10 big red flags your relationship is going downhill

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Whatever red flags or differences appear early on, remember they will "The beginning of a relationship, when a couple is in the honeymoon stage, is the time when fireworks should be going off every time they are "If that chemistry is not there from the beginning, it usually will only go downhill from there. Relationships ending is nothing new, but it helps to be a bit prepared. Here are 14 tell-tale signs that your boyfriend is going to dump you. Red flags are easy to miss in a relationship because most of them can be easily You should end the relationship as soon as you can before things start going downhill. You two are always arguing - one of the biggest red flags The two of you do not have any chemistry. If you do not have any more.

You engage with each other in a disrespectful manner No one should stay in a relationship where they are disrespected, period. Though this may seem like a "no-brainer," many individuals have simply gotten used to being treated disrespectfully and no longer see it as a reason to separate. If you or your lover talk to each other in sarcastic or demeaning tones, frequently insult one another, or manage problems with passive-aggressive tactics like the "silent treatment," it is definitely time to re-evaluate the healthiness of your relationship.

Your libidos are utterly incompatible As we age, our libidos naturally mature as well. Women in particular may notice a decreased sex drive as they approach menopause. For many, a sex therapist can help address libido issues and other points of sexual conflict.

10 big red flags your relationship is going downhill

Occasionally, however, the sexual gap between two partners may be too great to bridge. If one partner has a particularly low sex drive while the other requires daily encounters, a break-up may be on the horizon. Occasionally, one partner may have a fetish that totally repulses the other.

10 Signs It's Time to End a Relationship

Though most sexual differences can be worked through, some cannot. This problem often arises when one partner has lived the "single life" for a number of years, and is particularly set in their ways. If you prefer a no-negotiations lifestyle, the freedom of the single life may be best for you. You nearly always spend your free time apart Most people have hobbies and interests that differ from those of their partner.

It's healthy to spend some time apart, engaging in these activities.

10 big red flags your relationship is going downhill

If, however, one of you is an avid mountaineer while the other prefers weekend TV marathons, you may ultimately find yourselves drifting apart. Having a few shared passions often makes for a much happier relationship. You or your partner's behavior is dangerous and untreated If you or your partner engages in seriously troubling behavior such as a severe problem with drugs or alcohol, it is generally unhealthy to continue the relationship.

As much as you may want to "save" your partner, he or she will eventually have to accept this problem and choose to change it on their own. If you identify troubling or dangerous behaviors in yourself, do your partner a favor, too, and leave before things become worse.

These problems need to be resolved before either of you is well enough to build a life together. Neither of you can leave the past in the past Though most of us do our best to abide by the adage "forgive and forget," many of us also struggle with leaving the past behind us.

Whether your partner is hung up on an ex or continually brings up arguments from years ago, an inability to move forward will eventually stifle your relationship. In most cases, it is better to separate and plan a future on your own. You cannot reach common ground regarding the future No matter how wonderful your relationship may seem today, your compatibility is awry if your future plans are taking you in two separate directions.

Are you willing to wait?

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Here are some signs that your relationship is not going to progress to the place you want it to go: When you bring up the future of your relationship, you get into an argument. Your ego is bruised after these conversations. The family pulls the puppet strings. That sort of animosity does not easily disappear. You could be clinging to a bleak future if you marry into a meddling mother-in-law, demanding father-in-law, or even a controlling sibling. You find yourself grateful when your significant other has made other plans without you.

You tell yourself that you just need some time on your own to unwind. Every conversation sets your significant other off.

They used to be patient, soft spoken and interested in everything you had to say. Now you find yourself carefully thinking about each word that leaves your mouth in case it will set them off. Celebrations bring up conflicted feelings.

10 Signs It's Time to End a Relationship

Engagement parties, weddings, and babies make your significant other uncomfortable. Any attempts by you to vent or seek guidance or even a good ear are rebutted. You feel hurt and alone more often than you ever thought possible for being in a relationship. The future is bleak. He or she speaks about long-term plans that do not involve you. You question his or intentions of the future and are responded to with a shoulder shrug or a mumbled answer.