The brand relationship spectrum

The Rise Of The One Brand Strategy

the brand relationship spectrum

This article introduces a powerful brand architecture tool, the "brand relationship spectrum." It is intended to help brand architecture strategists employ insight. Brand relationship spectrum is one of the most important parts of brand architecture of any organization. Every brand manager should be. Brand Relationship Spectrum. - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

  • The Brand Relationship Spectrum and the Key to Brand Architecture
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The sub-brand adds to or modifies the associations of the master brand. It could have a different personality or value proposition than the master brand but does not have as much latitude as an endorsed brand.

How Brand Managers Could Manage Complex Brands: Brand Relationship Spectrum

A sub-brand can stretch the master brand, allowing it to become relevant in new arenas. An important element in managing the sub-brand is to understand its driver role.

If it is significant, then it could merit some brand-building resources. But if it is minor and mainly plays a descriptive role, then its brand-building budget would be less. It is easy to assume the sub-brand is more important than you think.

the brand relationship spectrum

It turns out people really are buying HP and not LazerJet. Endorsed brand The second option is the endorsed brand strategy, in which the offering is endorsed by an existing master brand. The role of the endorser brand is to provide credibility and reassurance that the endorsed brand will live up to its claims. An endorsed brand Scotchguard is not completely independent of the endorser 3Mbut it has considerable freedom to develop product associations and a brand personality that is different from that of the endorser.

The endorser brand usually has only a minor driver role, but when the endorser is strong and the new offering is unknown and risky, its driver role can become significant.

There are also times in which the endorser can benefit. For example, a successful new product with energy or an offering that becomes a market leader brand can enhance an endorser.

The Brand Relationship Spectrum and the Key to Brand Architecture | Vivaldi

A New Brand The most independent option is to have a new brand, unconstrained by any past master brand associations that might be unhelpful or even harmful.

When a collection of new brands is assembled, it is called a House of Brands strategy. The house of brands strategy allows firms to position brands clearly on functional benefits and to dominate niche segments.

A major limitation of the house of brands strategy is the loss of economies of scale that comes with leveraging a brand across multiple businesses.

Those brands that cannot support investment themselves risk stagnation and decline. Brand managers must be able to aggressively extend their brand and manage the complex structures of current brands whilst avoiding the overlapping of existing and extension brands.

Brand Relationship Spectrum BRS is a continuum that displays four different strategies and under that, nine other sub-strategies. The driver role manifests to which degree the brand itself drives the purchase decision and user experience. For example, if you want to buy a car, what are the names that automatically pop up in your mind?

the brand relationship spectrum

Is it Toyota, Honda or Innova, Civic? The answer that you give is responsible of the primary driver role of the purchasing decision. Therefore, each strategy is divided into the differences of the driver role.

The Brand Relationship Spectrum | Aaker on Brands

As the strategy that displays the lowest driver role of the parent brand, House of Brands distinguishes each brand with contrasting differences. House of Brands have a lot of individual brands that are not connected to their parent company.

This allows the parent brand to differentiate each of its brands to consumers as if they were a totally separate brand.

the brand relationship spectrum

Additionally in House of Brands, the parent brand can actually send out different marketing messages and brand feelings through the several other brands. Thus, creating different sensations and experiences.