Remedies for husband wife relationship

Common Astrological Remedies for Disputes between Husband and Wife | Dr. Prem Gupta

remedies for husband wife relationship

Are you having problems in your marriage life? try this 8 astrology remedies to solve husband wife problems via astrology way. Here are some remedies which love astrology in India suggests for improving husband wife relationship. Best 10 Astro Remedies to Improve Husband-Wife Relationship. The Happiness of Married couple is based on the love, trust, and mutual.

Astrological Remedies for Disputes between Husband and Wife

But the effect is very deep. Because of this, strong and strong relationships sometimes come to the brink of breaking down.

remedies for husband wife relationship

Many a times this strong relationship breaks down easily in the absence of love, trust and understanding. This is free lal kitab remedies for vashikaran of husband.

8 Remedies for Husband Wife Problems - Astro Upay

People, who are running short of money can do these upayas at their place without any cost. This is strong kamdev totka for vashikaran on husband and it works magically without fail. This upay will not only bring angry husband close to you but also make your husband to love and care for you.

So you can bring your husband back easily if there is a divorce situation between you or if he is involving any post marital affairs with any lady.

remedies for husband wife relationship

So to get this homemade remedy you can call or whats app Guruji. He will help you with the best suitable home remedy according to your situation. Because every case is different, so there is a need of horoscope reading that is why you are asked to contact us.

remedies for husband wife relationship

Mantra and totka best suited for you is to be decided after checking the amount of problem, you are facing. Remedy is given according to how bigger your problem is and which mantra will work in your problematic situation. So contact and get your problem solved with free of cost consultation. But sometimes love gets faded in this relation and distances starting increasing which weakens the relationship.

A good husband wife dispute solution is to purchase and wear light fragrance on Friday.

Astrology remedies for improving husband wife relationship

Both the partners have to follow it. Friday is considered to be a sacred day in astrology. You can purchase new garments or start working on your relationship from this day. Refrain from eating anything sour on Friday.

Instead, offer white sweets to the Goddesses and consume it as Prasad.

If you began your conjugal life recently, then wear diamond rings. However, if conflicts still keep on rising, then leave them. Instead, get a gold ring for the wife, while the husband sports a silver ring.

Astrological Remedies for Disputes between Husband and Wife

Meet with a specialist to get customised remedies. Wife should sleep on the left side of the husband.

remedies for husband wife relationship

Also, the couple should use the same pillow. Different pillows should not be used. The color of the bedroom also matters a lot. It must be a light color, either light pink or light green. Yellow or its matching color should not be used. Similarly, dark colors should not be used.

The couple should buy flowers on a Friday.

Mantra for Husband and Wife Good Relationship - Mantrabalam (7th June 2014)

Rose or white flowers must be bought. No other flower apart from that must be bought. These flowers must be kept in the bedroom. Make sure that you keep your head towards south or east direction while sleeping and on the opposite side of that, keep an image of flowing water. Make sure that you do not keep an image of God in your bedroom.