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It puts at ease to know that our dogs are well taken care of when we are gone. Northwest Kennels is a great operation full of great people and happy pets! We were really saddened by the turn of events at NW-- our dog used to go there for daycare and we have spent hundreds-- probably thousands at this point-- of dollars in daycare packages.

They were always very accommodating to us then.

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But when our dog was no longer able to attend daycare and we asked for a refund on the very expensive package that we purchased, we were told no, that was against their policy to provide refunds. We asked to see paperwork that showed their policy in writing and no one ever responded.

We have called multiple times and texted and management has never once returned our calls. It's not the money that matters at this point; it's that we were completely disregarded after spending a ton of money there in the past. True colors showing through, I guess.

We love Northwest Kennels!! We take our 65lb chocolate lab there just about every Friday and she comes back exhausted, so I know she had a good time. The dogs are well supervised and now they've started to send home "report cards" so you know how well your dog behaved. Can't say enough good things about this place! I wish these older Yelp reviews reflected where Northwest Kennels is at now.

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We have used them for almost 2 years and I have nothing but wonderful things to say! Super helpful and friendly, our dogs always arrive happy and leave happy. Also our cat, who is an A-HOLE that we love anywayshasn't left totally traumatized, which says something. Thanks for taking on the Abby challenge, guys!

The only thing I can point out as a little annoying is they aren't very prompt at returning calls, I've had to hound them a bit in the past no pun intended Otherwise, they apparently made a turn around from I would never give them just one star. Great place, my dogs love it. I kenneled both Romeo large dog and Lizzie medium at northwest kennels, they both seemed clean and happy after a week under the care of NW kennels.

When I picked them up they both were bright eyed and entergized but when I got home they both hit the ground and slept soundly for hours. I rated them four because a lot of local kennels did seem to include day care free with boarding, northwest didn't. I would recommend nw kennels My Boxer, Mya, has been going to daycare for half days times a week for the past six months and I can tell she enjoys coming to Northwest Kennels by how excited she is to leave with me in the mornings especially when I tell her we are going to daycare.

The staff here are not only professional but are very friendly and focused on the animals within their care. I would highly recommend Northwest Kennels and their daycare program, my dog always comes home happy, tired and socialized! Had my cat Sadie groomed twice here.

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First time there were no problems, and I left a nice tip. Second time, I picked up my cat to a note on bill "take cat elsewhere". It made no sense my cat is only 12 years old. I was very upset and called to speak to the owner who never called me back after repeated attempts. The office manager called me back and had no help in why the groomer wrote this or why so rudely I was treated.

I called my vet regarding the "too old to be groomed" note and in a nutshell they told me this was a bunch of crap and not true. It's actually vets that groom cats where it can get risky because they use anethestic I believe this place absolutely only cares about kenneling dogs.

I was treated poorly and so was my cat. Found a wonderful new groomer who treats me and my animal wonderfully and has zero issues grooming her!!! These people are amazing! We were in from out of town and needed an overnight kennel for our two dogs. Then, on the day we were supposed to pick them up, we were late. They were very accommodating and allowed us to be a little bit late to pick up our dogs. Thank you northside kennels! Northwest Kennels is a very standard looking boarding and daycare facility but what sets these guys apart from the competition is the incredible staff.

I know this because I currently work as a kennel attendant, so I have first hand experience! The manager, Brandy, puts so much love and effort into each and every animal that walks through that door and is always happy to accommodate for any kind of special needs that the animal or their person might need, as well as always going above and beyond to provide the best experience ever!

Shauna, the groomer, is not only great and efficient at her job grooming the animals, but always takes extra care for the more anxious or timid critters that visit her.

I always hear her sweet talking the more scared pups in her tub, taking it slower for them and making sure they're always comfortable. And then, of course,the girls in daycare, Annika and Kazia are always wonderful. They spend time with these dogs nearly every day and really have a special connection with all of the regulars and are very quick to fall in love with new pack members!

Not only do they make sure all of the animals are feeling loved and happy, but they're quick on their toes and are great at breaking up any arguments that might break out between the dogs in a fast and efficient way so that there is little to no harm done!

Fights are inevitable sometimes in daycare but they are pros that you can trust your dogs with! And lastly, the staff that Brandy seeks out to hire for the kennel attendant positions are always loving and compassionate for animals so that you know your pets are getting the quality, personal care that you are paying for!

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