Did you hear about the morgans ending a relationship

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did you hear about the morgans ending a relationship

Leaving the Morgans without any form of security, the Wheelers leave for the in a committed relationship while Paul and Meryl have repaired their marriage. Meryl and Paul must sort out their relationship while their New York City ways bump up With scenes of Manhattan, we hear a man leaving a message on the . What possible reason was there for anyone to make "Did You Hear survive Slapstick Adventures, end up Together at The End. The only part.

The next day, with Vincent in town unbeknownst to them, the Morgans anticipate leaving Ray for a permanent hiding place. The Wheelers invite them to a rodeo, but the Morgans are at loggerheads, so they decline. Leaving the Morgans without any form of security, the Wheelers leave for the rodeo. Vincent tries to attack the house but is accosted by a bear, which gives the Morgans time to escape.

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They flee on horseback to the rodeo to seek help. Vincent follows them to the rodeo, they spot him and hide in a bull suit. However, they end up in the ring with a bull, which then charges them, injuring Meryl.

Meryl, unable to walk, stays hidden from Vincent while Paul impulsively confronts him with a canister of bear repellent spray. Paul accidentally sprays himself in the face, alerting Vincent who then holds Paul at gun-point. The Morgans are rescued by the Wheelers and their new friends from the town.

The bear leaves, and Pauls eyes are sore.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

They take him to the doctor in town. When Paul and the doctor are in the examination room, Meryl sneaks the phone and leaves a message for the adoption agency she was using in New York, and says that circumstances have changed and she might not be in a position to adopt. She tells this to Paul late, and he is surprised she did this after they were separated. She explains that when they couldnt conceive, she was disappointed he didnt mention adopting.

Paul responds by reminding her it was originally his idea to adopt. But, she got so crazed and wired with all the infertility treatments and hormone injections, and that he couldnt talk to her anymore. They talked about his affair-he cheated once, when he was in LA on a business trip. The assistants in New York are going crazy trying to run things at both offices without either Paul or Meryl.

As they talk, Jackie tells Pauls assistant, Adam Jesse Liebman that she had a call from the adoption agency, and she has Meryls phone number from her. The killer gets the phone number from his bugging devices, and starts to find the Morgans in Wyoming. While in Wyoming, Clay and Emma take the Morgans horseback riding, and then for shooting lessons. Meryl does well shooting a tin can, but Paul misses, and bruises his shoulder from the rifle.

When they go back to the doctor again, he asks Meryl for her assistance in selling his mothers home. She looks at a photo of the house, makes some suggestions and agrees to help. She spiffs up the exterior and talks it up to a prospective buyer, and Paul is impressed.

He asks her out on a date, and she says yes. He takes her to the only restaurant in town, Annettes.

did you hear about the morgans ending a relationship

They have a nice dinner, and when they leave, they see the doctor, and he tells them they can take his truck and drive themselves home. They get lost, and pull over to talk about their relationship. Then they head home. Next morning, they go jogging again, and run through town.

By now, they know several people who greet them as they run past. At night, Meryl calls Paul outside; he goes and she shows him all the stars as it is a clear night. They are amazed at how many they can see compared to New York. Meryl quotes Shakespeare, and reminds him it was her wedding vows to him. She asks if he remembers his, and he recites them perfectly.

She asks what came next and he couldnt remember. She says, You may kiss the bride and he says Thats right, and then she repeats. He carries her inside, and back to his room. In the morning, they receive the information that they have 2 days until their permanent, separate sites are ready, and they still havent caught the killer. They talk some more, about wanting children and if they'd be good parents. Meryl needs to talk to Emma but she isnt there, so she talks to Clay.

She tells him that while they were separated, she slept with one man, and wants to know what to do.

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While milking the cows, he says to be gentle, and she agrees. At the Rodeo Dance that night, she tells Paul she doesnt want to go to a separate site; she wants to go with him. He is thrilled, and then she tells him she slept with another man. He leaves the dance, hurt. She follows and tries to explain, but he is too upset to listen, and tells her she probably just did it for revenge. This makes Meryl furious, and they argue. In the morning, they are both crabby and mad, and decide not to go to the Rodeo with Emma and Clay.

They both pack since they are supposed to leave for the new location, and Paul decided to keep the bear repellant spray in his pocket. The killer drives up, and when he walks across the property, the bear comes after him. He takes a shot, and Meryl and Paul hear it. They look and recognize the killer. They lock the doors and Meryl tries to shoot him.

The rifle only held 2 shots, so when it was empty, they run out the back and get on the horse and ride off. They ride to the Rodeo, and look for Clay for help. He is announcing the event, and the killer is looking for them in the stands. They grab the 2-person steer costume, and Meryl is the head and Paul is the back end. She sneezes and the real bull hears, and charges. It knocks them down and Paul is worried Meryl was hurt, but shes ok.

He chases after the killer and tries to spray his face with bear repellant, but mistakenly sprays his own face.

did you hear about the morgans ending a relationship

The killer ahs his gun on Paul, but the Emma, and many townsfolk also surround them with their guns, and then Clay flings a horseshoe at the killer, hitting him in the head. He is arrested and taken away.

Meryl tells Paul that she can't believe he risked his life for her and that she trusts him and loves and forgives him and they kiss. Six months later, we see Meryl and Paul getting off a plane in New York, and they are carrying a tiny Chinese baby, which they have just adopted.