relationship to the employers is an extreme intrusion into the personal life of the employee.

what is the definition of consensual relationship agreements

Besides this, the CRA can be null and void and thus ineffective in that even after signing, the individual can still break it without organization knowing it. Additionally, it is hard, almost impossible to assess the ethical intensity of Consensual Relationship Agreement.

The presence of CRA is therefore an important aspect that would steer the organization towards the accomplishment of the set goals and target, but may be futile to the individual employees.

Indeed, the signing of the policy lead to apical surveillance where the co-workers and the superiors maintain a closer watch at the employee to ensure that no fraud or breach of the agreement occurred. This restricts the individual and minimizes their freedom of movement and interaction. Furthermore, it limits the individual from making own decision as to which direction should they take in their personal life.

Consequently, the extra eye on the employee by fellow colleagues and the superiors distracts them from unveiling their full potential at their places of work.

Besides that, many companies are deficient of any policy in place that warrants such relationship at the place of work. However, many companies today have come up with policies that prohibit the relationships between the supervisors and their subordinate staffs.

what is the definition of consensual relationship agreements

The placements of the CRA, however, acknowledge and detach the subordinate staffs from the relationships they might be in with their seniors. This results from the dynamics at the work places which has been jeopardized as a result of many people being in romantic relationship from the warrant by CRA. The presence of documented proof of the existence of relationships in the workplace eliminates fraud and the resultant sentiments over existing relationships as such is taken care of by the signed proof of its existence in the working environment.

Other than the above mentioned, Consensual Relationship Agreement encourages the sexual harassments, since it is secured by the agreement, but not a warrant for marriage or other conjugal rights for the parties involved. Consequently, majority of the people involved in such relationships at the workplace, sealed by their independent signatures are highly at risk of being sexually abused by their partners from the claims of such warrants.

The existence of the consensual relationship agreement is not a solution to the unwarranted sexual assaults and the general sexual harassment. The parties involved may not only fraud the agreement but also may opt to manipulate the light side of the agreement for selfish gain at the expense of their partners.

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This, therefore, limits the efficiency of the relationship accord. This means that despite its hazardousness, it may result in abuse; the accord is subject to multi-benefits to the parties involved and the organization to which the CRA is based on as opposed to one that overlooks its importance.

Consequently, CRA is a promising way of addressing sexual harassment despite the formidable challenges that it faces due to abuse and partial application in connection to the rule of law. The law enforcement agencies are therefore charged with the responsibility of captivating the social connectivity enshrined within the terms of agreement between individuals for their mutual romance. Indeed, the entire situation depends greatly on the mutual trust and willingness to facilitate future prospects of unity.

Indeed, many individuals who enter into agreements such as the CRA do not end in a multifold anxiety to perpetuate their relationship, but to break instead. Either employee may terminate the relationship at any time without suffering workplace retaliation of any form.

Neither employee will seek or accept a direct supervisory or reporting relationship with the other. The employees will not engage in conduct that could reasonably be regarded by co-workers as favouritism. The employees will behave professionally toward each other at all times, even if the social relationship ends. The employees will not engage in public displays of affection or other inappropriate conduct in the workplace or at work-related functions.

The employees will inform [Employer] immediately if the social relationship ends or if the conduct of the other employee is no longer welcome. Any dispute arising from the social relationship or this agreement will be resolved through arbitration. The employees may consult with an attorney before signing this agreement.

Signed [2 x consenting employees] Insights for Employers Over the course of my twenty-three year legal career, I have provided legal advice and counsel in well over two hundred claims of sexual harassment. In none of those situations did the sexual harassment claim arise out of an office romance where the two employees involved had previously disclosed the romance to the employer.

what is the definition of consensual relationship agreements

To the contrary, the majority of the situations involving a relationship gone awry arose out of an extramarital workplace relationship, which for obvious reasons the employees wished to keep secret.

According to the surveydating a co-worker is a fairly common occurrence, with 39 percent of workers saying they have dated a co-worker at least once during their career. Of those reporting they had dated a co-worker, 35 percent said they kept their romance a secret.