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field coverage. Get rankings, race results, stats, news, photos and videos. UIL 5A - Region 3 by Luedecke Photography UIL 5A - Region 3 · UIL 4A - Region . My experience of Sub has proven to me that it does much better AOE Any other Sub rogues that have experienced anything similar? I get better results as assassination over sub. . I went the wrong way but thankfully I'm only on my 14th trait so it won't be too expensive to get things back on track. Chase Christian will be your guide to the world of shadows eve Show More Results brings you Encrypted Text for assassination, combat and subtlety rogues. Combo point generators Mutilate if target is above 35%, Backstab if Once you reach a steady state of the rotation, you will be alternating.

The basics If you've played a rogue in the past year or so, not much has changed with Cataclysm's release. Our poison preferences are the same for every spec, with Instant Poison gracing our main-hand weapons, while Deadly Poison is set on our off-hand weapons. I personally like using Wound Poison on my throwing weapon, especially since Fan of Knives now uses our throwing weapon's poison and damage.

We still continue to use our energy and combo point mechanics to deal damage to our targets. We really don't have any proc-based or reactionary abilities in our arsenal, which is a major difference between us and every other class. Rogue rotations are as routine as clockwork, while other classes play more like whack-a-mole. Major and minor glyphs Feel free to choose your own minor glyphsas they're really not going to affect you in any major way.

I personally like Blurred Speed and Safe Fall for their utility effects, and Glyph of Poisons is pretty sweet as well. Major glyphs are similarly genericalthough there are a few exceptions. The Tricks of the Trade major glyph saves us energy and is therefore a clear standout. The Glyph of Feint is also incredibly valuable if you're going to be using Feint at all in a fight, saving you significant amounts of energy. The Fan of Knives glyph can be potent if you need to AoE down a large group of enemies, although its radius is already pretty large.

If you're going to be keeping up Expose Armor for your group, the EA glyph is an easy call. Combat rogues will want to invest in the Blade Flurry major glyphas it significantly improves the usability and performance of Blade Flurry.

If Rupture has less than 6 seconds remaining on the duration then reapply the debuff, otherwise cast Envenom. Wait until the last tick to refresh it. Every finisher you use will apply the Surge of Toxins debuff scaling higher with more CP usage. Ideally all finishers will be used with 4 or more CP to take advantage of the Surge of Toxins debuff. Your main goal will be to clip your Surge of Toxins debuff with every Envenom cast, this means casting Envenom at the last possible second before Surge of Toxins runs out so that Envenom is boosted.

Cooldown usage Vanish should be used on cooldown to empower your Rupture and preferably lined up with Vendetta. There are certain scenarios where delaying Vanish to be used with Vendetta is worth it: There are a few exceptions to this similar to Vanish: Vendetta has a 20s duration while Kingsbane is 14s so you can cast it while Kingsbane has 6 seconds on CD and still get the full benefit Kingsbane is mostly used on CD and in the most ideal scenarios lined up with Vendetta and a full energy bar.

Keep in mind because of its relatively short CD you can very easily lose out on extra casts of it throughout the fight because of delaying which makes it not worth it.

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The only times worth delaying Kingsbane is: Vendetta is coming off cooldown in the next 10 seconds Multi target rotation Important to note: Surge of Toxins is a debuff therefore it applies to only one target. Make sure to always choose one main target to cast and clip your Envenom on if you have limited energy. I recommend using Garrote to keep track of your main target.

Two targets Very similar to your single target rotation, just maintain bleeds and poisons on both targets. Use it on CD and don't delay it too much, but dump your energy to avoid capping.

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Try to use it when you're sure that there aren't any other mobs in range if you want to use it for burst and not aoe. Works with Blade Flurry. Back to top Subtlety Focuses on fun. Everytime you Multistrike with BS or Ambush, all dots on target istantly tick reducing their duration by 2 seconds. Contrary to what's expected, Shadow Focus is still better than Subterfuge, very likely because of the low energy regen; if you decide to also take Prey on the Weak and the mob is stunnable, throw in the opening rotation a Cheap Shot for additional damage.

The strongest point of the spec is to maximize Find Weakness uptime through Vanish and Shadowdance. Don't delay much time waiting for cooldowns, Vanish-Ambush and just after the debuff has expired throw in Shadow Dance. Use Preparation to reset Vanish cooldown as soon as possible. Anyway, it's a very good move and a DPS increase to pool up to energy before using Shadow Dance; same goes for Vanish, pool around 45 before using it - you don't want to use your cd and then find yourself energy starved.

The managing of HaT procs is much easier with Anticipation, since it guarantees to save every CP proc. If for some reason you don't take it, pool energy if you're low and wait for HaT procs when you are at 4CP - kee in mind that this is a generic tip, it all depends on the situation.

The damage the spec provides both in single-target and in AoE is at least on par, if not better, with the other specs. Anyway the spec still suffers from backstab positional requirement: Lates iterations show that Mastery is now on par if not superior to Multistrke as secondary stat - most of the damage now for Subtlety is on the finishers, increasing a lot the value of Mastery. Hemorrhaging Veins glyph is a dps increase and should be taken - currently hemo weaving is out, but the devs assure us they want it in and are doing something about it.

Glyph of Energy is always good, helps prevent capping and increases opener offense. Back to top Talents Breakdown The new 5. It is completely independent from specs, so you can freely choose the build that you prefer and it eill change in some way the playstyle of any spec you play, in a a different manner.

The first thing i'm pointing is if there is a dps increase, direct or indirect, for choosing that talent and how affects our gameplay if it does. For some others there is only an explanation or why you should choose them and in which situation.

Tbc rogue addons

Still it's less performing than Shadow Focus due to low energy regen, even for Subtlety. Would be the non-letahl poison of choice because it's free healing, but since we need to choose between this and Elusiveness, it loses every time. You can even enhance its performance with the glyph, making it the choice for level 45 tier. While it sounds cool, mobility-wise Shadowstep is still better in a generic raid enviroment; doesn't work with Shadow Dance.

Still nice for solo playing and leveling.