State school sports meet in tamilnadu

The Tamilnadu Physical Education vs M/572233.infol Board Of Secondary on 5 November,

state school sports meet in tamilnadu

Many sports are played by the people of Tamil Nadu including both traditional sports and sports Modern day chess is a widely popular game in the state and Tamil Nadu State Chess Association is the apex body for the game of chess in Tamil Nadu. Hockey is one of the popular sports played in schools and colleges. 1; 2; 3. Previous; Next. Athletics Results. Event Meter *State School Power Lifting Championship Results (Girls) · *North Zonal Games (New Game). The ASISC TN Region Athletic meet was held at Saveetha University, Thandalam , on 26th and 27th August The arrangements began the.

One set of writ petitions was filed by the students studying in various schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education for short CBSEchallenging the order, dated By the said order, all the Chief Educational Officers in various Revenue Districts in Tamil Nadu and the Chief Physical Education Inspector GirlsChennai and the Chief Physical Education Inspector BoysChennai were informed that in the admission for various professional courses, certificates obtained in the tournaments conducted by CBSE were not granted marks upto the academic year under the sports quota.

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Therefore, the sports persons from those schools were permitted to participate in the sports conducted by the Tamil Nadu School Education Department from Zonal to National level, i. It was further noted that from the yearcertificates obtained by the sports persons from the tournaments conducted by CBSE Schools were also granted separate marks while considering their names under the eminent sportsmen category. Therefore, it was resolved from the year onwards in the various tournaments conducted by the Tamil Nadu School Education Department, students from the schools affiliated to CBSE will not be permitted and permission granted to them hitherto will stand revoked.

Therefore, all those officials were informed that they should suitably advise their subordinates and must take an appropriate action. The minor children represented by their parents have filed the following writ petitions i. Pending the writ petitions, the writ petitioners sought for an interim direction to permit them to participate in all the sports events and competitions held by the Director of School Education in the State of Tamil Nadu. In most of the cases, this Court granted either stay of the impugned order or an interim direction to participate in those tournaments pending those writ petitions.

On the strength of such interim orders, the petitioner students have participated in the games including Zonal and Regional level. Some of the petitioners were also selected to the national level games. Wherever students did not come to challenge the impugned order personally, the management of those CBSE Schools represented by its Principals have also filed writ petitions for the very same relief being W. In those cases, the writ petitions were admitted and interim stay was also granted by this Court.

In some of the writ petitions, some individual students have filed impleading petition to oppose the grant of the interim order.

The first and second respondents have also filed applications for vacating the interim order. It was the grievance of privately impleaded respondents that while the petitioners studying in the CBSE Schools belonged to an affluent class and they have chances to participate in various sports events and competitions conducted by the CBSE Board from Zonal to National Level in all the team games and individual events, whereas the students studying in the Schools affiliated to State Board were denied such opportunities.

The students studying under the CBSE are a class apart and and denying them participation in the games conducted by the State Board is not discriminatory. By the strength of the interim order, the petitioners students had scored double benefits. The vacate stay petitions filed by the respondent State were supported by counter affidavits filed by the then Director of School Education.

It was stated by him that till the academic yearthe athletics and sports persons studying in various schools affiliated to CBSE and the State of Tamil Nadu were allowed to participate in team games and individual events in the competitions held by the respondents.

Till that year, in the admissions to professional courses, the certificates issued by the CBSE authorities were not taken into consideration under the sports quota.

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But, from the yearthe certificates issued by the CBSE were taken into consideration under the sports quota. It was further stated that since CBSE Board itself conducts competitions and sports meets from Zonal to National level in all team games and individual events, their students can participate in those events, whereas the students, who were sports persons affiliated to various State Board Schools, are not permitted to participated in the events conducted by the CBSE.

Since CBSE students have the advantage of getting sports certificates granted by CBSE which will also be considered for admission to the professional courses, the earlier permission given by the School Education Department was cancelled.

It was also stated that the impugned order, dated The KVS schools also do not permit the State Board students to participate in the sports and games conducted by them. If CBSE students are permitted to participate in the games conducted by the Tamil Nadu School Education Department, then the students from KVS, Navodaya Vidyalaya institutions and other outside State Board syllabus schools will also aspire to participate in those games and that will adversely affect the State Board students.

Therefore, it is not the only mode by which CBSE students can get marks allotted under the sports quota. It was further stated that the merit certificates of different sports competitions were decided by the Anna University, which conducts professional entrance examinations.

state school sports meet in tamilnadu

If the CBSE schools feel that the marks allotted for CBSE events are less than the marks awarded to other tournaments, they should take up the matter with the Anna University and not challenge the impugned order. When these matters were pending for consideration, W.

state school sports meet in tamilnadu

The said association claims to be a registered body with Registration No. In the said writ petition, they made the CBSE as party first and second respondents and the Director of School Education as the third respondent. The prayer of the petitioner Association in that writ petition was for a direction to the CBSE to permit the students belonging to the schools that are affiliated to the State Board of School Education to participate in the sports events and athletic meets conducted by the CBSE.

The said association stated that if the students belonging to the CBSE are permitted to participate in the school games and several competitions, then the students belonging to the State Board also must be allowed reciprocally to participate in the competitions held by the CBSE.

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If the prayer of the other petitioners, i. CBSE students, is allowed, it will give undue advantage to them and they will have two opportunities.

It was stated by them that the attempt by the CBSE not to permit any of the students undergoing school education in various schools affiliated to the State Board is arbitrary and there is no reasonable cause for excluding them. However, in his affidavit, the South Chennai Secretary of the Association had not explained as to how the Physical Directors are interested in making such claims in the absence of either respective schools or students represented by their parents or by the State Government making such claims.

Inter school sports and games at Cluster level, Zonal level and National level, only the CBSE affiliated independent schools can participate. Therefore, they wanted reciprocal gesture for the State Board students to participate in the events conducted by the CBSE.

When the matter came up on Therefore, a direction was given to list those matters, so that a comprehensive order can be passed. Arguments of counsels representing various petitioners and the learned Government Advocates representing State were heard. A perusal of various affidavits filed by the CBSE schools and the students studying under it will show that their desire to seek to participate in the tournaments conducted by the Director of School Education is mainly to have certificate obtained from those tournaments, which may enable them to be considered under the sports quota prescribed for the Tamil Nadu professional courses.

Therefore, this court was also granting directions whenever any petition is filed and most of the students had the benefit of interim orders, which also enable them to go from the cluster level to various levels, including national level.

In view of the interim orders obtained by those petitioners, most of the writ petitions have also practically become infructuous. However, the Principals of Schools affiliated to CBSE, who are petitioners in some writ petitions, have urged that the cases should be disposed of on merits, so that similar issues will not keep coming and their students will be assured of fair treatment in the matter of sports. Before proceeding with the contentions raised, it must be noted that certain provisions of the Constitution will have to be kept in mind.

In this context, it is necessary to refer to Articles 21A, 38, 39F, 51A j and k of the Constitution of India, which is as follows: State to secure a social order for the promotion of welfare of the people- [ 1 ] The State shall strive to promote the welfare of the people by securing and protecting as effectively as it may a social order in which justice, social, economic and political, shall inform all the institutions of the national life.

Certain principles of policy to be followed by the State. Paragraph 15 emphasised the importance of games and sports, which are as follows: Games and sports should be developed on a large scale with the object of improving the physical fitness and sportsmanship of average student as well as of those who excel in this department. Where playing field and other facilities for developing a nation-wide programme of physical education do not exist, these should be provided on a priority basis.

The first Commission which was headed by Professor D. The Commission in paragraphs 8. As the child grows into the preadolescent stage, his interests and capacity change and physical education should provide for more challenging activities, opportunities for simple team play and finer forms of skills.

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The adolescent in the secondary school desires to imitate the activities of the adults, and he should be given sports, games and athletics in their standard form.

Skills learnt earlier should be perfected through guidance and practice. It is an age when boys and girls desire excellence and the physical education syllabus must include techniques for good performance.

If it is seen in the context of these constitutional guarantees and recommendations of experts on the field, physical education for children cannot be minimised. It was preciously for this reason, the authorities empowered to grant recognition to schools insisted on providing play grounds as an essential condition for the grant of affiliation or recognition. Even in places where no such facilities are available in any school, an agreement in which the said facilities are made available to the children was sought for by the department.

The increasing interest shown by the school children over national sports events will show the growing enthusiasm and attraction over such sports. Malyutham[ edit ] Malyutham is a traditional Indian art of full contact Grappling that originated in Tamil Nadu. It was widely practiced in Tamil Nadu since ancient times as a sport.

Malyutham is one of the 64 Arts mentioned in Ancient Literature. Malyutham is one of the Traditional Sports practiced in Tamil Nadu.


Although the names are similar, Malla-Yuddha and Malyutham are two different and very distinct Arts. They are different in the nature of the techniques studied and on their external aspects as well. Gusthi[ edit ] Gusthi is a Traditional Sports Activity, which is practiced in punjab since time immemorial.

Gusthi is also known as Kai Kuthu Sandai. Gusthi is a form of Traditional Boxingwhich is slightly deviated from Wrestling. Gusthi also includes Grapplings as well. There is another art coming from North India named Kushti. Although the names are almost same, Gusthi and Kushti are two different and two distinct arts.