Being stubborn in a relationship quotes

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being stubborn in a relationship quotes

Quotations about human relationships of all types, from The Quote There are days when you need someone who just wants to be your. Being stubborn in a relationship will only get you loneliness. Stubbornness and inability to change in a relationship will get you nothing but lonely. Ever. However, when there are two stubborn people in a relationship, the Realize that sometimes you are going to be wrong, no matter how much.

A collapsed tree had fallen over it, which offered the only visible means of crossing.

being stubborn in a relationship quotes

So with the adults behind me and my brother in front, we set about making it to the other side. Somewhere around the halfway point, Greg slipped and fell into the river.

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Once in the river, I was able to lift him back toward the fallen tree, where Grandpa pulled him the rest of the way up, followed by me. My brother was in trouble, and the last place I wanted to be was out of his reach.

being stubborn in a relationship quotes

Jumping in with him put us both in the same predicament, fighting our way out together—the same as it was when our father died. And Greg more than returned the favor one day, when a kid from the neighborhood pulled a bow and arrow back at pointed it at me.

Our love and courage for one another knew no limits or bounds.

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But like most brothers, we often found ourselves at odds over the most trivial of things. We argued about toys, had screaming matches over who would get to keep the prize from a cereal box, and even punched each other out once over a video game.

Being cut from the same cloth could also mean a mutual stubbornness during disagreements. And though we always seemed to work things out, a day arrived when we would no longer have that luxury. She told me that my brother had been hit head-on by a drunk driver the night before…and was killed instantly. For instance, my husband loves strawberry ice-cream, and I prefer chocolate.

being stubborn in a relationship quotes

He loves action movies while I prefer drama. He hates exercise, and I love it. Are we destined for failure?

being stubborn in a relationship quotes

Sometimes it feels that way. All relationships are going to have problems from time to time.

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Some of those issues are serious, and others are just a fact of life. How do you know the difference between healthy issues and unhealthy issues?

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If you have recently found yourself questioning whether your partner is really your soulmatehere are a few signs that the two of you may actually be incompatible. The Future Looks Different If your partner wants the white picket fence with kids running around in the backyard while you envision a life in the busy city, there may be long-term issues with your relationship.

Being Stubborn Is A Relationship Dealbreaker

If you want marriage and your partner wants something more casual, your relationship may be over already without you even realizing it. There are certain aspects of your future that the two of you must align on if you want to stay happily together.

being stubborn in a relationship quotes

You should agree on marriage, children, and a home base where you will settle. Other things such as vacations, hobbies, and preferred pets can probably be worked out.

When you close your eyes and picture what your future looks like, does it align with what your partner sees? Incompatible goals in a relationship can be a sign of problems that cannot be overcome. It will ultimately come down to whether you can find a middle ground that you can both be happy with in the long run.