Its the little things that matter in a relationship

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its the little things that matter in a relationship

10 little things that actually make a Relationship expression, and that's a magic moment no matter how mundane it seems at times. 5. On the contrary, it's because they love you, and know you possibly better than yourself. It's okay, learn to accept the little things! The little things in a relationship are what matter because these are the things that show they care. People are always going to engage in relationships with other people if they want to survive. It's a simple fact of life. These relationships could.

Relationships are like house of cards, so if one piece falls, the whole thing gets collapsed.

its the little things that matter in a relationship

Now a days, getting into relationship is never a problem but staying in one is. Flirting and hooking up is all fun and games till the reality of having a lasting relationship sets in. We can go all out in the beginning of the relationship trying to impress the other half but over the time these little things are more valued than fancy dinners. Learning about their favorite kind of coffee, the way they like their eggs, their favorite novel, their favorite ice cream flavor, etc gives the kind of connection that could never be felt by giving expensive jewelries.

These little things we learn along the way builds trust, gives stability and strengthens communication. I have always wondered, how people make a relationship work for 50, 60 years??

its the little things that matter in a relationship

They cant always expect big, big things from each other all the time. During the start of the relationship, people are meant get spoiled by their partners but how they work on it for the long run? When you come to know that someone has put their time and thought into something that makes you happy and knowing that they have paid attention to the little thing you go crazy about, trust is fabricated there Longevity — As of now, being in a relationship for a maximum of six months is considered an achievement.

Longevity is lost in translation. The answers to these question could help us take a leap of faith which in turn develops bonding and understanding between people.

The Panther | Day 6: Do the “little things” matter in a relationship?

This kind of bonding makes you stay in it for the long run Excitement — Little surprises are the lifelines that are much needed when you are in it for the long run.

A same old fancy dinner, a lavish party or a extravagant trip can give happiness but these cant be the high points in any relationship. The little things that matter in any relationship Posted on by gayu 5 Comments Thank you readers for sending across your ideas and questions for my blog posts.

I will be answering them in my upcoming posts, so do stay in touch.

its the little things that matter in a relationship

I absolutely love to celebrate my birthday, in the traditional way. I cut a cake and accept gifts too!

Forget the BIG picture!! LITTLE things matters the most!!

However this was not the case few years ago. I hated my birthday and never celebrated it until I was 12 years old. My life and perceptions changed when my step-mom Chithi entered my life. She believed that birthdays are a beautiful reminder of how lucky we are to be born as a human being. Every year she bought a new outfit for me, we visited the temple to thank the almighty for this wonderful healthy life and then we enjoyed the delicious food my Chithi prepared.

7 Little Things That Matter in a Relationship Love

It was a little ritual that I started loving and gradually I started celebrating this special day of my life. She took so much effort for me. She never brought me an expensive gift, but the time we spent chatting about the different aspects of life, those moments are etched in my memory forever.

Do note that this works for all the relationships. Take care of yourself: Watch out for your emotional, physical and mental health. In the initial days of my marriage, I remained quiet and on days when I spoke with my husband, we ended up fighting.

Slowly I noticed that our relationship was not growing. I will discuss more about this in a separate post, but for now stay healthy and love yourself.

The Little Things in Relationships

Remember their special days: This is a habit we all must cultivate if we want to strengthen our relationship. Wishing people on their special days, make them feel loved and wanted. This one is my personal favourite.

its the little things that matter in a relationship