Signs you can save your relationship

5 Signs A Broken Relationship Is Still Worth Saving

signs you can save your relationship

Sound like something worth doing? Then read on for a few signs you should save your troubled relationship, and then do whatever you can to. As a rule, if you can say yes to four or more of these in your relationship, it's time to drowning in the frozen pond, and no, your partner is not going to save you. If your relationship is feeling a little lost and you need help, here are 20 signs your relationship can be saved and five it's time to just let it go.

You can literally heal your broken heart with oxytocin.


This moment of clarity is the reality of every strong relationship. There are two people in every relationship and both contribute to the health and security of the partnership.

Neither one of you is blameless but neither one of you is completely to blame either. Imagine yourself separated Are you happy or sad thinking about breaking up with your partner? If you are happy, you will be smiling as you think about it. A breakup can lead to a major depressive disorder or depression, which is a terrible consequence for your mental and physical health.

Researchers looked at when depression was most likely to develop for teenagers.

signs you can save your relationship

To fix and revive your once-felt attraction and devotion, both partners must feel and want some potential hope for love revival.

So how do you know if your relationship still has some underlying and mutual love left in it?

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart

If, after you had split up, you were to see your ex-partner walk, hand in hand, into a restaurant with a new love interest, how would you feel? Before you answer that question, take note: Even a fragment of attraction is still an attraction.

How do you feel when your partner touches you?

5 Signs A Broken Relationship Is Still Worth Saving

If you do not enjoy being touched by your partner, it could be a sign that your attraction level has died or is temporarily out of order. Intimate touch between yourself and your partner is the one thing that sets your relationship apart from that of your best friend. Once you determine if there is an aspect of attraction left in your relationship, how do you go about pulling your relationship out of the fix-it stage?

signs you can save your relationship

You put in the effort. You will need to step outside of you and look in to find the current state of your relationship. If there is still some morsel of desirability and you are just going through a rough patch or have become disconnected as a couple, it may not be necessary to end the marriage.

If one or both of you choose not to put effort into the revitalization of your once fun and sexy marriage, you could end up divorced. You both need to be prepared for this and the realization that you could lose an otherwise incredible love when all that was needed was a bit of polishing and effort.

In addition to her work in the legal field, she has also served as a life advisor, helping others to take the necessary steps to live their best lives. Learn more about Michelle at www. If you still feel you can count on your partner to take care and understand your needs, then the relationship can more than likely be saved.

A lot of people have a hard time being alone in life, so finding benefits in being single is going to mean something. When the idea of being single does not sound amazing to you, and you would rather stay committed to your partner, your relationship might need work, but can probably be saved.

signs you can save your relationship

It is often the foundation of many relationships. We judge with our eyes first and our mind second. When a relationship starts to fall apart, you will probably begin to wonder what you saw in the person, to begin with.

Negative personality traits and experiences can easily make someone seem ugly. But, if you are still physically attracted to each other, chances are you can probably save what was once there. Does it make you smile thinking about a life without them? Once you address this, it will be easy to save the whole thing.

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You still have strong feelings for them. No one wants the person they love to move on. No one knows how to push buttons better than the person you are in a serious relationship with. If you look back on all the times you or your partner brought up separating and it was during heated arguments, then it might not be a serious thought. You need to rehash what was said during a fight and think about it with a level head. Chances are neither of you meant what was said.