Guide for new christians building a relationship with the lord

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guide for new christians building a relationship with the lord

We would like to encourage you to take our free New Believers Course - " Foundations of the plugged into a local Church, it is important develop a deeper, personal relationship with Christ. "Make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, Get to know others seeking God's guidance and wisdom for life. Learn secrets to thrive in your relationship with with God and how to make Bible May these tips bless you as you begin your journey as a new Christian and. Needless to say, experiencing a relationship with God is a crucial part of the equation. It seems to make sense. in Christ, we receive his forgiveness of our sins and enter into a new relationship with our heavenly Father.

As you see, we must talk and walk with God. Does spiritual fasting also help in drawing close to God? So we fasted and entreated our God for this, and He answered our prayer.

guide for new christians building a relationship with the lord

Fasting is valuable when we are faced with a big problem and we urgently need God's help. Even when we aren't faced with big problems, we should fast occasionally as a special form of worship and to draw closer to God. When you sincerely fast, God is pleased and will help you grow spiritually.

When we meditate on God's ways and His creation, can we learn valuable lessons? As we discussed in Lesson 4 in this series, God has two primary means of revealing Himself to humanity: His written revelation—the Bible—and the evidence of creation.

Creation is fascinating, because we never cease to learn from it and be inspired by it.

guide for new christians building a relationship with the lord

From creation we learn many things about the Creator. Will we be much closer to God if we stay away from bad influences? As God has said: I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you. We often must choose between exposing ourselves to bad influences or surrounding ourselves with good influences including other believers.

God is very displeased when we choose evil or what will lead us toward evil. The mind is like a sponge that will soak up whatever you expose it to, whether good or evil, and what goes in stays in, to a great extent. A computer is a good comparison.

A computer's output depends on what was input. Garbage in, garbage out. God knows our every thought.

Don't allow experiences and thoughts in that you will be ashamed of when you face God. Do materialism and an overly-busy life interfere with relationships? You cannot serve God and mammon [money, materialism]. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Money is not evil, but the love of money is a major root of evil. So, yes, materialism and a super-busy life interfere with all our relationships and especially our relationship with God. They can choke to death our spiritual life like weeds choke to death the life of garden plants.

1. Beginning Your New Life in Christ |

When money and things become overly important to us, they are becoming our gods, which means we are breaking the first of the Ten Commandments by prioritizing them over God. Are satanic and demonic influences a significant danger? Resist him, steadfast in the faith Resist the devil and he will flee from you. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Satan "deceives the whole world" Revelation Satan hates all people, but he especially wants to deceive and destroy anyone trying to obey God. We attract Satan and the demons and become vulnerable to them if we are sinning, dabbling in spiritism or the occult, or letting down spiritually in some other way. And when one walks in the way of the devil, he or she is alienating himself or herself from God. On what is eternal life based? When will it end? If you were to die tonight, how sure are you that you would spend eternity with God?

None of them can be earned. You received them the moment you placed your faith in Christ. Are any of these truths especially meaningful to you right now? Read the verses and record any reflections and responses you may have to what you read.

guide for new christians building a relationship with the lord

In Lesson 1, you have been introduced to the basis of your new relationship with God—faith in Jesus Christ. You have also looked at five truths about your new life in Christ. So, you can now have confidence in your new life with him. Renewing Your Mind with Truth To help you as you are becoming confident, memorize 1 Bible verse during each week. The Bible has been translated into English many times through the past years. If your Bible is a different English translation, you may choose to memorize the verse below from your Bible rather than what is given.

That is perfectly okay. The point is to begin a habit of memorizing Scripture. Work on it a little bit every day. You will be surprised at how soon it just flows from your mind. Make them part of your life as you grow in Christ. Find and read the verses listed beside each truth.

Write observations of what you see and how you feel about the truth in the space given. Thank God that this is now true of you. Knowing these essential truths are critical to our growth in Christ. You have a new life: Spend a few minutes each day reading the verses and reflecting on Jesus—his life, his relationships, and his teaching. As you do so, you will get to know and understand him better—this One who loves you dearly. Tell him what you are thinking.

Day 2 Discover Jesus Read: Reflect on what you read— Day 3 Discover Jesus Read: Reflect on what you read— Day 4 Discover Jesus Read: Reflect on what you read— Day 5 Discover Jesus Read: Building a relationship with Jesus is critically important, Tomeo said, something to which everyone needs to strive. Who better to have a strong relationship with than the one who knows us so intimately because he created us?

Immerse yourself in Scripture: Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. Jerome said, ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ, so reading the Bible daily is a great way to build a relationship with him.

guide for new christians building a relationship with the lord

When we love someone, we want to get to know them better, and reading the Bible is how we can come to know Jesus. Study the Catholic faith: And yet, the wealth of beauty and knowledge in the Church often stays on the literal or figurative shelf. Opening ourselves up to the truth will open us up to Jesus, as he is the way, the truth and the life. Get to know the saints: Sherry Weddell is the executive director and co-founder of the Institute.